Kendrick Lamar on 106 & Park (Video)

blame it on Illy May 21, 2012

K-Dot made his 106 & Park debut today, alongside Ace Hood, joining ‘Sh*t and Mack on stage to talk “B Boyz,” his style and sound, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, as well as his word on his upcoming collaborative LP with J. Cole.

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  • that truth

    the new lupe single showcases more lyrical ability than kendrick has ever shown in his career tbh. nb4 kendrick stan rage

  • Asada

    Birdman is funny “Loyerty & Etics”

  • SouloHo3

    Ace Hood w/ YMCMB?!?!? NOOOO !

  • hulkhogan

    SMH Lupe deserves a huge fucking L for fucking up TROY..

  • bragh

    the video wont play. just ad then another ad etc

  • emoney

    Lupe is Baaaaack!!!!

  • gulf

    What is with this dude always saying “for the streets/for the hood” “I do this for the hood” “The hood loves this”. Every time he talks? Kendrick been flossing lately. That independent money

  • Thinker

    did u hear Pete Rock whining like a bitch about Lupe going over it? How the fuck you get angry over somebody going over something that you SAMPLED. it wasnt even yours to begin with fool. dudes get sensitive so quick man.

  • Who?

    Birdman: Something something ethics. Something something ethics. Ethics, ethics, ethics.

  • real

    Why are we talkin about Lupe when the video is about Kendrick. Come on now.

  • marty mcfly

    If Pete Rock wants to be mad at Lupe for bringing back a classic sound then I get it. I dont understand it but I get it but if it wasnt Lupe it would be somebody like Lil Wayne or Birdman trying to rap over those horns so why he’s mad at an artist like Lupe I dont know. I cant say Lupe fucked that song up because what the fuck does that even mean? Did he put trash lyrics on the beat? No, he did the sample justice. its all good i’ve come to the point where I know people will never be happy with anything but some shit is just ridiculous. Also TDE needs to give Cash Money a big thank you for all the help over the years with crossing over to mainstream. Just saying

  • @SouloHo3 acehood is only signed to ymcmb cuz dj khaled signeed his we da beast label to ymcmb, ace had no part of the sign

  • Timothy

    These clowns realize this song is only getting attention because of Kendrick Lamar right? Lmao

    No one would give to fucks if the song was just Birdshit AceShit & DJ I AM GARBAGE KHALED

  • geweg

    @Timothy… i like kendrick but you sound dumb if u think cash money are only getting airplay b/c of kendrick lamar. dumbest shitt i heard all day fam

  • IOJ

    @Asada you’re reaching man. he sounded fine to me. sounding like a stuck up white man mocking the way people talk needlessly.

  • henz

    video won’t load

  • Timothy


    So you really think people would actually pay attention to this garbage if kendrick was not featured on this song?


  • geweg

    @Timothy on 106 and park? yes… on the hipster blogs? no

  • M^2

    BWAAHHAHA, I looked at the comments while the vid was loading up and was dieing to hear Birdshit saying ‘Ethics’.

    Made my day

  • louislagerfeld

    BWAAHHAHA, I looked at the comments while the vid was loading up and was dieing to hear Birdshit saying ‘Ethics’.
    Made my day
    M^2 said this on May 22nd, 2012 at 10:08 am
    ^this…I died

  • really?

    @that truth

    I’m a HUGE Lupe fan but you are retarded. Kendrick Lamar is dope. Stop making Lupe fans look bad loser.

  • really?

    Also….why are you dumb muthafuckas talking bout Lupe in a Kendrick post? Are you niggas retards?

  • SLiP

    word of the day…Ethics

  • wassup

    Dat Nappy Hair