Will Smith Is Still Your Favorite Rapper.

blame it on Meka May 21, 2012

I guarantee that the visitors of this site have rapped this song more than once in their lives. Hell, I’ve spun the theme song at parties every now and then, and everybody from the hard rocks who only nod their head to Gang Starr and ATCQ to the chicks dancing and twerking to “Becky” to the bohemians two-stepping to Stevie Wonder will all rap along to it. SHAKE UPDATE: And he’s more gully than your other favorite rapper haha.


  • bNP

    DAMMMN yo this video was tiight. will smith is THAT nigga.. homeboy keeps it 100 and stays humble. cant hate on this

  • squaaaad

    i fucks wit will smith tuff he a real nigga

  • D.J.


  • who cares

    Damn… you can’t even hate on this man. Always been a fan of Will.

  • Thinker

    yall were hating when he attempted his comeback

  • TheTruth

    Man won the first grammy for rap… ever. He will always be the OG.

  • SwizZ

    Fresh Prince greatest sitcom of the 90s period.

  • People hate him just because he made commercialized, family-friendly rap. But he did it well because that was his true persona. You can’t hate on a man who’s just doing himself.

  • @SwizZ I wouldn’t say that. Seinfeld would probably be the best sitcom of the 90s. Even The Simpsons still had their golden age run during the 90s.