Blu – Kiss The Sky f. Mela Machinko (prod. M-Phazes)

blame it on Meka May 22, 2012

Folks spent a considerable amount of time, well, shit-talking Blu over his past musical outputs. Well, now that he’s back to doing music that’s less avante-garde and more nostalgia-ridden I’m wondering if those same people will support. Hm. Anyways, he snapped on this track and if you’re digging it (which I know you will) you can cop it below.

PURCHASE: Blu – Kiss The Sky f. Mela Machinko

  • Tdog

    Doesn’t play

  • DBS

    I still need a vinyl of that last album Blu and Exile dropped.

  • scott

    Blu’s music is so pure. i love it

  • KissMyDickBitches

    thats my nigga blu comming back for the real niggas

    glad its sounds good

    Blu give us all those unreleased noyork songs
    GodleeBarnes LP mastered please
    and a new solo album next year or this year

    last year u killed it except for UCLA

    master ur shit boi

    Blu >>>>

  • GettinThatFameBack

    oh complete Give Me Flowers While i Can Smell them that was classic a letter needs a verse added

    A Vinyl yes mah nigga BLu we here for u boi

    i copped this on itunes fo my boy blu

  • dEt0X2010


  • Melo15

    Blu making a comeback? Hope so.

  • LexiCon

    “You’re my boy, Blu!”

  • Washcloth: the son of Towelie

    and to think I thought Lupe’s new single was gonna be the highlight of today

  • B-dizzle

    THIS HAD TO BE OLLDD!!! cuz Blu is GARBAGE NOW!! and this is REALLY GOOD!!

  • LavaKingNeechi

    This just made me cry

  • Sz

    @B-dizzle yooo Blu is not garbage not even now, No-York, Jesus, Give Me My Flowers So I Can Smell Them, and UCLA, whether mastered or not are CLASSIC MATERIAL, Blu is just experimenting with different sounds of production and themes, it’s all ART. A lot of yall so called Blu fans need to leave Below The Heavens In the past, that is also a classic piece from Blu, but it is not his greatest in my opinion, be OPEN man he’s VERSATILE

  • that truth

    haha lupe and blu both back on their bs. lames in trouble now

  • Ricki Lutes

    haha i agree with LexiCon!

  • FLesh

    Blu wack now??!?!? u hear him on backboards or polaris and now this??? kill yourself son

  • who cares

    Damn this is dope as fuck too!

  • Steez Diamante

    @B-dizzle Sup fam-a-lamksy, this joint ain’t old, I sent ’em the track just a few months ago. Just cause he’s does some different shit from time to time doesn’t mean he can’t go into beast mode. Remember…a zebra never changes his stripes.

  • david

    blu drops high quality music in high quantities, people don’t deserve to hear new music from him for the way they talk shit about him but he keeps puttin music out anyway, good to see he’s getting the positive feedback he deserves in this comment section

  • marty mcfly

    This song is DOPE!!! @david, Blu is always dope when his music is mixed down with good quality. When he does those low quality songs, thats what really turned people off and not to mention when he gets experimental with techno and other shit but when its just straight up hip hop with good quality he makes dope shit.

  • Maga D

    I used to like Blu, J&J & BTH Are still great albums, but past that…. lol. Anyway, I’ll listen later, I’m more exited to hear Mela tbh.

  • noj

    blu might be the most versatile out west. going from the LA electro to a purist hip hop sound, to what ever you wanna call C.R.A.C. fans are fuckin fickle. yal some “turn the other cheek” ass niggas

  • marty mcfly

    why people lie to themselves to the point of blaming the fans idk. If were gonna be honest you know damn well that when Blu makes low quality songs or experimental songs where he barely even puts a full verse on it cause some of them mite not even be two minutes long. You know that is the reason why some people stopped fucking with Blu and you know those type of songs and projects were NOT that dope. Keep It Real

  • dtb

    Real talk. Blu is extremely talented. Great artist when he wants to be. But he hasnt come close to touching his Below the Heavens project. I dont fuck with unmastered music. THIS SONG IS DOPE tho.

  • you

    The only reason I listened to this was M-Phazes and Mela Machinko. Can we get a better MC on this please? Maybe one who respects his fans? Fuck Blu

  • 1hunned

    i stopped fuckin with blu once he spit on madlibs name like charles hamiltons step brother. secretly tho this is fuego

  • What a beat!!! Oh my goodness what a flow!!!

  • david

    @marty i wasn’t a fan of the techno stuff either, i think there was only 2 or 3 tracks on there i liked and there’s only one of them i still listen to, as for the unmastered material i loved it all, the quality isnt as bad as people make it out to be, people listen to 36 chambers and call it a classic (myself included) and the mixing/mastering was horrible on it, i know wu tang sound good with that gritty kinda feel and blu’s voice fits the clean mixing/mastering but the mastering on his recent projects wasn’t that dirty, just seems it when compared to below the heavens, i see where you’re coming from and i think the whole mastering issue came from laziness rather than ‘experimentation’ as people call it but it’s no difference to me, i think it worked and i can make out all vocals and instruments/tracks in the production

  • bigjerm12

    Blu finally back to dropping fire, dope track

  • datskat

    Welcome back Blu.. Now let’s stay on track

  • Midwestbeast

    The title of this cut reminds me of ‘lucky’ from the Jesus project. “Kiss the sky, but don’t fall”. Anyways it’s bout time for another blu project, it seems like this dude just disappeared off the face of the earth.

  • Quit calling stuff “techno” when it’s not. No-York (& a lot of shit that’s out) just has more electro elements than gritty, boom-bap, sample-based production. It’s no different than the stuff Dilla was doin’ in that vein & the million Dilla clones that all make beats like that today. Some of u guys call everything “techno” that has electronic elements in it & ya sound real stupid to people that know what actual techno music is.

  • jussayin

    ^^ trippiinnnn
    u want a better emcee? he might not respect his fans but u can’t deny that blu’s a very talented emcee.

  • marty mcfly

    oh my bad, not techno then just extremely wack trash rap is more like it. If it aint Below The Heavens quality atleast then its trash when Blu does it. PERIOD

  • Heated!

    @marty mcfly
    STFU! No York is dope. You so called blu “fans” get on my damn nerves. Stuck in the past, go masturbate to Below The Heavens nigga. Most of No York is soulful and Hip Hop. Any nigga that say it isn’t doesn’t know about shit music and should shut the fuck up since they don’t know what they are talking about. Also how can any self respecting Hip Hop fan hate on Flying Lotus.

  • marty mcfly

    Of corse people can hate on Flying Lotus. Fool this is hip hop and its about putting out dope records not just getting praise for making records that nobody fucks with. You dont just get a pass because your fucking underground. You dont give somebody props for going backwards musically. Im not tripping if Blu wants to experiment BUT if 4 years go by and he aint do any better then Below The Heavens then thats not that dope. His other albums were cool but cool means its just barely even good. We all expected Blu to be one of the greatest by now PERIOD so im not just gonna pretend mediocre meets the expectations. Im not gonna sit up here and act like Blu is fucking the illest nigga in music just because he’s fucking underground. Evidence last three projects >>> Blu last three projects. Bitch

  • marty mcfly

    Well maybe not one of the greatest LOL but alot of people assumed Below The Heavens wasn’t gonna be his best work. People thought he was just coming in he door with that shit but was gonna make some dope shit. Since then he made ALOT of bullshit and that last UCLA garbage was fucking wack as shit and so was that Jesus bullshit. That Smell The Follows shit was average and a bunch of other shit before that was trash. Keep It Real, we all know Blu is better then just giving his fans some unmixed trash and some of you fools act like its fucking dope. GTFOHWTBS

  • marty mcfly

    Smell The Flowers SHIT

  • 12thLetter

    Cosign with Flesh! He killed those features as a sign of things to come! Can’t wait for me! This shit was definitely a purchase for me.

  • PRalines

    Blu’s shit reminds me of some dirty wu-tang type shit, or some fuckin grunge-ass punk raw style. I dig the fuck out of it. UCLA was dope, Give Me My flowers was better than Below the heavens

  • J

    Marty McFly is a num skull fakkit
    if you aint feelin it, move the fuck along twat