Lola Monroe – Flexin’ Freestyle

blame it on Shake May 22, 2012

The First Lady of Taylor Gang (or would that be Amber Rose? *shrugs…) tackles track seven off Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers 2 for her latest offering. Thoughts on the model turnt rappa?

DOWNLOAD: Lola Monroe – Flexin’ Freestyle

  • Oh gee la

    I never bothered listening to her just off the strength off the comments on the site but after hearing her verse on that Taylor gang oh gee la freestyle I changed on my mind,she’s rapping it’s cool idk why niggas hate I see the nicki comparisons but only cause her voice sounds similar but that’s like hating on Bronson for aounding like ghost face,I would stream her mix tape and see what it’s about the model got potential I rather hear her then nitty Scott that bitch ugly lmao

  • BounceB

    u mean stripper turned video girl turned rapper lol..i memba nyggaz used ta tell me stories bout crackin her wen she was workin at a strip joint n md

  • Chris

    Stop hatin and let her eat

  • naoshad

    she fine though

  • bkimbriel

    She hasn’t been refined yet, obviously…but she’s nice and definitely has potential. Plus she bad as fuck….so that always helps lol

  • rewind

    Is it wrong that I only check out female rappers if they look attractive? Outside of Jean Grae and obvious classic, I never really check female rappers unless they look nice. Makes me feel guilty sometimes

  • chrisL

    It’s cool @rewind you just a straight guy, it be like that lbs

  • Fiend

    Her Stay Schemin’ track was dope, her Underground Queens track was dope, Oh Gee La was aight, this was a lil underwhelming

  • C-los

    All i heard is “pussy, pussy, pussy”