Trademark Da Skydiver – Phone Home f. Curren$y & Styles P

blame it on Shake May 22, 2012

Looks like Trade had the timing right and grabbed Spitta and Ghost during #TheFirst28 sessions. Or… he just hit em up recently. Either way, the outcome is dope.

DOWNLOAD: Trademark Da Skydiver – Phone Home f. Curren$y & Styles P

  • whoever produced this knocked it outta the park!

  • halah

    I don’t see what y’all see in this nigga, Trade be sounding the same since forever, he’s been on that 90s flow since 2010, somebody gotta tell ’em he’s ten years too late…

  • halah

    ^ twenty years too late.

  • TMunz34


  • Just Sayin

    90s flow and 90s music was the best hip hop ever u hating ass niggas go back to bumpin your shitty ass Lil Wayne and DJ Khalid…JETS

  • my god

    People who grew up listening to 80s think it is the best decade, people who grew up on 90s think it is the best decade, the cycle just goes on and on. People act like there wasn’t amazing albums dropped in the 2000s too. I think the main difference is, dudes from the 90s were pretty much forced to listen to some of the same CDs over and over again because it wasn’t as easy to get the music and thus became more attached to it. Some 90s kid that had Liquid Swords was going to wear that shit out until they got a new CD. A kid listening to an album this year is going to listen to something once, decide it’s ass and never listen to it again a lot of the time.

  • eatshit

    ^Only a broke ass 90’s nigga couldn’t get his hands on a lot of music.

  • eatshit

    Trademark >>>> roddy

  • 2deep


    Okay, so i guess Nas is wack now, too huh? Cos he still got that 90s flow.

    You stupid. Stop posting.

  • h0tpepper

    that song is cool!!! Peace from Bulgaria!

  • @datboiyayo

    i fuck wit trade but who ever said trade>>>roddy need to go off dey self lol but either way its J.L.R


  • Roddy has a voice that one will love and another will hate. You know why. When I met him i thought that some girl is on the beat, but then I started to fuck with this voice- it is chilling.

  • The beat was produced by ajaybeats, you can find him on twitter @ajaybeats