Good shit i seen the kid perform a few times @ Southpaw around my way in BK no surprise he tore it down. #CongratsFlow

  • MeLz

    LiiiVE Bro Real Shiit Congrats ~ we The Illest ~

  • jade

    ish was dope,,, congats

  • http://www.therealestcool.com MrWill

    Dude is dope....plus, he's real cool and approachable. Much success to him. Looks like he did his thing.

  • Jason Weaver

    This is dope!!!!

  • angel

    I loved this! Awesome

  • Alexis

    Can't say enough, this was a great eclectic group with everything from the "motown" sound to a nice soulful rock guitar, along with the "old-school" look and sound of hip-hop, with the classic violin accompanying the whole thing. ILLest!!!

  • http://thetapedeck.net Yoh


  • Durantula

    this was wack as fuck...all you dickriders above need to clean their ears

  • billy pilgrim

    Jay Z mixed with Pink Floyd? i mean it was sick but lets not fucking over react here.

  • bobbychalkers

    Never heard of them but it reminds me of Common Market.

  • dots

    the sound was awful right?

  • Dot

    These shows (idol, xfactory w/e) are just so bad i cant like this..

  • ALert!!

    devil horns while on nbc?? hmmm.... look at the still shot of video before you press play. i see ya'll jabulons! #2dopeboyz #jabulons #fratlife #33 #magik

  • http://www.twitter.com/lyrikmarie Lyrik Marie

    Wordspit has been on his grind for YEARS! He deserves this. He embodies the word hungry!

  • $V

    @bobboychalkers I was thinking the exact thing.

    You should've posted a video for the old white guy rapping afterwards. "Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do?"