2 Chainz Talks Airport Arrest (Audio)

blame it on Illy May 23, 2012

2 Chainz details to MTV News his arrest at New York’s LaGuardia Airport yesterday after officials found what they say were “brass knuckles” a four-finger ring in his luggage.

“They tried to assassinate my character, they tried to assassinate my swag,” says Tity Boi in a telephone interview. “It was just a negative dilemma earlier where someone misconstrued a piece of jewelry for a weapon and stuff.”

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  • AcornBurrka

    Who the fuck can understand 2chainz? For real though

  • JaySole

    ^ It’s just horrible quality

  • 3much4thesehoes

    whitemen cant stand to see a blackman shinning.

  • 2Chainz For President.


    I don’t see them devils trying to lock up Mac Miller over some bullshit charge…hmmm?

    They hate it when blacks gettin $ INDEPENDENTLY. Too much influence on other blacks to do the same.

  • RSX

    …how was it a black thing? I saw picutres…he HAD brass knuckles. Just because they looked cool and were a fashion-piece, doesn’t make them not knuckles. It’s like carrying an unloaded-but-unlicensed desert eagle in a holster because it looks cool.

  • yerp

    preach. drop that racist bullshit.

  • bigger bigger than a bigger

    nigga im 2 chainzzzzzzzsssssss now ima get 2 ringggggzxxxxsssssssss

  • McdanielLawrence

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  • yousuck

    Uh 2 Chainz is the most ignorant empty headed dumb fuck to ever walk the Earth, so if you wanna lock him up or “assassinate his swag” go ahead.

    And seriously? Bringing Mac Miller into this? Dude is a teenager smoking some weed, whereas the only thing that my father aged 2 Chainz can rap about is drugs like weed, molly, codeine ontop of strippers and what other false bullshit he likes to perpetrate.

    I feel bad for you that your brain automatically jumps to racism like that. Maybe if 2 Chainz doesn’t want to get arrested he shouldn’t look and act like such an idiot.

  • ha

    brass knuckles? even a kid can bitch slap this breast man

  • TheAvengers

    Honestly though, who gives a shit….

  • TR3S

    I’ve seen 2 Chainz in the airport before. He was giving TSA a hard time. He was upset no one knew who he was and was being treated like a regular flyer. It didn’t help that no one can understand him talk. Amazing who many ballers fly Southwest Airlines.

  • Philly

    You kind of deserve to get messed with if you have a four finger ring. TSA is probably thinking that 4 four finger rings were played out in the 80’s. This has to be brass knuckles. No one is that corny to still rock a 4 finger ring.

  • yousuck

    @Philly…the fucktard wears a corded telephone coming out of his pants…

  • People always gotta bring race into every fucking thing!! I’m a black male but it’s annoying when black people shout racism every time something happens to them. A four-finger ring looks EXACTLY like brass knuckles so they had the right to arrest him. People need to grow up and stop screaming “fuck the police” like an idiot…

  • Fresh

    I Think 2 chains vs. Waka Flaka for D.N.S.(Dumb Nigga Shit)
    dumbest most ignant shit in the game right now! Any other contenders??

  • 3much4thesehoes

    Its obvious because hes black. 1.hes at the airport (known for racism) 2. hes in high fashion clothing and wearing jewelry (theyre mad, he must be a drug dealer) 3. Oh that isn’t a 4 finger ring, theyre brass knuckles so you can hijack the plane?.
    If it was kreashawn doing that shit she would walked right along.

    c’mon bro… lets be real. FUCK THE SYSTEM.



  • 2chainz blows anyway

    If you wearin a four finger ring in 2012, you deserve to get it mistaken as a weapon – that shit the ANTI-swag. And cut the racism bullshit people, even though TSA is a broken, corrupt agency, it is mentioned specifically before going through what is and is not allowed. If it even resembles a weapon, they gonna stop you. The scanners can only show an outline. Giving them a hard time because he’s a ‘celeb’ is just ignorant.

    hate to say it but 2chainz in the definition of dumb nigga

  • R.N.S

    its not so much racism as stero type…… you are a pretty single female walking in a dark alley – also are
    2 guys walking in a dark alley……..
    guy 1.) white nerdy looking slacks and a button up – – –
    guy 2.) white hard core tatoo’d bald head…….. in your scared lil mind whose more likely to rob you or cause you harm?

    its not rocket science, its just a certain profile people have come to associate other with or by. If you wear a bandana- gang member, if you were a suit “in the hood” you are 1 going or coming from court or a wedding or funeral. shit is all fucked up. if i was 2chains id keep a low super low profile in the air ports fuck that. these mother fuckers can make you miss your flight or band you from flying to make it worst. Sometimes you gotta not even give a mother fucker the wrong reason not to single you out. R.N.S.