A$AP Mob Freestyle on RapFix Live (Video)

blame it on Illy May 23, 2012

A$AP Rocky and the Mob took over RapFix Live today and dropped a live studio freestyle. Here it is if you didn’t catch it.

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  • theblackmamba

    A$AP always keeps it real, this goes to show you that they ain’t scared to go off the top of the dome, like so many other rappers that spitt written shit, so mad respect for these niggas.

  • Hayter

    I might be a old head nigga and I know that aint none of these rap niggas except g dep is really pulling them triggers but I can’t with this dude dressed like Rhianna talking gun shit at all.

  • DaveG

    ^^^BlackMamba…What the hell you talkin about. None of these rhymes are off the dome. ASAP Rocky CANNOT freestyle. It’s a recital class. Hahaha. You seen other videos of this faker tryin to freestyle. He goes three words and fumbles…he’s not real dude

  • mcd

    haha for real how can you hear what he spit and not know immediately that it’s written?

  • Manlisten


  • marty mcfly

    I guess while 12vy was trying to remember his rhymes, Asap Nash or whatever his name is was trying to tell us that Asap is the new black panthers. Ummmm NO, behold the new school hip hop from Houston New York.

  • Stay Frosty

    I think Rocky is dope but I can’t take these struggle bars.