• http://www.swaggasuits.com swaggasuit

    dopest shit i've heard this year. don't sleep on this bruhs!

  • johnnyboy

    i feel bad for anyone sleeping on this

    fresh and super dope.

  • GeeZuP

    This villian series has been some of dude's dopest shit....fuckin ill

  • Psyclone

    Damn, I was just gettin used the 1st issue. Lol. Dope shit. Always dope shit from Chris Faust. DON't SLEEP!!!

  • RoccitLoc

    damn this shit is doper than i expected! i liked all of FAUST past work but i just didn't expect another dope piece! I fucks with this Arkham joint produced by Woody so much right now. #salute

  • PGA

    We need an alt link...not getting track number 6.

  • attaboy

    @PGA I used the link provided and have the 6th track. Did you try re-downloading?

  • http://austinwnewton.wordpress.com figgy

    fuuuuuck ScienZe and Maffew, a must download!

  • PGA

    Yeah but it didn't work...I'll try again tho.

  • overlooked

    i need an alt link as well. only 4 songs in the folder for me