Fat Joe – Pride & Joy f. Kanye West, Miguel, Jadakiss, Yasiin Bey, DJ Khaled, Roscoe Dash & Busta Rhymes (prod. BINK!)

blame it on Illy May 23, 2012

Ready for disappointment? Ye is the only feature that actually raps as the rest are just singing on the intro/outro. Yeah…

PURCHASEFat Joe – Pride & Joy f. Kanye West, Miguel, Jadakiss, Yasiin Bey (or Mos Def), DJ Khaled, Roscoe Dash & Busta Rhymes (prod. BINK!)

  • The fuck is this?

  • evolution10

    this song is suck ass ex: n even if she all about the money shutthefuckup….

  • JimastaJ

    Kanye literally helps Fat Joe spit his verse & that’s it. Miguel sounds like 808’s Heartbreak Kanye West as well.

  • ploveskicks

    always hating on Joey, fuck you guys, song’s dope.

  • CoolCat

    I hope moderately overweight joe didn’t pay yeezy for this feature, its pretty weak. the hook is shit too

  • DK

    Man how do you have a song featuring Miguel and Ye and end up with this…

  • HelloWorld

    co-fucking sign

  • HelloWorld

    @ DK

  • pretty sure thats Roscoe Dash & not Miguel

  • SIX


  • StrongSafety

    Can’t even hear miguel on this weak ass track. He just tweeted that IF anything he’s in the ADlibs lol WTF

  • charleshamiltonisback

    I don’t listen to Fat Joe but i like this

  • ualreadyknoo

    u niggas are bred to be haters this is good summertime radio shit here.. if this was God…u niggas wouldve gave 300 likes before listening to it

  • ualreadyknoo

    StrongSafety u follow miguel?… thats JUST GAY GAY GAY… nothing against gays

  • Mac Dre

    Did Yasin Bey change his name back to Mos Def? I hope so but if not, honor his name change Fat Joe… People didn’t honor Cassius Clay’s name change to Muhammad Ali in the ’60s, now they look like idiots. Let the man go by what he chooses for himself.

  • FuckKanyeRightNOw

    It’s a good song(for Fat Joe)but what a fuckin disappointment & spit in fans faces for this Dope ass line up going to waste!tf.

  • a

    i’m liking this shit

  • cmarie

    @DK Exactly! The production also sounds like hot trash. Clearly this is some false advertising nonsense. I rock with that love song he has with Breezy but this right here…garbaggio

  • Jay

    Aw man… I wanted to hear a Khaled verse.

  • Chea!

    I don’t fuck with Fat Joe but this song is aight. Dope.

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    @ualreadyknoo: Damn bro, I was gonna say the exact same thing. If Kendrick was 1 of the rappers singing on this we’d see nothing but dickriding TDE fans talking about how innovative this song is nshit.

  • Isaiah W.

    Exactly whats weak about this track? I didn’t hear anything weak about it I guess you all only Like “real hip hop” GTFO of here, i mean if this was someone from TDE or A$AP y’all would be dick riding

  • Damn, y’all talking about people hating on Fat Joe, but it seems like y’all hating on Kendrick Lamar. Double standards, much? Targeting a rapper that’s not even related to this track. He must be doing something right.

  • AndOneill

    Why all the hate.!! This song is fuckin nice., smooth shit., the hook is just done after they downing the bottles of ciroc..

  • MysteryMan

    @Jay Nah the bit where he screams over a track at the start is better where that bit at?

  • JayDeeHogg

    Track is super smooth, I don’t know why there’s so much goddamn hate on here lately. Just a shame that Kanye was the only feature to actually spit.

  • 2much

    LOL the things kanye can make niggas do…. hahaha

  • brooklynati

    Track is not bad at all, not amazing or anything but not bad. He should have just left the features to Knaye and Miguel and maybe Roscoe Dash since apparently he is doing the hook and called it good. Why list everyone if 1/2 of them are the ones just chanting and not adding verses or anything to the song? Just listening to it and not seeing the features list you’d prolly never know jada khaled busta and mos def were even on this

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    @Armand.: we’re NOT “hating” on Kendrick, we’re simply pointing our that you people stay on Kendrick & TDE’s dicks so much that even if they were to put out a track like this or even been featured in this all of your opinions about this would’ve been totally different & probably would’ve hit that like button before even listening to it. It’s no different from J. Cole (2009-early 2011), Lupe Fiasco, Odd Future, & Tech N9ne Stans.

  • Bruh…Bet Ye threw this away from the Good Album…Tossed it right in the recycle bin…Til somebody found it

  • marty mcfly

    @First I Park…, difference is some artists actually live up to the hype which justifies why they have fans. Others are crown as the next legend by their fans but then they average music dont support that claim.

  • We the worst, we local

    @ Jay @ MysteryMan Damn I was really looking forward to Khaled’s part!! I’m so disappointed right now I can’t even tpye

  • Mac Miller Da God

    Dis shit bang east coast back

  • This schitt Knocks. Besides the idea of havin all ya nickas doin a faux harmonious hook is hilarious and original as hell.

  • 1st&15th

    -Honestly, I fucks with this shit like definitely going in. The iTunes… It bangs and it’s a good feeling song… Unexpected but that’s genius for ya.

  • Fat Joe along with The Game have to be the saddest rappers in the rap game … they forever suckin other rappers dicks but never get the love back … Fat Joe and The Game would be all over dicks of niggaz poppin like Kanye West, Ross, Meek Mill, Drake, Chris brown, K Lamar, Tyler Te Creator having them on their projects … but cum Kanye’s MBDTF or Meeks Dreamchacers 2 or Drakes TML or Rick Rossz and MMGs Self Made theres no Fat joe or The game to be found lol.

    Joe is a legend tho (a washed up 1)
    As for the Game … i stopped taking him seriously when one year after Tyler The Creator came out and was poppin, The Game had green contacts on screemin out he a Goblin lol

  • OOOO come on even if it was kendrick on a ab-soul track who spit 2 bares we all be desapointing… you can’t do that you can spit two lines and be a feature on a track, you can’t put a dream team rappers and make them song an intro.
    i used to LOVE kanye im a fan of is early work ( college dropout,late registration) but lets fixe it from now for me , he is over… sorry im fan of musicien for what they spit and what they do even if what i like in kanye is now in the hands of 2 rappers kendrick and childish ( yes it take to rappers to make a kanye).
    you can’t date kim kardashian and be a good Rapper, sorry it don’t fit. by the way watch the throne was a good album.
    kanye is now like mickeal jackson yes iconic but hey where is the music.
    i still can change my mind just put out a good album please!!!
    and ooOoOOOoooOOo where the fuck is Jay Electronica ! dont let theme Saigon you please, we need you !!!

  • negative

    write others off features this is only Ye n Joey Crack. Jada on hook tho lol

  • Really

    Miguel is horrible. Hook man with a strained voice. He has to try so hard and it shows. H doesn’t hit nice notes without sounding strained. Sounds like j Cole wrote fat joe verses. I think he did.

  • Truthfully,I Like It…!

  • hong

    john legend should be on the hook, plus who’s that rapsy voice sharing 50???

  • MeSonMe

    I got maaaad respect for Fat Joe but that new Pride N Joy is just trying too much grabbing all those ppl to sing a hook ‪#WeRNotTheWorld‬ uhh

  • maybe they will spit on the remix and this is a build up lol. Im hoping. this track isn’t that bad the melodies to the track are dope but we need more spitting and miguel’s voice needs to be showcased on this track i think it would be a perfect match.

  • 25

    bad engineering…..