Pusha T – Exodus 23:1 f. The-Dream

blame it on Illy May 23, 2012

Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness. – Exodus 23:1

Ziploc P liberates one off the G.O.O.D. Music compilation, Cruel Summer, all the way from Cannes. This surely sounds like subliminal Drake diss track number three (w/ extra shots for The Weeknd maybe?).

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  • Trell Blaza


  • Swerve


  • CokeBoy

    Pusha is one hating ass nigga

  • Damn this song is dope as fuck, beats dark as hell.
    Where’s the Drake diss tho!?

  • Oh?!

    Swerve…you must be a pussy drake fanboy

  • bbs

    shits hard too bad it aint dirty though

  • Check

    Damn, Pusha is killin right now!

  • MattIsLike_

    You sure this is a Drake diss? Almost seems like he’s referencing his own situation with GOOD and people’s perceptions since…

  • 1. Pusha is going for Drizzy’s neck on this one god damn.

    2. This probably isn’t true but the font used for the cover art is really similar to the “Mercy” and “I don’t like remix” covers. Does this mean that this could possibly end up on “Cruel Summer”. I doubt it but still, it interests me.

  • RRXC

    He’s going after The Weeknd. The line about who he’s signed to doesn’t make sense for Drake.

  • Drake

    How could you diss me Pusha? I was such a huge fan of the Clipse that I bought a Pusha T autographed microphone off eBay back in day!

  • RRXC

    And look up Exodus 23:1. Yeah, he’s going at The Weeknd.

  • @KJdaking

    im pretty sure that i dont like remix wont be on the compilation. maybe a bonus?
    the artwork is just the same from everything “good music” related.
    that big sean meek mill track burn? had the same style as well.

  • @RRXC

    i agree with you on the weeknd shots, but those are from the-dream. which makes sense. i still think drake is the target from push.

  • Clueless

    Why would push a go at the weekend? Am I missing something?

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    How can any self-respecting rapper consistently write such fairytale lyrics? Pusha is talented, but all he rap about is guns/coke/murder in every fucking song. Can you make a song without referencing kilos/AK’s/killers. You don’t live that life.
    ‘Get a gun in ya face’….’move ya kids, have ya hiding ya mom’. Pffftttttttttt all hot air.
    And I don’t care how gangsta your lyrics are, having The Dream on the hook negates everything.

  • “Why would push a go at the weekend? Am I missing something?”

    the-dream and the weeknd have had their share of “issues”
    the weeknd runs with drake. *shrugs..

  • Malik

    If you don’t want to listen to Pusha rap about coke don’t listen to him. That’s his lane. That’s what he is good at. Shit, listen to someone else if that’s not what you want to hear.

  • that truth

    regardless of who he’s dissing this shit is wack. not a beat to be rapped on first off and push only has a few bars of fire. disappointing af

  • jwiii

    Drake & Kanye West had a falling out. Since then Kanye West has sent his cronies to attempt to dismantle Drake’s popularity and rise to fame. From Common to Pusha T to Big Sean, nearly everyone closely affiliated with West has sent shots at Drake.

  • RSWD

    All the weeknd talks about is popping pills & fucking bitches, don’t buy into it Push ain’t going @ him or drake.It’s not beef if its subliminal. We need more Common’s(make no mistake i’m talking bout drake)<—-he was talking bout drake in that song -______- Cool fuckin song doeeee!

  • @Shake word your right about the burn cover art. Must just be cause it’s G.O.O.D. music related.

  • damon

    pussy ass niggas talking about who sending shots at who you niggas just as much of bitches as they are for not mentioning them niggas names. niggas gossiping like bitches n shit smh. Dream washed up ass aint fucking with Weeknd & if Pusha had somthing against Drake im sure he’d just say dude name instead of sneak dissing like a lil pusssy being that he’s “suppose” to be a real nigga. fuck outta here wit that shit

  • KillaRasclottStrangeface

    Well it didn’t necessarily suck. It seems like it was missing something though.

  • RHW ultreaswag

    Is pusha t religious? i know malice is

  • Clueless

    The weekend sucks, dream does too tho. I could give a fuck about all that soap opera shit. The song itself is pretty good but the illest line could b about pusha himself … &That’s bad luck

  • subway

    yall make beef out of chicken

  • chuckie

    only niggas who dont never experimented with hard drugs & sexy women would say weeknd sucks. he sucks because you cant relate to anything he says in his music you cant understand it its like a code that he speaks in oe sum shit only a few will be able to comprehend. not none of that soft mushy r&b shit his music not for everybody real shit.

  • chuckie

    only niggas who never experimented with hard drugs & sexy women would say weeknd sucks. he sucks because you cant relate to anything he says in his music you cant understand it its like a code that he speaks in or sum shit only a few will be able to comprehend. not none of that soft mushy r&b shit his music not for everybody real shit. most def not for dudes that sit on the internet all day & never seen or touched a pussy in their life.

  • chyeah

    what ” Coke ” rapper beefs with a nigga from Degrassi. quit hating dude, lost my respect

  • marty mcfly

    Dear Pusha T, can you just please just rap about yourself? Its no need to be concerned with what some other niggas on another label are doing. Even if you clown Drake, do you think he even would give a fuck at this point? NO. So again Pusha since you say you rep for all the real niggas, just rap about yourself cause you got your own lane and your own story and this is coming from a Clipse fan. Thanx, now Good Music stans get mad if you want.

  • A-Mok

    I don’t really care who this goes at. This just sealed it for me. I think I finally like Pusha’s shit enough to buy it. This makes me wanna go buy the Fear of God 2 EP and download the first one. I’ll probably buy Cruel Summer just because it can’t be a bad compilation and I dig the title and direction so far.

  • i want pusha to tear his ass up

  • I like how we all assume Pusha is going at Drake. But then again Push did go at Wayne for a good min before finally deciding to stop shooting cause Wayne wouldn’t shoot back.

    Either way, Pusha is “The Best Since He Died & He Lied”. EGHCK!!!

  • Clueless

    Lol @ chuckle

    I think the weekend sucks because his voice is trash and he makes shit music. I don’t care what he sings about, he can’t sing. Frank ocean and BJ the Chicago kid are the only new school r&b dudes I’m really fucking with. And I’m not about to argue about how much pussy I get on a Internet comment section. That’ll make us both look like losers.

  • Andres

    He can’t be talking about Drake’s contact because Drake has one of the best deals out plus he sells records but if he is pusha t is dumb af to go at drake about rap money cuz clearly drake makes way more than him I mean drake is on Forbes list lol so what’s with this beef? Smh

  • lol

    Im starting to think these dudes just go into the studio & say ” we bout to make a song sneak dissings those guys but we arent gonna dare say who we’re talking about because we dont actually want them to know that its about them”

  • fuck it

    Pusha dope but Who knows who he is talking , pusha stay talkin bout niggas.
    I still fuck with drake and the weeknd regardless.

  • lol


    You can always tell the ones that never get any pussy.They are the ones always commenting on damn near every post, everyday. Or the ones that think Weeknd music sucks & care about if another guy can sing or not which is mad suspect if you ask me lol

  • Andres

    Fyi I find it Funny that before pusha t dropped this song he told Elliott Wilson he was. And on twitter Elliott Wilson avi is Drake’s magazine cover. Lol *nowdays n***** just to sell they records* lol

  • SJKDald


  • Less clue

    So caring about if a singer can actually sing or not is suspect now? Really?

  • Silver Surfer

    All I wanna say is: PUSH!

  • lol

    “So caring about if a guy can actually sing or not is suspect now?Really?”

    Tha fuck? Shit never wasnt suspect. You loose booties are mad homo yo. If you didnt feel a certain type of way just asking that question you the type of dude that licks his ice cream instead of biting that shit like a man b. Fuck getting a brain freeze. You a man aint you? you obviously arent. What kinda man listens to another man because he can sing good?Fuck they do that at tho?

  • franky

    Pusha just doesnt sound that intimidating to me,Sorry.

  • ewop

    LOL @ “pusha is going for drake’s neck”. if he is no one gives a FUCK. Drake just makes music and does his thing. You get no points going at someone who hasnt done anything to you and isnt even worried about you. And to be honest Pusha is no threat to drake on any level. He could diss him all day no one would give a fuck and drake would still go gold in a week.

  • curtis


    The same niggas that only like a nigga because they think he looks good.Those are the same guys that listen to dudes because they “sing good” It turns them on ,Makes their dick hard. Niggas gay. Same ones that could tell you if a guy is cute or ugly.

  • HomoPhobs

    Stupid homophobic dudes up on this site… Why the hell would you listen to a singer if they couldn’t sing??? If it is a male or female singer you should ALWAYS judge a singer on their vocal ability, no?? Other wise they would just write music for good singers to sing!!!

  • marty mcfly

    Maybe Pusha is talking about Drake and maybe he’s not but we all know he’s smart enough to know that people would THINK he was, just like the reach tactic Common used for attention. My thing is why are other rappers even thinking about Drake? Every Time Drake is brought up he ends up putting out an album that completely shits on the rappers thats talking shit about him. So my question is is that what they really want? Should other rappers be comparing their music to Drakes? NO because they will lose thats already been proven twice with just Drakes first two albums. You could think Drake is the worst artist on the planet earth, thats cool cause thats not the argument. The issue is if you cant do any better then why even make people think that your lyrics are aimed at Drake? Pusha would be just fine if he just made his music like he did as part of the Clipse and put it out like that cause you only can get but so many points for going at Drake. That nigga dont even see the competition anymore unless its Ross or Wayne or Kanye. Just the truth.

  • factormax

    this shit is pretty tight.. it doesnt sound like something kanye would put on his album though

  • Wahla

    this nigga still got cornrows tho ?

  • freddy

    this nigga still got the nba live 2001 create a player braids tho

  • Randy


  • IListentorapsoimgansta

    All you fake ass gangsters on here are corny as fuck. Real talk. Reading some of these comments makes me wonder what you idiots do for a living sometimes. These niggas songs got you running around acting like a bunch of clowns. @lol “ur the typ of dude that licks his ice cream instead of biting it” wtf? My comment is directed towards dumb asses like you. Stop trying to act hard. The shit is corny.

  • Internet Gangsta

    Push better check himself before he gets ether’d by OVO

    ask common what that feel like

  • Tyler


    Do you know him personally or anyone that post on this site for that matter? How do you know how he carries himself? He could be a 7 time felon just expressing himself the best way possible. Like Jeezy said “Dont point fingers,You dont know that man” Stop assuming shit you make an ass out of yourself when you do. How can you judge another human being online, unless its marty mcfly?

  • mike

    this is kinda cold.

  • Otis

    @Curtis. im so amused by sexually insecure niggas like you who try to hide their homoerotic demons under the guise of pseudo-masculinity. Its gay to sing now? So liking marvin gay is homo? liking wilson picket and jackie robinson means you must like men? Having a girlfriend and a romantic side is homo?

    What’s funny is 90% of these niggas who act like everything is homo get zero pussy. Niggas think that being masculine means acting like everything is gay. Niggas think having a natural perception of attractiveness is homo. Niggas so insecure about their sexuality they pretend they have no perception of attractiveness fashion sense or appeal. Though these are the same niggas that will listen to ether, where nas spends half the song talking about Jay Z’s looks and “dick sucking lips” and co sign it.Same with 2pac and biggie. Are nas and pac homo’s? Your logic maks no sense. Its just a reflection of your fear of catching feelings for another man because you distinguish between an observation and flirting with niggas.

  • Randy

    “youre the type of nigga that lick ice cream instead of biting” umm nigga are you serious? Are you that homosexually disturbed that you cant even enjoy an ice cream cone without having gay thoughts? that makes you a bigger homosexual than anyone.

  • Otis

    @*CANT distinguish between observation and flirting with niggas.

  • Alex


    Nobody never said it was homo to sing. Its homo to judge a nigga off if he sings good or not especially being another man.BITCHES DO THAT. Thats just like another guy saying another man is ugly or looks good. THATS FOR THE BITCHES.

  • Randy

    ^ Wait… so its homo to judge a niggas ability to do his job? HUUUH? Nigga you are a closet homosexual PERIOD.

    So if a nigga is a chef you think its homo to judge a him based on his cooking? He’s a COOK NIGGA! What else am I looking for? That’s his occupation. What else are we supposed to judge him? My nigga…. You are sexually disturbed! Your mind is consumed by homoerotica. You can’t even judge the quality of a male singer’s ability to sing because you’re scared you’ll get a erection. Nigga you are the gayest dude in here!

  • Umm

    Hahaha, hold up. So it’s “gay” to say whether a nigga can sing now? How insecure are y’all niggas?

  • Must be fag nite on 2dopeboyz as always. Males arguing about what guys can & cant sing.

  • Alex


    Lololololololololol nigga gonna be arguing about dick sizes next Lololololololololol im done.

  • Greg Focker

    These insecure closet gays are fucking hilarious. Niggas are more worried about being gay than being successful. These are the types of niggas you kick out of your circle because they aint going no where in life.

  • Alex

    @greg focker

    you shouldnt have a circle full of niggas in the 1st place b. im out tho.

  • blair

    where’s the full version w/ the big what’s beef sample at the end? is that not the official version

  • Greg Focker

    @alex who said you should? And how is that even relevant?

  • L’z

    Ehh… As much as I’d love for this to be a Drake diss, I can’t really see any truly specific shots that apply to him. The “signed to three niggas” line alot of folks keep bringing up is a reach. Mainly because Push talking shit about Drakes label situation doesn’t make sense… esp since Drakes deal was damn near flawless, and Push hasn’t had the best label situations himself… Some of the lines actually do seem to be directed toward himself, but I highly doubt thats what this is…. Something I think we have to wait to see develop.

    …and if Pusha fucking T is dissing The Weeknd then I give up on rap.

  • realtalk

    nah the weeknd >>>>>>>> frank ocean though

  • L’z

    ^^^ KILL yourself.

  • Peanut

    Hes dissing Drake & Wayne. Yall cant hear that?

  • charlie

    Lil Wayne just tweeted: Fuk Pusha T & Anybody that luv em

  • Matty

    192KBPS is NOT CDQ.

  • hmmm

    I think the line everyone wants to reach and say is Drake is actually Mannie Fresh the signed to part of the diss he mentions beats too it could explain the title too exdous. Like wayne n bird sent mannie to get in good with that camp as a trojan horse lol.

  • OGTripleOG

    Pusha is a super huge fan of Notorious B.I.G. This is simply paying homage to his classic, “What’s Beef”. Plain and simple. There is no personal attack towards anyone. This is a commentary on the various states of hip-hop artists who act like everything is gangster for press but get jerked by the corporate gangsters behind the scenes. All of these assumptions make for G.O.O.D press just like the illuminati chatter. Sometimes things are as what they appear to be, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Intro-Grindin-Cot Damn-Ma, I Don’t Love Her-When the Last Time-Ego-We Got It for Cheap-Momma I’m So Sorry-Mr. Me Too-Wamp Wamp (What It Do)-Ride Around Shining-Dirty Money-Hello New World-Keys Open Doors-Ain’t Cha-Trill-Chinese New Year-Nightmares

    c’mon……….drake were killed before get in the “rap game”
    say the best drake songs like this without feel fagot or fake..and i like some drakes music,,but 60% of dude personality is childish as well.

  • nah the weeknd >>>>>>>> frank ocean though
    realtalk said this on May 24th, 2012 at 4:04 am

    cut your dick, nigga please

  • RihannaBoyFriend

    have u nver seen the Coachella 2012 shit?

    WEEKND = 0

  • 666


  • NoWuff

    Pusha T was coming at Freddie Gibbs hard on this track

  • marty mcfly

    lol GTFOH nobody checkin for gibbs. he was talking about leopard print wearing Wayne and The Weeknd. I love rap beef and I feel its competitive; great for the industry (at least the music). But I used to masturbate to The Dream’s CDs all the time my freshmen year of college so I’m on his side regardless of who is better or worse.

  • lukewalton

    All of you are idiots ,drake is signed too wayne who is signed too birdman …which clearly means means he’s throwing shots at drake!

  • hambone

    If you really want to keep following it up the ladder, Drake is an artist on Young Money, which is under Cash Money, which is under Universal Music. So he’s got more than 3 guys eating off of him, he’s got 3 whole companies.

  • he’s probably talking about a management deal that drake has.

  • Stay Frosty

    All these for an R&B singer though? Really?

  • eatshit

    Pussy ass rappers including pusha t. Say a fucking name or keep that dick sucker closed. Tired of these niggas with all that loud talk and scared to really spark up a legit rap beef. “If the shoe fits, wear it” kind of shit. Foot that shoe into your nuts and asshole nh. – eatshit if you gotta problem with me.

  • Gengar

    He’s dissing all of Young money pretty much specifically Wayne,Drake, and possibly Mannie Fresh


    “You just lying through your catalogs, where the blood in the battle scars”

    everyone knows leopard print Wayne is a fake blood (thank you 40 Glocc)

    Drakes diss are all the contract/deal lines

    Possible Mannie Fresh diss

    “You can keep yo beats nigga we’d much rather share yo bitch nigga”
    “them niggas using you as a pawn you see they never loaded they guns, Now you out here all by yourself ask Steve Jobs wealth don’t buy health”

    Mannie flew out to Paris to work on the G O O D album and (I don’t know anyone else that could be a pawn with beats that is also affiliated with Wayne/Baby so that’s just my take on that)

    and the Young Money diss is
    “That’s while you’ll never be my neighbors smiling as you waiving but we know you niggas hate us”

    So aside from all this balerina shit this track is dope but the whole gossip diss shit is lame as fuck unless you’re saying who you’re speaking to

  • iNFiNiTi

    Yall nigga’s is a bunch of dummies!! Pusha ain’t talking about DRAKE he’s dissing LIL WAYNE! Drake doesn’t throw flags people! He probably took shots at Drake but that last verse sounded as if he slapped Lil Wayne

  • soneerokz

    This shit is hard!!!

  • ZiplockP


  • asdfghjkl;’

    This was relatively boring. To be honest, Pusha T has been boring for a number of years, save “Hell Hath No Fury”. Bored. Will not be buying.

  • Laughing Out Loud


  • nasir

    damn he was talking about young chop when he said

    “You can keep yo beats nigga we’d much rather share yo bitch nigga”

  • mattnotmike

    Bout time someone flamed YMCMB

  • halah

    my roomate’s mother makes $1/hour by sucking dick on the corner of 9th and 43rd. She’s been fired from work for 9 weeks but last week her payment was $17351 just working on the street for a few hours.

    here’s the site where you can peep on her grind:

  • Hmmm

    Pusha’s a genius,what seemed like sublimal shots to us,were very much clear to lil wayne, & got to him.Its like when you in a circle making sly jokes @ a nigga nobdy gets,but that nigga lol

  • Look, I post what I want on this site and take the side of any artist that I want. Pusha did this joint justice and if he feels liberated to do so then by any means it is fine with me. You guys are assholes sometimes

  • imperetiv

    Does this track borrow/sample the synth from Frank Ocean’s Novacane? They sound pretty similar.

  • nah

    young money is ruining hip hop state and props to pusha

  • Melo15

    A G.O.O.D. Music YMCMB beef would be like the modern east coast west coast beef… it would be dope to see it happen (minus any shootings obv)

  • david

    these drums are mixed real nice but they are simple and boring as fuck, producer needs to listen to some premo or somethin

  • I wouldn’t mind the beat if Pusha went all in. Don’t really matter tho, kudos to him to have balls to PROPERLY beef.

  • Random Guy

    lmfao I’m dyin’ reading these comments.

  • bladaoh

    I respect pusha t for this one. beef and competition has always been a part of rap so why are yall goin soft and and callin him a hater? if he doesn’t like the dude so what. everybody wanna be friends in the industry today and act like some teenage girls..smh

  • koke

    Drake is a fake ass bitch anyways. Talking about your hood ain’t enough…Smh Drake and YMCMB are all pussy and fake thugs

  • JD

    Why didn’t Canibus jump on this with him? That’s about all there is left to do.

  • And Won

    pusha t has really turned into garbage. malice must have been why i liked the clipse. say a name or stfu, imo.

  • JL

    He hit J.Cole with that ‘living out my dreams” line


    I’m tired of you garbage music listening niggas talkin about “drake is the best, wayne is the best”. Wayne n drake make music for the gays n BITCHES. Don’t dare call them “hip-hop”

  • TL

    i can never respect a nigga that listen to Drake lmao

  • SwizZ

    If you dont think this song goes hard you a troll ass nigga

  • LosVanGundy

    Even though Drake makes good music, at the end of the day, he’s a bitch…. Pusha is too real and Wayne needs to chill before Pusha single handedly destroys YMCMB… The Dream is a musical genius for him to get on this is well. yeah

  • rap beef weak

    This song weak.
    the beat dark and nice only thing goin for dude crusty ass. nigga mad cuz he ugly i aint broke and aint gettin no bithces and no one love him.
    how u gon come at a nigga sideways for no good reason. just cuz someone career doin better nigga stop dissin and take some maafuckin notes.
    AYE pusha i got a XD 45 thats just waitin for target practice nigga . ima start by puttin three holes in ya dome. where ya eyes go and where ya mouth go and go from there.

    thats real life but point across im outa pocket for sayin some shit like that thats how i feel when i nigga start to dissin dont put it out like that really get active no nigga.

    East Oakland Bitch.

  • Ralph Machio




  • shut up

    @rapbeef u oakland faggots are the worst

  • comptonmali

    Have anyone else that he recycled Ludacris line about being signed to a nigga that’s signed to another nigga…..lame!

  • ddfdda

    atleast drake aint a poser he never said he blast guns and sell dope…he lives eveything he goes thru so what if he a pretty boi wit bread and can write poems and turn into raps….listen to the music people the music!!!!

  • East Oakland people that make no sense via the internets<<< Have a seat. Pusha went ham on this. I just hope ymcmb does not ether this takeover-esk shot

  • microwave popcorn

    this was weak. pusha t needs beef to make a name for himself in 2012.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Love Pusha but this was weak. Diss or no diss it sounded wild average and boring.
    Beat was ok but boring as well really. The-Dream on the hook did do anything. He says one line in the hook? What’s the point in having him on the track. I hope for his sake that it wasn’t a diss because this shit was yawn music.
    Again I followed the Clipse since they were signed to Elecktra. I still got the sampler with Nicole Ray, Missy, Lord Have Mercy and one other artist I believe that I got from the Peurto Rican Day Parade in NYC. So trust me I’m being objective and honest. This song is weak. I downloaded it and now I’m gonna delete it.

  • D

    For every 42nd dumbass who says this is wack, there are 1,070 people who have sense.

  • rap beef wack

    yall can come through the bay wassup . come see me in the town we can get real active on my momma . if u really bout it let me know ill give u a full address u can mapquest yo bitch ass over we can get it crackin its nothin to me my nigga . bring cameras and all that so everybody on this maafucka can see u get fucked up . im waitin …we can really do this u feel. bitch ass niggas im makin a point given an opinion and u gettin at my town like that yea nigga u dont deserve to live ill be back hopin u want my address so u can come thru and get stomped on.

  • And Won

    I don’t wish any harm on pusha, but he better chill out with talkin bout cash money. those dude got money and they WILL PAY to shut down a sideways talker. believe it. pusha’s money will not be relevant, similar to his current flow.

  • cam’ron newton

    dream is good on this, but that’s it.

  • theblackmamba

    haha it amazes me the stupidity of all these people hatin on pusha, they just can’t admit this track is hot, ya’ll niggas are irrelevant, just look at the dopes and nopes, thats whats gonna tell you if this track is hot, ya’ll aint notin but haters hatin on pusha, c’mon man, you guys only lying to youself my niggas.