• @Phxpurp3

    "Freak show" by this dude goes HAM also...

  • Numba7

    thanks this is dope shake, you guys have been sponsoring and breaking new music left and right all year.. makes up for all the nicki minaj posts. haha.

  • chuck

    id enjoy more NA posts

  • mcd

    crazy seeing this guy on 2dbz haha hell yeah

  • http://www.buynikeshoessale.com air maxes 24 7

    breaking new music,hehe.

  • Mike

    this is really dope, good looks Shake

  • Misha

    Love freak show! By far one of my favorite tracks on Substance Abuse! N.A. Is definitely an upcoming star. Good music with meaning and soulfulness to it. Truly embodies the meaning of hip-hop! Hope to see more post about his music.

  • david

    'The world' is nice, real similar beat to Add-2 'All the kings' but there's nothin wrong with using the same samples as long as the track comes hard, which it does, and N.A. blew Common out the water on 'Blue Sky', lookin forward to playin Substance Abuse, does Josh Estes handle all production?

  • b1s

    nice oh land sample on sheep and wolf

  • Jeaa

    David, Josh Estes does all the production. Dudes crazy