Justin Bieber – Boyfriend (rmx) f. 2 Chainz, Mac Miller & Asher Roth

blame it on Shake May 24, 2012

Artwork by Mike Waxx.

After the Beliebers (is that the correct term?) got #BOYFRIENDRemix to the top of Twitter’s Trending Topic list, JB gave illRoots the green light to premiere the official remix to his new single.

Bieber’s Sophomore album, Believe (which features Nicki Minaj, Drake, Big Sean and Ludacris), drops June 19th.

  • BoshJamesWade

    Aye Tity Boi you bout to blow up, yeah nigga you bout to blow up (Trey Songz voice)…

  • dEt0X2010


  • Ryan G

    I just like a j biebs song… THAT SHIT CRAY!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck gotta check Asher’s verse fuck everyone else tho eh macadelic was aight

  • LOL

    only came here for 2chainz. JB is so wrong bout females. I Can be anything u want? WTF? I Can be a gentleman? WTF U NEED TO BE A GENTLEMAN.

  • Darth Yeyo

    Justin Beiber looks like a lil lesbian… fuck this shit… most random collab ever

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    the two wack white guys kinda ruined it for me.. i guess asher was aight.

  • coolCat

    Im trying to figure out who this remix will appeal to. Little white girls aren’t gonna want to hear this nigga 2 chains rather then the original, and no self respecting hip hop head will cop a justin beiber song.

  • J4KV1ST


    Exactly was i was thinking. random as hell.
    2 Chainz had the best delivery in my opinion too. what are the odds.

  • melo15

    can’t deny good music

  • @coolCat… I’m sure it was supposed to be the “wow” factor….

  • chill.

    Yall need to quit with this bitching, “Oh we can’t like a song cuz it’s by justin bieber.” STFU, little white boy can sing. you guys are probably the ones to secretly bump shit like call me maybe and a have little gay dance party and shit.

    I came here for Asher and 2 Chainz. Fuck this wack ass jew Mac, NOW HE’S WACK AS FUCK.

  • lol

    baaaahahhahahhahahaha not one good “artist” in this lineup.

  • JXN

    Asher kills his verse. Mac Miller continues to annoy me without actually being REALLY bad. His fans make me hate him though. 2 Chainz baffles me on this. And Bieber… he’s gotten to the point where if he were in N’Sync in the late 90s, early 00s then people would love him.

  • III

    As much as I want to, I can’t hate on this. Actually turned out decent.

  • Prop

    Asher seems to get more desperate by the second to be mainstream. Begging Meek Mill to do a song, and this.

  • This just can’t be his sophomore LP.

    I mean, seriously???!?!?!??

    We’ve had to hear about this dude for 4 or 5 years now and this is just his 2nd album. So he still sings that “Baby” song even though he old enough to attend college now????

    I don’t hate’em, hell I really don’t care. Just can’t believe he’s only dropped 1 disc.

  • @Prop Asher on this song makes sense. He actually been knowing Bieber since dude was like 2 when Asher Roth first movies to ATL

  • Dan Gleesak

    @ JXN you read my mind, couldnt of said it any better about all 4 of them
    @prop he has to do that shit, he knows its not him but he needs “radio” type songs

  • muff

    candidate for wackest song of decade. nah mean?

  • okayyy

    Fuck Jew Mac? But Asher is cool??? Asher is Jewish too, so if you’re going to be an antisemite at least keep it across the board..

  • douche

    @prop go listen to pabst and jazz and tell me asher roth is looking for mainstream…he likes making good music and that’s what he does and he fucking killed this

  • McNyce

    So Mac just gon steal Drake’s “high pitch” flow tho. smh

  • dylweed

    asher killed it, mike posner is getting PAID off this song

  • J Worthy

    This shit is hard…crazy.

  • AsleepInTheBreadAisle

    I’d be lying if I said this shit wasn’t nice, yes it Biebs,, but fck it lil homie grown now, he’s bangin Selena, and the bitches love em, on top of that he has mad talent, and you gotta respect the god given talent. From YouTube to all the Girls iPods and walls.. 2chainz verse was ight for a Beibs song, Mac was ehh? But Asher Killed thst shit!

  • Stephanie

    lol this is a LITTLE bit dope.

  • Asher ripped it. Fuck the rest of it. Might as well have kept Bieber’s first verse & took of 2 Chainz & Mac. Shame.

  • Castro

    every single one of you who has posted a comment here has a little bit o’fag in them. except for me tho because im the one who pointed it out. joking, HUGE FAG

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    We need more Asher/ 2chainz collabs.

  • Fuct Industry

    I’m not for it, but you’d be a dumb fuck not to jump that kids bandwagon.

  • DOTS

    That the first JB song ive ever listened… That bitch can sang.

  • TIB

    What about the YingYang version?

  • Markurs

    This is ill.

  • 3much4thosehoes

    justin bankroll bieber is that dude. Hahaha dropping bangers!!! 2 chainz on this was nice! Asher too….mac stayed in the cut.

    JB got too much swwag

  • NoWuff

    Yo lets get one thing straight. Call Me Maybe is a great song and no-one will remember Bieber in a year

  • Naylor Vega

    next to mac this ish is nice

  • k-luv

    asher went in…. the chorus of boyfriend is hot….. the rest of the song is trash..

  • vince

    Asher,2 chainz and the beat
    the rest is booboo

  • Nasty

    Fuck 2 Chainz… always wack as fuck. GOOD Music went downhill with him and Sean.

    Asher killed it as usual, and THANK BASEDGOD that JB didn’t try to rap