The J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar Album Is Actually Happening…

blame it on Illy May 24, 2012

Right when we may have lost faith in this actually happening even though Kendrick assured us that it was going to happen during a visit on “106 & Park earlier this week, J. Cole dropped off a few flicks of him and K-Dot in the studio on his DreamVillain blog. Once again: Uh oh…

BRING IT BACK: Kendrick Lamar Previews Tempation w/ J. Cole (Video)

  • AD

    they really sleep in the studio… #dedication.. This project should be smoke dza.

  • suspect

    Ok, real question: who’s purse is that in picture 2?

  • 2 Pac

    lol there’s always 1 weirdo that clicks “Nope”. What do the People that wont listen to this Album, listen to ?

  • Who?

    @2 Pac: Waka Flocka

  • A Reader!

    Cole putting work on-mic and behind the boards !!

    Still not really hyped for this cos these “2 big names collaborating” projects rarely come out in entirety !!

  • top_shottatx

    glad they finally getting together and doing this album. with that being said does that mean that kendrick lamar album gonna drop this summer?? i need that

  • dre

    I really could give a damn about this just give me the two songs they previewed about 5 years ago and im good.

  • Lotlan

    I’m highly pumped up for this. Cole & Kendrick together is a serious combination, not just lyrically, but all around song-wise. The concepts alone should be ridiculously dope so im looking forward to this.

  • okayyy

    While I find it funny that grown men carry designer bags around with them I can’t deny that both of these dudes are insane with the raps.

  • RSWD

    This would be theeee greatest thing in music history if it finds the light of day

  • Fuck you guys this is shake and I love Kendrick so much, I suck his dick every night!

  • hiphopcritic

    quick question since sideline story & grew up fast dropped y’all still like cole?

  • theblackmamba

    Quick answer, just look at the dopes and nopes and there is your answer

  • Jenna Haze

    Its not a purse, its a duffel bag. Well known fact that Kendrick travels with a plush Apache doll (high school mascot), two bottles of Smart Water, and his older cousins track cleats (cleaned off obviously) that never got a chance to make it to the college level.

  • He Hate Me

    No. It’s a purse.

  • DK

    Lmao these dudes have a bed in the studio you know they’re working hard to create some dope stuff.

  • who cares

    GAY! Cole is whack has fuck.

  • smh

    It’s a duffel bag you ignorant muthafucka go learn something.

    Anyway this shit should be dope I hope it comes out.

  • He Hate Me

    No. It’s a purse.

  • it’s not a purse, its a louis duffle, u basic.

  • lol

    It’s a fuckin’ purse ya’ll.

  • yoursupervisor

    This is in a tour bus studio

  • M^2

    Why must we be speaking about if it’s a purse of duffle lmfao, let’s just hope that they release the CDQ of Temptation and Shock the World.

  • that_dude

    These guys having a sleep over or something?

  • Rezo

    You can spot the BROKE folk real easy just by what they say. That is a fucking DUFFLE BAG, not a purse. Just because you’re use to your $14.99 duffle bag from Walmart not looking like that doesn’t give you the right to be an idiot. Some of you dudes need to grow the fuck up and stop being basic.

  • Rezo

    And like dude up top said it’s a damn tour bus studio. Anyone who has ever been in a studio would know an actual studio looks nothing like that. The bed is RIGHT there because of lack of room.

  • MyFiddyCents

    After I heard temptation, this has become the most anticipated album for me. These guys are junior gawds.

  • hulkhogan

    LMFAO morons are active in the c-section..

  • letsdothis

    Lets see if Kendrick can bring something good out of cole. Im looking forward to this one.

  • bomb1st

    I guess its an ok idea to make this album happen but kendrick kills cole in every way. Cole needs to bring out his best to even come close to being up to par with kendrick’s verses. Its a bitter sweet situation. J.Cole will fail this mission. Stick to the beats if anything. The rest is Saso! eehh.

  • dEt0X2010

    Look at Kendrick laying down on the couch. He know hes gonna fall asleep when Cole starts rapping, so he getting comfortable hahaha jk jk

    Cant Wait for this man, the two best rappers right now!!!

  • the realet

    lmao yo cole posing n shit in the last pic lmao. and is that a man-bag on the bed lol?

    but all jokes aside. i might cop this shit. and im not a fan of either. cant stand they shit. but something tells me this shit might just be something vicious.

  • Shrugger


    is a Loui bag, and there in a tour bus studio lmao smh

    I wonder what the album will be called

  • JWest

    O Snap Cant Wait

  • 2


  • End


  • You guys are fags talking about purses get off my site with this bullshit….matter of fact i should get meka on you bitches

  • okayyy

    I never said it was a purse…I just think it’s funny that men walk around with designer bags. It’s not a matter of it being gay or straight, its more of a male v female thing.

    It has nothing to do with being broke either. When I travel and I have a duffel, I use a real nice sports bag. And since I’m a man, I generally don’t need to carry that many things with me. I can fit anything I need on my person or in a bag that my mom wouldn’t be sporting.

    As a man, what do you need on you besides your wallet, and your keys?

  • Thinker

    Look like Shake left his account

  • j

    Kendrick needs to fuck with Freddie Gibbs and Big Krit, not eeoyre

  • Biggie

    this dudes talm bout bein broke but he knows the exact prices of wal mart duffle bags lol

  • dude from across the street

    this shall be epic production wise and lyrically……if it ever comes out

  • SmokinAces

    okayyy, if you left the block, might need more than your wallet & keys.

  • GayCole

    J. Cole a pussy rapper

  • kendrick

    ^^^ I AGREE

  • tupac

    anything Louis Vuitton is good, no matter if its a purse or not

  • TheRealKC

    yeah i lost respect for Kendrick after I found out that he worked with J. Cole

  • KingCobra

    I wish I could just block out J. Cole’s voice from the album. That would be worth buying.

  • cole


  • DeliStatus

    J. COLE HORRIBLE ! Join the campaign.

  • A$AP

    kendrick should work with other rappers like schoolboy q and asap rocky

  • GayCole

    yeah fuck J.cole

  • A$AP

    Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar ALBUM THAT WOULD BE WORTH SOMETHING

  • Decisions

    I’m not a hater but, J. Cole sucks at rapping

  • Decisions

    I’m not a hater but, J. Cole sucks at rapping, he should really consider quitting.

  • MLK


  • ha

    Lmao dude, you just posted 10 anti-J.Cole comments in a row, under all different names and everything, several days after the page was dead. Hate to break it to you kid, but everybody knows it’s just one guy.

  • Ken

    Forreal J. Cole sucks

  • ha

    Nevermind forget my last comment. 2Dopeboyz confirmed it different people.

  • lol

    FAIL ^

  • lol

    lol that kid ha got fucked

  • ha

    Sorry everyone, blame sucking dick and taking dick up my ass every night for this mistake. It really hurts your brain. I’m actually homosexual if you haven’t noticed. I want to fuck J. Cole.

  • lol

    LOLOLOL I just took a screenshot and I’m gonna post it omg

  • realrap

    wtf J. Cole sucks

  • gaycole


  • lamar

    wait why would kendrick work with j cole… j cole isn’t even a good rapper

  • hi

    people still like Jcole ? lol

  • lx

    id rather see a drake and kendrick project. imagine that

  • truth

    fuck jcole

  • biggie

    kendrick why work with jcole ??????

  • comments

    J. Cole is the SOFTEST RAPPER in the game, why would Kendrick work with him ? I agree with Biggie ^^^

  • real

    Kendrick can do SOOOO much better than having to work with J. Cole.

  • xtra

    ew j cole ? why j cole out of all the other way better rappers…


    bro j cole raps about the stupidest shit. kendrick should work with way better rappers

  • wiz

    i used to like J cole’s mix tape, then after i heard the album, i gave up hope for him as a rapper.

  • EveryTIME

    dam look at all these J Cole comments. Not gonna lie, I really don’t like J Cole as well haha. I don’t think he can keep up or work with Kendrick Lamar. Fuck J Cole.


    i agree^^^ J cole sucks dick

  • Cartoons & Cereal

    yall niggas who mad that kendrick making a album wit j.cole obviously didnt know that they been planning a collab mixtape for a long ass time. do yo RESEARCH!

  • ha (the original, not the troll)

    @Cartoons & Cereal

    It’s actually STILL just that one guy. We’re going on 2 days and who knows how many fake names. Sad, isn’t it?

  • J.Cole

    Just a few months ago you guys loved J.Cole ? Now?
    You guys were never fans. Band wagon bi tches

  • ha

    ^Once again. One guy. Many comments. Many names.