Lil Wayne – Goulish (Pusha T Diss)

blame it on Shake May 25, 2012

Welp, that Exodus 23:1 response didn’t take long now did it? Not really anything serious here, but atleast names were named. Pusha/G.O.O.D. Music, you’re up…

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Goulish (prod. Swizz Beatz) [Tags]
BONUS: Lil Wayne – S.A.S.A.R.A.F. [via LWHQ]
“Skate And Smoke And Rap And Fuck” appears on DJ Stevie J’s The Appreciation Vol. 4 mixtape.

  • Really? lol

  • At least he said his name. But like Pusha (and Common) said, people are just running behind others and hiding behind them.

  • Ric

    Pusha is up by 20 with 5 min left in the 4th.


    i dislike lil wayne but he went at him so i had to click dope none of that subliminal shit

  • jape

    this guy sucks.

  • LOUD


  • tical

    yeah but the song is awful and the beat is soft as fuck. At least Push made a good song.

  • bzo

    “none of that subliminal shit” anyone rapper can say someones name. it takes talent to do it subliminally and everybody still know who they talkin bout. Pusha > your favorite rapper.

  • brandon

    Pusha caught ’em with a light jab with the right, Wayne responded with a wild left hook that didn’t connect…

  • Your Average Jet

    “I chase bank but I don’t bank with Chase” That line was so fucking hot Wayne! -____-


    weeeeeeeeeeazzzzzzeeek dis nigga wayne jus put out the most garbage shit i could ever see in a battle this a diss lmao silly… im G.O.O.D

  • marty mcfly

    LOL!!! Girl Pants just clowned on Pushas weak diss record. Next time use a Dream feature to make a hit instead of just saying one line about how niggas aint dying or someshit just to help promote a fake beef for attention. LOL

  • alex

    Wayne jus get back on ya skateboard brah

  • smitty

    I’m glad he said his name and throwing in the “What Happened To Taht Boy” line was ok but outside of that, just a lot of generic rap. Almost the least diss filled song of diss songs that he could have done

  • Jus

    Typical Wayne response gun talk murder threats. #broadbandblood

  • lol

    This is by far the weakest diss record of all-time. Lil B came harder on “T-Shirts n Buddens”

  • or

    The second this was post i refreshed and it had 4 nopes. you niggas are full of shit straight up

  • audiodope

    LOL, I knew niggas would immediatedly click nope before even hearing it. As a Wayne fan myself, I know he’s been pretty shitty the last 4 years, but this isn’t as bad as I thought. I’d rather listen to this than Tha Carter IV. Any according to DJ Skee’s Twitter: “… And from what I hear, Pusha has a record directed @ Wayne w/a MONSTER feature already done… I’ll talk about on @hiphopnation tomorrow”

  • randy

    @gus that was the typical 2pac response but nobody complained.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    Boooooo.. Wayne you a fuck nigga. You rich.. but you still a fuck nigga. Find ya identity and quit kissin grown ass men in they mouth with ya grown ass.. FAG

  • If it wasnt for the first line, you’d never know it was a diss at Pusha.

  • Grimzz

    1-0 pusha LOL

  • roy


    typical response. nothing about the actual music. just about gay shit and homosexual fantasies.

  • Oats

    Like everyone else is saying, respect to Wayne for saying Pusha’s name. The record is trash though…

  • drill

    lmao funny cause some niggas dont really fuck with pusha t but they support him because they hate lil wayne, thats some ignorant shit. theres a reason why lil wayne has been int he game for a long time. this was a solid minute track. fuck pusha and his fake coke raps.

  • LOUD

    @randy pac was a real nigga tho. Waynes a false flagging skater who’s been rich since he was 14. Saying he aint “bout that life” is an understatement

  • ryan

    Pusha T won round 1

  • audiodope

    I hope Pusha keeps dissing him, bring out that old Wayne everyone used to fuck with. DJ Skee says Pusha already has another track ready for Wayne with a “MONSTER” feature. I think its going to be either Mos Def or Jay. Kanye and Wayne are way to cool with each other to diss like that.

  • Benski

    Been away from the world for a couple days & I return to this supposed badass beef. I listened to pusha’s record, wack and overrated as fuck, and then wayne’s horrid response. These are two terrible rappers people.

  • HEY!


  • randy


    how was pac a real nigga when he nigga did any of the stuff he said he was gonna do on this diss tracks? that was your point right? that wayne makes threats he never follows through on. well neither did pac. so spare us that “real nigga” shit making excuses for pac when he guilty of the exact same shit you hating on lil wayne. its a fucking battle dumb ass. if these niggas really wanted to kill eachother, they wouldnt be battling on wax in the first place. just enjoy the fucking music and stop acting like these niggas are supposed to gun eachother down just because they said it on record.

  • thatoneguy

    not a huge fan of lil wayne but he gets the thumbs up for firing back. round 1 is in the books (or is it 2?).

  • truth

    Pusha T is the topic of conversation now so no matter if this beef is real or fake its a win for Pusha & G.O.O.D. Music at the end of the day.

  • (l,k)

    the comments on lilwaynehq about this diss are HILARIOUS

  • Jay

    Has Wayne ever spit one nice verse in his career? Like he’ll be flowing then say some dumb shit and fuck it up….i never heard an actual good verse by him. The drought 3 was the corniest shit ever when it dropped..and he got worse ever since. Dedication 2 was decent i guess…but dude was overhyped from the jump.

  • audiodope

    @Jay, I wouldn’t say so about those mixtapes, but to each his own. To me, he was at his peak during Tha Carter II, have you ever listened to that album or the Suffix mixtape?

  • stack.

    Yeah, but with Pac, I guarantee them niggas he was talking about thought somewhere in the back of their mind that if they saw him it was going to be some shit. Ain’t nobody batting an eye when they see Wayne after his murder threats.

  • marty mcfly

    @audiodope, lets us know when that record drops cause Pusha got the turtle slow pen game these days. Meanwhile Wayne dont even write, he just goes in thats why you hear a record in less the 24 hours after the first diss. And stop with all this real nigga shit because all of us know that both sides havent been about no real street action for atleast ten years, maybe never in they whole life. This is just some battle shit, I just wanna see if Pusha can live up to how some of you make him out to be a super MC. Not saying Wayne is always dope but Pusha better get focused if he really wants to get the most promo he can for his solo album.

  • K3

    ^except the only one who got murdered was pac LMAO…..and by his own team I might add.

  • who cares

    30 seconds in and this is fuckin’ garbage. Seriously though what happened to Wayne? Pre-Carter III >>>
    Only thing I respect about this is he actually says his name. “Fuck Pusha T and anyboady that love ’em.” Reminds me of Common’s “Make no mistake I’m talkin’ to Drake.”

  • John Creasy


  • Randy

    @stack do you have any proof of anything you just said? sounds like some dickrider speculation to me. mobb deep wasnt scared to diss pac. jay wasnt scared of pac. lauryn hill wasnt scared of pac. who can you honestly say was scared of pac without speculating? I can say “in the back of pusha’s mind im sure he alittle worried about wayne” that doesnt make it so just because it typed it. and that doesnt make pac a real nigga.

  • michael

    Nah this beef is real. Pusha been taking shots at wayne since Carter 1.He been said Wayne name several times since then,They even went back n forth in interviews. Pusha did a track with “The Dream” & everybody know how much Wayne hate that guy. I believe the “Fuck Pusha T” rant came off from Pusha doing a song with “The Dream” knowing the history between those two.

  • 2dope

    Wayne would have more respect if he wouldve just retired after “Tha Carter 2”

  • LOUD

    @randy cool story bro. Your whole comment shows you a hoe ass dick in the booty nigga who knows nothing. One nigga starts gangbanging in his mid 20’s then gets bored with that and starts skating and kisses niggas in the mouth. The other nigga stayed running the streets even when he didn’t need to be and he aint here over some real beef/street shit. Hop off wayne dick bitch

  • stack.

    Who said scared? Pac would at least confront dudes and address situations when they seen em, Weezy’s liable to be in the same room with dudes he’s threatened to kill for hours and do nothing.



  • And Won

    wayne won! holy crap!

  • HR

    Riff Raff > Lil Wayne Lol

  • get em

    All i ever see is Ben Franklin face,
    I chase the bank I don’t bank with Chase,
    You fuckin with some niggas that’ll murk yall,
    Nigga you softer than a motherfucking nerf ball.

    wayne went off. respect.
    i know wayne isnt a diss rapper but these niggas are gonna end up rubbing wayne the wrong way and make him kill shit mark my words.

  • And Won

    wayne has been around since 1997, clipse 2001. pusha better respect his elder mc.

  • drake

    If your hit single came out when I was 16.. And your shit flopped and you switched teams.. Don’t say nothing to me nigga! – drake

  • jwiii

    not bad like most of y’all making it out to be. just a jab.

  • jwiii

    what’s good about real beef? yeah, slanging rocks and popping bullets. SO COOL!!!

  • Douche

    You people are fucking retarded. Subliminal disses have been around since the beginning of hip hop. Legit 99% of rappers use subliminals at one point. Most beefs are more entertaining in the subliminal stage (ex. Jay & Nas). You people probably think Hit Em Up is the GOAT diss track. Saying names for the sake of saying names is only a big deal to the ignorant fucks who can’t connect the dots.

  • jp

    All i ever see is Ben Franklin face,
    I chase the bank I don’t bank with Chase,
    You fuckin with some niggas that’ll murk yall,
    Nigga you softer than a motherfucking nerf ball.
    wayne went off. respect.
    i know wayne isnt a diss rapper but these niggas are gonna end up rubbing wayne the wrong way and make him kill shit mark my words.
    get em said this on May 25th, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    Man, I hope you aren’t serious. Anybody that thinks this simple shit here is all it takes to KILL something needs to stop listening to rap and go read a fucking book.

  • Pauly D

    That line about MELT was hot as fuck though.

    Other than that? This shit be garbage b

  • LexiCon

    Lil Wayne is on his downfall finally. With the same attitude he’ll be out of the spotlight in 2-3 years. About fucking time!

  • whole time i thought since pusha squeezed first like takeover, that wayne would ether him… hardly the case



  • el.

    Wayne did the same thing with Gillie Da Kid on that problem solver shit. He said his name one time and then made up some shit about how he’d get him killed for the next 3 minutes. We don’t believe you, you need more people.

  • monk

    even adeles diss to ex bf was harder than this shit

  • “fuck pusha t and everybody that love his head up his ass so ima have to headbutt him” – Dwayne LIL WAYNE Carter


  • L.W.L

    Lil Wayne Lost

  • SupremeSoulstice

    @Roy.. speak on the music? What’s to speak about you bitchass fanboy? That shit was weak!!! You must be a fag too gettin mad at me for stating the obvious! Bitch please..

  • no name

    Aubrey Graham owns an autographed Pusha T microphone.

  • T-Dot

    why wud weezy go all out on pusha?

    he’s just pushing his buttons, just wait till weezy’s round two, i guarantee u guys will be switching sides…

  • SupremeSoulstice

    Why do so many mufuugas ride wayne’s nuts? This nigga is boo boo.. Females and muthafuckas tryin to fit in are the only ones talking that “Wayne is the greatest” Shit.. bitch please

  • Eazy

    Boooo nigga you stink

  • stinkmeaner

    Come on Im a Pusha T fan but Wayne got at em.
    Fuck taking sides tho I just like dope music.

  • sonny

    yo @t-dot hop off wayne nuts


    This wasn’t that bad and im not a Wayn fan at all… Pusha T had those weak ass subliminals, so im just gonna wait and see how this develops before I pass judgment.

  • Beez

    332 people do not like this record. The 102 people who do are not giving us a reason on why we should like it.

  • yo ya talking bout “bring out the old wayne” like if he was ever nice.

  • @redcafe wayne was never nice? wayne wasn’t on top of rap from 05-07? just shut the fuck up.

    wayne fell off hard. dude had a lot of tough records back then tho and theres no denying that. he used to be hungry. now hes stupid rich. i dont completely blame him tho cuz id make a bunch of radio songs too if it meant me and my family will be straight.


    Wayne and Drake sell millions, Pusha T is irrelevant.

    “Now a days niggas reach just to sell they records”

  • Rudy

    I’m so tired of rappers talking about doing harm to other rappers…you know wayne or pusha would actually do anything if they saw each other. They hide behind body guards. I’m not saying kill each other but just stop making empty threats at each other. No one would have the balls to do anything and risk doing time over it. These dudes watch too many mafia movies.

  • @Beez only about 1/3 of those actually listened, the D/N count is irrelevant.

  • L

    “If it wasnt for the first line, you’d never know it was a diss at Pusha.”
    MrTev said this on May 25th, 2012 at 11:05 pm


  • SouthWest

    damn weezy just take the L and sit your ass down smh

  • L

    And the last line

  • That was cute

  • kush doobies

    Pusha more relevant than Jay-Z right now

  • As far as Modern Lil Wayne Songs Go? I like it…As Far as diss songs go? T Shirt & Buddens by the BasedGod kinda ended Rap beef for me…& he barely mentioned him in any way…My prediction is they’ll beef all summer, make up by fall & have a G.O.O.D/YMCMB Collab album for Christmas…Quote me

  • marty mcfly

    @Beez, was the Pusha T song dope or something? Really. I mean Exodus 23:1 sounds like an interesting title but that shit just wasn’t that dope. COMEONSON, Dream on a gangsta song talking about “them niggas aint dying for ya” Stop it Dream cause your just the radio killa and Christina is prolly takin Ymcmb nuts to the head right now fool. Now Wayne has been rapping this way for years so idk why people think he would all of a sudden have a doper style but I think people just think its funny how Pusha tried to promote beef and then he got what he asked for and the first line was Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love him LOL. I wanna know this though, who really thinks Pusha can actually make a good diss song by this time next week? Dont get me wrong Pusha got skills but I dont think he can fuck with Wayne though. Just My opinion

  • I feel like the diss wasn’t really taken serious by weezy at all. It’s just a warning shot to Pusha. Now if Pusha responds and adds names instead of subliminals? Then I think Weezy could come with something hard. But this was just him bullshittin around.

  • word nigga

    Only 12 year olds and white boys from the suburbs that wanna be cool like this shit. Wayne fucking sucks.

  • wtf?

    This Just Made Drake Even More Of A Bigger Pussy Than He Already Is Pussy Ass Nigga Cant Defend Himself Not To Mention This Is One Of The Worlds Worst Diss Records & I Never Heard A Clipse Or Pusha T Album In My Life

  • honestly

    yenno whats funny, yall mothafuckas gettin so hyped off this but real talk, pusha t aint relevant to barley anyone. i mean, i fucks wit him but MOST people don’t even know who the fuck he is lol
    not saying i side with weezy , this whole shits lame as fuck and yall get so excited over it , like fuck , its like u think one of em is actually gunna end up physically harming the other… hahahah

  • honestly

    PLUS, pusha t’s was more directed at drake wasn’t it? im from canada myself, he aint canada dry, he canada wet , like a vagina

  • nigga

    i swear yall choose whether or not its dope/nope just based on who the post is about. You should actually listen to the song before you decide. Wayne had a couple of good lines like that “what happened to that boy” line

  • Lil Wayne Is Garbage!

    If you think this is dope then stop listening to Hip Hop.

  • asdlkj

    somebody tell me waynes last dope verse?

  • That Nigga Is Ass

    This shit is so wack that diggy’s j.cole diss goes harder than lil wayne’s diss. Wayne should put the mic down and retire.

  • Beez

    @marty Mcfly from what I’ve read ymcmb fired first. Push could have ignored it but chose not to. What kind of gangsta takes his beef to twitter?

  • WTF?


  • lol

    somebody tell me waynes last dope verse?

    asdlkj said this on May 26th, 2012 at 1:00 am

    Lil wayne last good project was the dedication 2

  • lol

    and that was in 2006

  • marty mcfly

    @Beez, well I never heard Wayne mention this nigga so idk. Both these guys are just funny at this point to me but im not gonna front like Pusha is comes dope all the time cause that Exodus song was just not the business imo. I will still refer to Wayne as Girl Pants on occasion but apparently he aint worried about dime bag P that much.

  • Maga D

    lmao, whaaat? hahaha. Wayne, dogg. I really can’t… wow. This is a Pusha Diss? smh, weak.

  • Beez

    @marty Mcfly Pusha t was referring to drake in his song he just didn’t say his name.

  • @…
    wayne was never nice lyrically.sure he has good songs but even elton john got good

  • microwave popcorn

    lil wayne just destroyed Pussy T. how many records has Pussy T sold? nuff said. lil wayne ethered Jay-Z 50 Cent and now Pussy T.

  • marty mcfly

    @Beez, going at drake is like picking on the good kid at school. Its just too easy so funny cornrows P dont get no points for that.

  • Beez

    @ Marty Mcfly so Wayne needs to protect drake?

  • Shy

    Yo Drake shoulda just responded himself instead of his Nanny doin it for him FOH

  • the realest

    marty, with all due respect, stfu.

    1. wayne would have been a legend if he retired after C2 like somebody else mentioned in the section. so to say wayne having a doper style is ridiculous, is ridiculous.

    2. what your saying about the dream’s mother of his child is way out of bounds. grow up man. you dont even know the broad.

    3. dream CAN get on a song and do that. hes a nigga that sings. like the old school playas. not a singer that trys to be a nigga bcuz its profitable, like drake. theres a difference.

    4. why has hiphop gotten so damn soft that you cant diss nobody nomore?? smh

    about the song. i’ll liaten later. im more interested in the beef rather than the music now. if this was dedication 2 wayne, i woulda been the first nigga to comment. now? i’ll get to it when i feel like it.

    and that verse on the i dont like remix is making more sense now. i knew that was ma fav verse for a reason.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    So. Many. Wayne. Fanboys. Can’t. Take. It. Any. Longer. Please. Make. It. Stop. God. Please.

  • will

    a wayne need to take his ass back n the studio & try this shit again.shit is trash man. im mad as fuck i just wasted 1:30 of my life on this shit.

  • tycoon938

    There is a bandwagon of people who hate Wayne because thy think its cool and a band wagon of people who love cause they think its cool…. both are pretty pathetic honestly. don’t just talk shIt about Wayne for no reason embassies. this song was a jab nothing crazy nothing hard or anything. if you nigga would watch any type of rap battle people never start with some crazy personal hardhitting line that’d be dumb as fuck. just like anything you start small and work your way up. this track was a little punch back Wayne through after pusha threw a little punch. they’re both gonna go harder after this. y’all nigga riding pusha t dice when you probably can’t even name ten songs off his mixtape.when Wayne goes hard you’ll know when pusha goes hard you’ll know. and the fact you guys keep seeing thy ain’t gonna do shit is stupid, if you really want one of them to kill eachothrr you’re just really stupid. if you knew anything violence was the worst part of the rap game…rip pac b.I.g eazy and the rest these nigga don’t know shit

  • marty mcfly

    @Beez, Protect Drake from what? Pusha talking about how he make niggas move they families into hiding when he’s beefing? Or wait, how he said he puts guns in niggas faces and them niggas aint dying for ya? Ummm No cause aint none of that really gonna happen. They both gonna wake up tomorrow and walk right past the closet with the guns in it and go make some raps about it, mean muggin from a studio booth. Thats it, so no Wayne dont need to protect Drake. Wayne prolly thought about these lyrics for like 5 minutes then went in the booth and did it in one take and then jumped out and ran over to his skateboard ramp while Pusha was somewhere video taping crackheads for his diss song promo. Im tellin you man these rappers nowadays are just ridiculous on all sides.

  • KNAME.

    Who Cares?

  • drill

    DRAKE ALREADY RESPONDED. AND @THE REALEST YOUR AS IGNORANT AS THEY COME, DRAKE CHOSE TO SING BECAUSE HE HAS THE TALENT TO DO BOTH RAP ND SING. PERSOANNLY DRAKE WOULD WASH THE WHOLE G.O.O.D music crew. kanyes a pussy for sending common, tried to send big sean, now hes sending pusha t. drake already took care of common with a solid diss TRACK and not some wack as freestyle. wayne is wack as fuck but we will see how this turns out when pusha replies.

  • tates

    listened to it… not that good… he went after him kinda hard at the beginning, but had that “headbutt” line… then he just kinda dropped off. pusha is gonna drop a record that just destroys wayne i’m guessing.

  • UPDATE: “If you was doin’ 16s when I was 16, and your shit flopped and you switched teams, don’t talk to me, my nigga…“ – Drake

    So Drake fired shots tonight on the club paradise tour…let the games begin.

    (credit: miss info)

  • Beez

    @ marty mcfly Them niggas ain’t dying for him. Where was Wayne when tyga was gettin his tour bus shot at?

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest, im not even gonna start wit you cause everybody knows you just hate Drake with a passion but then you praise any other rap song with R&B in it goes you just pray for the day Diddy drops that Last Train To Paris 2. Smh and fuck Christina nigga, she just another bop I dont give a fuck who she is. Wayne got that bitch on a tour bus right now giving her “services” to YMCMB nigga. Dream is mad and so is Pusha cause his shit aint hot END OF STORY.

  • froid

    YMCMB vs GOOD….



    Pusha T
    Big Sean

    …enough said…

    truth is … right now none of these artists are pumping heat except Pusha

    NONE OF THIS IS BEEF, its internet bullshit..back in the day you had to make a statement, now a days you can just pump out a quick verse and feed it to the masses (aka us).

    all of this shit is bull to the culture, i just expected wayne to have more class than to push out some lyrics (that i could have came up with) on a soft ass beat, cmonnn man.

    if i had to take a side, YMCMB got JACKED UP but regardless, this so called BEEF isn’t even worth anyones time.

    hopefully all of these “so-called-aritists” will get there shit together and either throw down on pay per view (which would be DOPE), or just let it go and make their so called GOOD music.

    cmonnnnnn man!!

  • factormax

    this is tight regardless of the beef. sounds like 08 wayne, not when he was at the top but right before he fell off for real.

  • jesus, rap is stupid

    hold up, what the fuck is this beef anyway? pusha t doesn’t think drakes contract is good so he vaguely rapped about it and then wayne comes back and tosses some random threats about cutting of his arms and legs? oh word, i understand.

  • the realest

    lol marty you are as predictable as day time soap operas. same ol shit. speaking of LTTP, i grabbed me a new girl off that ass on the floor remix bangin in the car on monday. i bet you keep imortal technique in the car lol. the shit never fails tho. i recommend that mixtape to anybody tryna step they game up and really crack a bitch lol.

    and yup, cant stand drake. he is simply the dream except the dream keeps it real and is more talented. he dont call himself “a rapper” to sell records. eventho hes the one drake got his whole steez from. anyway i made all my points about the lil prop before. no need for me to repeat em. but he is relevant to the post. and your lil “END OF STORY” capped up finish is too funny. reminds me of who im talking to lol.

    @ drill

    you just said kanye “sent” niggaz and that drake won? yeah ima just cut my loses now and save myself the time. you right *camron voice

  • TommyOneTime

    Beef now-a-days is about publicity. Weak.

  • coolin


    aint no way in hell Drake shittin on Cudi.Lets compare quality since they have about the same amount of projects.

    A Kid Named CuDi > So Far Gone

    Man On The Moon:The End Of Day > Thank Me Later

    Man On The Moon:The Legend Of Mr. Rager < Take Care (Even though that arugably because alot of people would say MOTM2 is better but i'll give drake the edge on that one.)

    Truth of the matter is Cudi would shit on anybody in YMCMB Musically drake included. I dont give a fuck how cool they are with each other. Drake makes music for teenage girls he even said so himself his music attracts alot of males with those same tendencies as the teenage girls.

  • coolin

    Kanye > Wayne
    CuDi > Drake
    Big Sean > Nicki
    Pusha T > Tyga

  • drill

    lmao @ the realest. your gonna deny that kanye had nothing to do with any of this drake vs G.O.O.D music beef? yea drakes winning, prove me wrong???? i mean niggas know all the words to stay scheming, common and drake squashed their beef for unknown reasons, pusha t said he “actually likes drake” in an interview not too long ago. LIL sean….no comment.


    @COOLIN …. kid cudi?? lmaoo omg. your talking about the rockstar? the guy that doesnt call himself a rapper? the crack head? I personally love kid cudi and the way he’s expirimenting probably my third favorite artist in the game right now. but in comparison to drake, he loses. so far gone SHITS on a kid named cudi. man on the moon SHITS ON THANK ME LATER. i agree with that but take care SHITS on MOTM2, cmon everyone i know says that album was the worst. even cudi agrees.

  • kayo

    this is clearly for YCMB and G.O.O.D. music to get publicity which i understand they need to make their money but damn… Pusha got Weezy on this shit.. at least make it interesting god damn

  • coolin

    So far Gone shits on A Kid Named Cudi??? Nigga are you serious you might need to go wipe the dust off that shit & come again. Drake will tell you he aint fucking with Cudi. Im done b

  • DaTruth

    I love all the “only 12-year-old white boys from da suburbs like dis Wayne faggot”. At least those white kids have more money, a higher IQ, and a more superior skin color than you dumb inbred NlGGERS.

    One more thing, a NlGGER with a bullet in his head is a good NlGGER.

  • drill

    @coolin, YOUR WAY OVER your head. go to sleep nigga, im off this. and why would kid cudi diss drake these niggas are best freinds (drake has been a cameo in a couple of his videos). ps: i fucks with kid cudi.

  • jwiii

    the mere fact drake is a canadian actor turned rapper makes him the biggest winner. he’s just taking a shit all over the game with the biggest smile. HELL YEAH FUCKING RIGHT proves my point. it’s great and i love that he only cares so much.

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest, Drake calls himself a rapper because he has more rap songs then he does R&B songs. I just find it funny how you be talking about how hip hop needs to expand and how you listen to so much R&B cause thats that next level shit but then you act like Drake is the Lil B of music. That makes no sense, Drake doin what he supposed to, which is mind his own business and just focus on his own music. These other cats be fake beefin or just beefin over sluts and talking a whole bunch of gun shit for attention. Drake dont get caught up in that cause its just not real shit. So even if you hate Drake music you gotta look at how he aint never tried to front like he’s something he’s not for attention. Everybody else involved from YMCMB To Good Music, the reason why they always act so extra is because they music just dont be speaking loud enough by itself. They make microwave music most times and that has no real effect so they gotta act crazy cause they bars dont really hold no weight. With the exception of Kanye’s bright moments sometimes of course but still.

  • recko


  • ryan


  • recko


  • recko


  • recko

    WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN NOW?????IS YEZZY GOIN DROP SOME “hot bars” dissin WEEZY???HAHAHHAHAHA YWZZT A WEAK ASS RHYMWE SAYER!!!Pusha t was dope when he was with his brother,,now all pusha t rap about is really expensive ass tennis shoes

  • recko


  • recko


  • recko


  • So Far Gone better Than A Kid Named Cudi? You just reached like a bitch there my friend. Drake been singing & crying about the same bitch since he came into the game. Just let that bitch go Drake SHE DONT WANT YOU. All that money he got he crying about old bitches that still dont want his corny ass now that he is rich.

  • Slit A Niqqa’s Throat For the Greater Good

    It’d be funny to put these NlGGERS in thier natural habitat (the wild savannas of Africa), strip them down, have have them battle to the death like the stupid fucking monkeys that they are.

    The greatest sight in the world would be these two NlGGERS lynched alongside thousands of other dumb NlGGERS, just like they deserve to be.

  • Top Dawg


    Enlighten us on who this one “bitch” is, then. Because all you’re really doing is proving to us white folks that you’re just as dumb and NlGGERISH as most of the other monekys that post on this site.

  • vegetarian

    tf was that..
    im embarrassed on wayne’s behalf

  • lol

    “Alicia,Katia,Aaliyah,Sabrina,Katrina,Tina,Selena i know that you gon hear this,Im the man, yea i said,Bitch im the man,Dont you forget it” – Every Drake song

  • ryan



  • 2dope

    Drake is gonna have to respond to Pusha T now

  • 2dope

    Pusha T has been trending on twitter for the last 48 hours no matter what Wayne or Drake do Pusha T will win no matter what. He is the topic of conversation.

  • DayumBrah

    Wayne dropped the fucking ball with this. At least he said something though. Drake is their last hope even though he can be a bitch about dissing another rapper. Lets get a Stay Schemin type verse Aubrey. Pusha T tho >>>>>>>>>>

  • thatrealshit

    wayne just lived up to most of the statements pusha made in his track. talked about bloods and murkin niggas and he was spittin played out repetitive shit the whole time. i cant believe ppl still take waynes shit seriously, i feel like ur either tryna blend in with the majority or u just dont have a brain in ur skull….shit doesnt make sense. i could read pushas wikipedia page and write a better diss than this in 10 min, the fuck r ppl listenin to

  • DaTruth

    Every NlGGER deserves a bullet in their fucking head.


    co sign @thatrealshit you get it, wayne played right into pshas track and confirmed everything he said lol..i cant believe ppl really think wayne is about that life tho…lol he been on since he was 14 he had no time for it lol..wayne is not a thug or gangsta sorry to disappoint you stans haha

  • Dawg

    ROFL silly nerds

  • dah shit

    BIG GHOSTFACE nah mean should have a comment here lol


    G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer > Your favorite Rappers.
    G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer > Your favorite Rappers.
    G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer > Your favorite Rappers.
    G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer > Your favorite Rappers.
    G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer > Your favorite Rappers.
    G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer > Your favorite Rappers.

  • really tho?


    kid cudi? the dude that punches his own fans? what kinda person does that?

  • really tho?


    dont act like mediatakeout didnt have pictures of drake with cocaine on him. he does hang with “the weeknd” ya know. careful who you call a crack head especially if your idol is one as well.

  • dave

    im just glad they bringing the battle hiphop element back.we need thia type of stuff nowadays.but yeah idk wtf wayne spitted but i think he was just testing the waters to see if pusha gonna respond back or not

  • 103

    what the fuck is this!?

  • dre

    i wish i had more hands..

  • Lotlan

    Ooooooooo dis shit is crazy. Wayne went DIRECTLY at Pusha and that shit is refreshing to hear. I get so tired of all the subliminal shit nowadays.

  • Pops

    I knew this shit was over before it even started, but this? For real? ……. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

    I’m G.O.O.D. without anymore from Jr.

  • BirdmanHandrub

    -Wayne been on some other shit for awhile now, but he gets a thumbs up from me, for sayin Homie name… I do want Carter 2 type lyrics though, but Saul good g’z

  • Wayne and Drake sell millions, Pusha T is irrelevant.

    “Now a days niggas reach just to sell they records”

    FACTS said this on May 26th, 2012 at 12:41 am

    YOU a millionare dick sucker ,aight?

  • PUSHA TON is a reacl cracker, BIGGIE would be proud
    WEEZY is a real retarded, Jasper and Taco > Wayne

  • facts

    You ARE ALL STUPID WHY IN THE FUCK WOULD WAYNE ETHER SOMEBODY LIKE PUSHA T ??? Wayne might be an equal to jay z or nas but pusha t can’t even put out an album!!! And it does make sense that this Wayne post is thumbed down waaaaaay more times than it is thumbed up you guys wanna know why?? Pusha T = Blog Rapper

  • ray ray

    Lil Wayne so brain damaged from drugs, he forgot to diss Pusha T on this Pusha T diss track o_o

  • DoubleClutch95

    Doesn’t Wayne realize only white girls listen to him now? This does nothing but help Pusha! And as Pusha T fan, I can’t wait for Push to destroy Weezy!

  • nigga

    This is just something light to incite a response, its literally only a verse… I think he has something better under construction, if thats the case weezy made the right move. Wayne has room to improve where as Pusha T isn’t gunna make a much better diss track than exodus

  • ray

    icould wake up walk out my door and find 5 homies that would slaughter lil wayne in a lyric havin ass wayne is sorry..skinny pants and some vans..douchebag


  • marty mcfly

    icould wake up walk out my door and find 5 homies that would slaughter lil wayne in a lyric havin ass wayne is sorry..skinny pants and some vans..douchebag

    ray said this on May 26th, 2012 at 10:31 am

    ^^ this hahaha yes,ass wayne

  • Drill

    @really tho, lmao mediatake out???? We all know drake does not do cocain or crack because he doesn’t talk about it. What does the visioning the weekend have to do with cocain?? Just shut up. I bet the weekend is more of a crack head than both pusha and kid cudi. And we’re talking kid cudi here, the guy that Denys he is a rapper.

  • JeremyScottsFather

    This beef really IS DUMB as fuck! Number one Pusha T def wasn’t dissing Drake, the target IMO is most likely that NO Name dude from VA that Pusha got into it with a few months ago and that Young Chop shot! (which was deserved). Niggas get too excited to see some shit pop and it’s not even what’s real! Truthfully you could sub in any of today’s hot artists and these lines would fit them! Meek Mill, ASAP Rocky, Cole < (maybe a reach) but what I'm saying is I doubt Pusha had any of the fuggin YMCMB crew in mind when he wrote this. Lil Wayne jumped the gun and looks dumb as fuck and now Drake is throwing jabs at shows these cats are going past the point of no return!

  • Skip Bayless


    Your hurt? Are you surprised? All these celebrities are on coke & other extreme drugs. Know about your artist before you become a fanboy. You think Drake is gonna rap about being a coke head? GET THE ENTIRE FUCK OUT OF HERE Lolololol. Him hanging with the weeknd has EVERYTHING to do with him being pressured into doing coke.Drake is the type of dude that tries to fit in with the crowd anyway possible.I been knew he was a coke head lol.

  • Sean

    I love the way Lil Wayne is just over protective of Drake. So romantic

  • Sean

    Lil Wayne did the right thing defending Drake. Tops are supposed to be protective of their bottoms.

  • JR

    this shit is weak

  • mineisbiggethanyours

    this shit wack

  • Drill

    @skip bayless, why would drake be a coke head by just affiliating himself with the weeknd?? By your stupid logic drake would have all kinds of meaningless tattoos all over his body,be a gang member, and carry guns because he’s affiliated with lil Wayne nd bird man. Drakes Jewish so how the Fuck is he a coke head? We all know he’s not and that’s not whAt we’re talking about

  • dantefiero

    “Sorry but I don’t respect you who applaudin
    Lil n*gga flow but his metaphors borin’
    Don’t make me turn daddy’s little girl to orphan
    That would mean I’d have to KILL Baby like ABORTION.”

    Pusha spit this at Wayne 4 years ago and Wayne didnt reply why is he replying now

  • Skip Bayless

    Like Drake is gonna rap about doing coke when his fanbase is strictly 13-19 year old teenage girls. Get the fuck outta here. I love The Weeknd btw but niggas need to stop looking at these artist like they are angels sent from above. These niggas are not your role models. They are rich & reckless. Who the fuck you think influenced Drake to start drinking lean? THE WEEKND. Who you think influenced him to start getting tattoos & smoking weed? Lil Wayne. Drake is a bird ass dude & a cornball he was wasnt smoking weed or sipping lean until he was influenced by niggas that he associated himself with. The fear of not being accepted is a motherfucker isnt it.

  • deangelo


    You need to get off Drake’s dick like that bro.

  • Drill

    Both you niggas need to get off my dick. Your argument is invalid because drakes been doin that since so far gone. And the weekends fan base is the same shit as drakes, where’s you logic in that? And coke heads are people that are fucked in the head. It’s many things it’s not just affiliation.

  • ^

    Your hurt? Are you surprised? All these celebrities are on coke & other extreme drugs. Know about your artist before you become a fanboy. You think Drake is gonna rap about being a coke head? GET THE ENTIRE FUCK OUT OF HERE Lolololol. Him hanging with the weeknd has EVERYTHING to do with him being pressured into doing coke.Drake is the type of dude that tries to fit in with the crowd anyway possible.I been knew he was a coke head lol.Like Drake is gonna rap about doing coke when his fanbase is strictly 13-19 year old teenage girls. Get the fuck outta here. I love The Weeknd btw but niggas need to stop looking at these artist like they are angels sent from above. These niggas are not your role models. They are rich & reckless. Who the fuck you think influenced Drake to start drinking lean? THE WEEKND. Who you think influenced him to start getting tattoos & smoking weed? Lil Wayne. Drake is a bird ass dude & a cornball he wasnt smoking weed or sipping lean until he was influenced by niggas that he associated himself with. The fear of not being accepted is a motherfucker isnt it.

    Had to put both of your paragraphs together,So very well spoken. I 100% agree with everything you said.

  • AnT

    This is by far the weakest diss record of all-time. Lil B came harder on “T-Shirts n Buddens”

    Co-sign. Malice alone > YMCMB

  • Brother Man

    Don’t know what everyone is complaining bout. This is dope. Beat is proper too

  • Chilly

    I really hope drake or wayne bodies this niggas just because ya niggas are hating so hard. If you honestly believe that this is the best diss wayne can put out your just stupid. Pusha T is trying to create some buzz for the GOOD music compilation and his album. Weve seen this before people. Its really not anything new. Secondly i feel like drake could body Pusha T. IF he ever felt the need to. Lets not act like Pusha T is the greatest rapper ever just because he dissed wayne. HE still is a one dimensional AVERAGE rapper, that only raps guntalk and coke. stfu … all of you

  • And Won

    this was better than pusha’s song, wtf.

  • undefeated

    this was fucking terrible..only waynbe stans think this shit was dope… shit pushas was just average….they both could do better..but pusha has won this round by default cuz this is fucking awful …

  • Last good Wayne verse was on C3. I don’t care what anyone says…

  • deangelo


    Drake got sippin lean from Lil Wayne also. Dont forget Lil Wayne was on coke. He rapped about smoking “see thru blunts” way back on da drought 3.

  • lol

    Drake shocked the hell out of me when he said he was “On one” on what Drake? A wine spritzer? lol

  • amazing

    sounds like a typical wayne verse with “fuk pusha t” in the beginning. lame wayne as usual

  • RyLee

    I guess I’ll jump in and say a few things.

    First, Lil’ Wayne didn’t bring anything on here. His skill, talent, content…cannot match Pusha’s. It never could. To be honest, I bet a majority of people in this c-section could come out with better music than he could. I, personally, know for a fact I’m way over his head when it comes to lyrics. I mean, come on! Tell me each of you can’t do some shit better than Wayne. It ain’t hard. So, why don’t any of us step up and put some shit out? BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT TO. That’s it. We just wish there weren’t so many sorry ass artists out. BUT. You can’t have great artists out if you don’t have any bad ones. Gotta’ have the bad to have the good. There’s opposition in all things. So I try and let shit go when it comes to talking about all these artists I dislike. When I wanna’ hear some good lyrics…pure talent…I go listen to Skyzoo, or Black Thought…or whoever. Somebody that actually puts something good out. Lil’ Wayne’s best line ever will always be, “Drop it like it’s hot, drop, drop it like it’s hot…and a wobble wobble something”. Yeah, something like that. PAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

    Second, EVERYBODY knows Drake hasn’t been good since “Room For Improvement” and “Comeback Season”. His content was SO much better back then. He was more mature back then too. Now he sounds like a sorry immature dude talking ’bout “I got too much money” and “there’s women everywhere” and “blah, blah, blah”. MOTHER. FUCKER. MAN UP AND HANDLE THAT SHIT. Who the hell complains about those things??? Oh, you got too much money? Invest it. Donate it. How about that? Too many women? Pick who you want and tell the rest to get the fuck on! It ain’t that hard. IS he a virgin or what? Don’t know what to do with ’em? What? What’s goin’ on??? I would, however, encourage those of you who didn’t know Drake until “So Far Gone” and all this other shit he’s put out (and there are a FEW good things in there) to go back and rediscover him in his early work. If you’re smart and you actually have your head on right, you’ll agree with me and know he was greater when he first came out than he is now.

    When we talk about talent and skill, we are talking about pure talent, pure skill, ligitimate content. NOT popularity. Popularity does not equal skill. Okaaayyy? If only I could talk slower for those of you who have a hard time comprehending things and understanding things. Damn.

    BEEF. There are so many reasons for it. It could be for promotion. It could be real. It could be for fun. It could be to try and bring each others best out. Don’t get upset. Just enjoy the ride. We on the outside lookin’ in anyway. And yeah, it’s cool he put Pusha’s name out. But aren’t subliminal messages always funnier??? It’s like an inside joke or something. I always laugh when I hear supposed shots at someone. I never think too hard about ’em like some people do. And yeah, I guess you could say “that’s some bitch shit, why didn’t (so and so) just say (so and so’s) name?” WHO CARES.

    Drake wouldn’t know what to do with coke. That is all.

    And DAMN, if Malice (eh-hem…excuse me) NO MALICE ever ended up on a track…it’s be over. His tweet was funny by the way. Something like, “I love Pusha. That’s my brother. And I ain’t never kissed him.” Had me rollin’. I understand a lot of people don’t like solo Pusha. Neither do I. But there is no doubt that The Clipse are too much for Lil’ Wyane and his high school team. b-team that is. The Clipse just have too much for them.

    Lil’ Wayne will never live down kissing Birdshit. That will always be brought up.

    I think that’s all I had to say. Thank You. Have a great motherfucking day ya’ll. HAHA!

  • marty mcfly

    @Troll, you using my name to cosign rays comment but I dont need to find nobody to battle lil Wayne cause again, I dont know why people expect Wayne to be rapping different after about 15 years in the game now. He dont have to be super lyrical anymore, he did that for years already with C1, C2 and about 20 different mixtapes. Now im not the biggest Wayne fan and yes he does make alot of bullshit but the difference between him and Pusha is, Wayne actually puts out music. Pusha comes out once every blue moon with a few songs that are ok and we still waiting on his solo album. Just saying

  • former wayne fan

    I was the biggest Lil Wayne fan in the world

    The Block Is Hot
    Lights Out
    Tha Carter 1
    Tha Carter 2
    Da Drought 3
    The Suffix
    No Ceilings
    Lil Weezy Ana

    All made him the greatest rapper on the face of the earth n are all reasons why he is a living legend. I knew after Tha Carter 1 that he was the greatest rapper alive & probably ever.Alot of the world was late catching on but the south knew wayne was gonna take over sooner or later. With that being said its time for dude to hang it up.No Ceilings was the last of Lil Wayne dude hasnt been the same since.Carter 4 did nothing but tarnish his legacy & if he continues to make shit like this its only gonna get worst. I lost all respect for him once he hopped on Odd Future’s wave like cmon dude you are a legend you should be starting trends not following them & that has been Wayne his entire career.

  • bstyles

    ^^^your an internet turd and wayne plain ol sucks….

  • Sickem

    YOU FUCKIN LAMES if ya’ll THINK/THOUGHT that this #whatever was #HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wayne(r) claims of #GANGBANGIN and aint doin #SHIT but #GETTIN BANGED………..#BIRDMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Pusha—–Clipse—–VA—–YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • former wayne fan

    Cant forget Deication 2. You can act like Wayne isnt a legend if they wanna like he was always terrible but you know thats a lie all you niggas was on his dick at one point & so was your favorite rapper.

  • lil wayne a blood!? HE AINT ABOUT THAT LIFE!

  • Don’t worry about it

    “his head up his ass, Imma have to head butt him”

    That line alone is THE WORST. What the fuck is there to even discuss on this long ass thread with a bunch of comments?!

  • pigface

    pusha is gna eat the whole ym crew

  • 12thLetter

    This can’t get anymore overrated.
    And yes wayne we’re quite aware you are very wealthy and have nice things.
    Nothing but a bunch of dudes saying words they won’t act on.
    As far as I see, this shit isn’t that personal. Nobodys business was really out there. Therefore until theres is a plausible reason for all this its not that interesting.

  • Astronaut

    Pusha T has been baiting these fools for years. Especially Wayne. Drake knew better than to outwardly respond. But Wayne took the rope and hung himself with a minute and a half of generic metaphors that could be applied to anyone. Pusha T’s retort is most likely going to be so personal Wayne will have to go in hiding.

  • okayyy

    Did someone actually say “Drake is Jewish how can he be a coke head?”

    I’m embarrassed for you man…

  • SwizZ

    This song is hot basura!! FOH wit this weak shit

  • swageezy

    Murder capital, only key to survive is kill
    If the elements don’t murder you the riders will fo real
    And niggas know I goes hard to the fullest
    Get involved and I got’ em’ playing dodge ball with bullets
    I got the sawed off, fully in the sean john hoody
    Get fucked ya play pussy
    We hit em’ up when they ain’t looking and them body shots hurt
    And the head shots took him
    And if the read dot spot him then the hollow head got him
    Knock his top to his bottom jack

  • What’s beef vol one

    Yoo fuck this beef for real I’m coming for Marty mcflys head lets go 2dopeboyz comment beef lets get this herb wanna be know it all keyboard fingering Marty mcloving as Sucka

  • Whats the word

    Marty mcfly is a bitch
    He said pusha hasn’t dropped a solo he dropped fear of god 2 last yr kid one of the best albums dropped last yr silly rabbit
    Marty mcfly don’t quit your day job hoe-mo

  • lmao

    who the fuck said drake does coke??? lmaooo what does that have to do with anyhting. drake deosnt do coke. period. pusha t flopped so many times, he was with cashmoney and then he switched teams. pusha t is wack he’s been in the game this long (since 1997) started clipse in 1992 with the clipse he only dropped 3 albums, hes been irrelevant this long. pusha is just as reaching as common.

  • fuck everybody commented here and person below me.

  • lmao

    actually PUSHA T took offense to what drake said on “AMEN” with meek. he said “And good ain’t good enough, and your hood ain’t hood enough Spent my whole life putting on, you spend your whole life putting up” which is true in the veiw piont of pusha t. this a pretty solid shot if it was aimed correctly. which i know drake does very well at.

  • B-math

    This was nice. All of these comments are biased cause nowadays you’re either a Lil’ Wayne dickrider or you’re trying your hardest not to be. Nobody listens to the actual lyrics anymore. You see the name Lil’ Wayne and think one of two things before even listening to the song: this is really really good or this is straight garbage.

  • okayyy

    Pusha is not wack–he might be mediore in this point of the game, but Lord Willin & Hell Hath No Fury are near classics in my eyes and to my ears. Till the Casket Drops was good too, nothing great but it was good.

    Lil Wayne also used to be a beast, but the amount that Wayne has fallen off, and what he has been reduced to is pathetic compared to Pusha-T.
    I don’t give a fuck about who make more money, who pushes more units. The money in their pockets isn’t helping me out, it’s the music that matters.

  • okayyy

    Sorry for the grammar there…


    All B-S aside…True Hip Hop fans have to admit that Wayne ain’t spit like that in a loooong time…I think it was good for Hip Hop that he came back and dissed him. We need more people spittin again in the mainstream.

  • DBS

    This is the Wayne I actually used to listen to, he’s been putting out garbage for years now so I expected a disaster but it was pretty good.

  • marty mcfly

    @Whats the Word, Stop It cause that Fear Of God was so terrible its not even funny. How that shit come out and not even last for a week before people forgot all about it. Smh, that mixtape was horrible overall, he had about three dope joints on that project. COMEONSON. Im not gonna get into it that much but imo that mixtape brought his buzz down not up cause we all know he’s WAAAYYYY better then what was on that tape. Now C4 was wack too but the good songs on there were alot better then Pushas good songs last year. Pushas most recent song is Exodus 23:1, Waynes last single was Mirrors so even Waynes wack songs are still a little better then Pushas songs. Again im not saying Pusha is wack but what im saying is, it aint like Pusha makes music with the same level of dopeness as a Clipse song cause ever since he went solo his shit just fell off. My God, Alone In Vegas = his best two songs in years.

  • MyFiddyCents

    This stuff is shameful. Why even put this out.

    Wayne has been destroyed and consequently finished.

  • Megan

    G.O.O.D MUSIC >>>>>>>> YMCMB :)

  • DooDoo Brown

    I called the bank to loan me a FUCK to give about Lil Wayne responding to Pusha T.. Hell, I was weak my damn self for taking 2 minutes to hear this trash to begin with. Wayne hasn’t been hittin’ on anything since the Drought 3 or whatever that “Upgrade U” freestyle was on. Pusha needs to keep being Pusha, Wayne needs to step back, ‘Ye needs to say SOMETHING, and Drake needs to tidy up his gimmick now that he’s being exposed by real niggas like Pusha.

  • bladaoh

    how is this even a diss? dude didn’t say anything about pusha t except mentioning his name in the first line and then it was all played out metaphors about nothin..

  • clown ass niggas on 2dopeboyz

    all these lil faggot ass niggas hurt cause weeknd got drake on cocaine & ecstasy lol talking bout “drake doesnt do coke *crying*” how the fuck you know what he do? are you with him 24/7? fuck no. you dont know him 1 fucking bit keep playing his music thinking you know him & the way he live his life you niggas are lame niggas & ya dont know shit about any of these niggas. drake is outchea nigga


    Marty Mcfly you should be ashamed to call yourself a hip-hop fan with ya non-knowing, dick riding ass.. please stop

  • marty mcfly

    It aint dick riding when I say both sides aint making dope records these days. You dick riding cause your hero Pusha looks stupid right now. I dont give a shit about either side but you just like G.O.O.D music stans. You act like anything Pusha do is just incredibly dope when that is just not the case at all. If the nigga was dropping dope records before this diss outta left field then your stanism would make sense but fact is the Exodus song will get no replay passed monday by anybody, it was such a waste of a Dream feature and overall it was also very much so a weak diss song. Hip Hop heads keep it real, if the song is wack its just wack. Punk

  • marty mcfly

    Oh and Waynes diss aint that dope either but atleast he kept it brief with just one verse probably done in one take. Instead of calling up the Dream to fucking structure a whole song as possibly the lead single from a album that was really just a sneak diss. Then jumping on MTV talking about how the song was put together like it was some grand masterpiece or some shit. Smh, ya’ll can vent your hate all you want but Pusha played himself with this move and you know it. If he makes a dope song he’ll be right back poppin again but this move right here was a failed attempt at trying to be gangsta. END

  • Cam


    Pusha went and got Dream on the track because of the history between Dream & Wayne it was only right. Pusha didnt get him to try and get a “radio” hit or anything like that. Dream made perfect sense for the kinda record Pusha was trying to put together. 50% of the “Fuk Pusha T and anybody that love em” was off the strength of Pusha getting Dream on the song & Dream saying “Them niggas aint dying for you” was directed towards Wayne & other member of young money. The other 50% came from previous beef between Pusha & Wayne. @martymcfly

  • AmirCammok

    Every One was on Wayne’s cock by the time he released Da Drought 3. And now the majority of hip hop fans are talking like they never fucked with my nigga?? Smh

  • marty mcfly

    Thats cool man cause I dont give a shit either way I just want to hear some fire thats all im saying. If you gonna strike first on some battle shit then come out the gate with a death blow cause all this light jabs and playing n shit just aint that dope. If the Takeover from BP1 aint show niggas how to go for the throat from jump then I dont know what will. If Pusha wanna get at Wayne atleast make Girl Pants put up a good fight or he just gonna get one verse cause his first diss was weak. Pusha responded back to Cons with one verse and now he knows what that feels like from the other side. At the end of the day I aint hatin on none of these niggas, I just wanna hear some fire. Save all that lullaby shit with Dream for the club cause you aint gonna Ja Rule a rapper like Wayne with that shit at all. You gotta come out with the death blow flow with niggas like them period. If they really gangsta then I wanna see this shit go back n forth all year.

  • allitiz

    that was a horrible comeback.. only props are for putting his name out there but the rest just sucked…

  • like i said.

    Hey kids, like I said, Wayne and Drake sell millions. Pusha T is irrelevant. He’s nobody.

    and don’t respond to me saying “But pusha T is raw!” I don’t care.

    The only point I’m making is this: Pusha T is a nobody, so he feels the need to throw a bunch of subliminal shots in his raps towards Drake and just recently Wayne with the song “Exodus 23:1”, in an attempt to get money from it.

    When was Pusha T’s last hit song? I’ll wait.

    I’m not here to debate on which rapper will rap better than the other, i’m here to prove my point.

    Pusha T can’t make a hit song and can’t make any money so he disses the most popular rappers in an attempt to get more publicity.


  • mdj

    @like I said when does sales ever determine if someone a better rapper/artist…. I’ll wait

  • Wayne letting him off with a light spanking.
    Pusha good but he’s not saying anything except that he ain’t as great as the names he not saying.

  • ButHowComeNoNiggaTakesShotsAtLupeTho ?

    @like I Said the fuck are u talkin bout ? so ur point is “JUST BECAUSE” Wayne has sold more records that gives him the right to pollute my ears with this preschool nonsense. Greatness is measured on consistency – from ur “sales” to ur craft. If an “irrelevant” rapper such as Pusha can rhyme circles round a wealthy, platinum selling dude like Wayne – then his position should infact be questioned. FOH

  • swagonmydick

    Lil Wayne has been rapping the same lyrics for years but now people are hating because his voice sounds all high pitched. Like a chipmunk. But honestly it’s the same lyrics as back on dedication 2. Just different flow and voice. Read the lyrics to ghoulish in his old voice and tell me that shit wouldn’t sound better

  • NYdreams

    listen to this diss was wack as fuck it sounded like his he went in the studio and finished this shit in 2 minutes but wayne gets points for saying the nigga name .. also there isnt gonna b no damn good music vs ymcmb beef cause for 1 them niggas dont even beef… drake,kanye,nicki,wayne,big sean are all friendly ass niggas so please dont hype this up… this isnt no gunit vs d block beef where niggas will go at it… third im pretty sure kanye wouldnt allow this so i aspect these niggas 2 b friends soon and expect wayne on a song with pusha on that good music album
    and to pusha t … wayne said fuck u on twitter and dropped a diss track the next day… so its your move now..

  • dEt0X2010


  • thatrealshit

    ppl who bring up sales when they’re tryin to substantiate an artist are tryna cover for a clear lack of talent. brittney spears has sold more records than hendrix ever will, whos better? just cuz ur shit appeals to 15 year olds with itunes gift cards, it doesnt substantiate ur music. if u use sales to back up any argument when it comes to modern music ur lyin to urself

  • Del

    why would Wayne even put this out? Pusha’s song is fire, this is just… not

  • like i said.

    ..And of course two stupid fucks respond to what I said and missed my whole point.

    Once again, I DON’T CARE who the better rapper is. I don’t care if you think Pusha T is great, I don’t care if you think Wayne is great, I don’t care if you think Wayne is horrible, I don’t care if you think Pusha T is horrible.

    All i’m here to say is that Pusha T is a very sad individual who has to try and diss 2 of the hottest rappers in the game just to put food on the table.

    Because clearly, Pusha T isn’t making much money. When was his last hit song? I’ll wait. Not his last collab hit song, HIS last hit SOLO song. I’ll wait.


    so please, up your IQ and understand my point before you try and argue it.

  • lets be real

    @Swagonmydick, i disagree, wayne’s lyrics used to be better.

    My block pumping and I’m trying to keep that ho pumping
    If niggas snitching them I let them niggas hold something
    If a nigga owe something need a doctors note from ’em
    Or his throat from ’em

    These lil niggas thinking they fresh, get whipped out ya clothes youngin
    I got it all but I’ll beat you like you stole sumthin
    My bitch tripping, she say I treat her like my old woman
    I tell the bitch I’m probably better off with no woman
    Yea, I get that brand new money
    I’m the boss bitch, I’m touching every dollar that’s coming
    Stop playing, I know what I’m doing
    Let me get ’em

    I hope his kids not with ’em
    Y’all motherfuckers know me I’m a rider in the side of the south
    Got the money in the mattress and the guns in the couch
    Wat up, Putting out cockroaches in the ashtray
    Its payday till my last day, Yea

    Walking that line with a lot on my mind
    I get that money, never dropping a dime
    I don’t hate, never, not on my time
    I’ll put that little red dot on ya mind
    Talking that crime but a lot of ’em lying
    I’m caught on the grind, never get off my grind
    Imma pimp to these hoes, not a pimp in my mind, nah
    And everybody know I’m sharp when I ride
    Hop out that new Ferrari with that little horse on the side yea
    Zoom Zoom bitch ride a nigga broom witch
    Half a ki wet stinking up your whole room bitch
    Now break out the perfume bitch
    And niggas come from out that beach, I’m in that water like a cruise ship
    Straight up tell ‘em I do’s this
    1 Pistol, 2 Clips, I aim at lips
    Wayne that shit, shit on y’all
    Given to you from the God
    I Am The God

  • dunk


  • Run it back… Nope.

    w w w . buttnakedwondabigbrothathundaandthamastablasta . c o m

  • Frank

    People are acting like Pusha got up one day and just randomly decided to diss wayne to sell records. He’s been dissing wayne since like 02.


    G.O.O.D. Music! G.O.O.D. Music!

  • Aaron V

    he’s still recycling rhymes -_-

  • Dante Khadafi

    Wayne sounded like a pissed off teenager. My dog could come up with better bars. Not only did Pusha T insult Wayne, he went at all of YMCMB. What did Wayne do to reply? “fuck Pusha T and blah blah blah”. I understand die-hard fans, but c’mon now. You can’t argue with the evidence. Pusha T > YMCMB

  • The fuken Guardian

    whoever mentioned pac’s name in any way on this piss ass thread fuck u and ur momz, piss ass muthafukas, dont ever use pacs name for such bulshit, the don of al donz aint compared to any of this shyt.. this a forum for the weak fuck niggaz,, and pac, bitches, aint no fuk nigga, u bitches..

  • dsgfhnty

    I feel like this is how wayne rapped back when I limed him.
    Guess I grew up

  • will

    I wish Game would just 300 Bars damn near every rapper out just to see who responds and what happens lol