Ray Jr. - Sloppy (rmx) f. 2 Chainz & Big Sean

No clue what a Ray Jr. is. Same goes for a Ducky Smallz. But 2 Chainz and Big Sean are featured on the remix.

DOWNLOAD: Ray Jr. - Sloppy (rmx) f. 2 Chainz, Big Sean & Ducky Smallz
BONUS: Jae Millz - Molly f. 2 Chainz

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  • toozle

    there goes shake been a bitch ass nigga, just because you dont know people, doesnt mean you gotta put him on blast, he got a song with big sean and 2chainz so hes definitely doing more than your sorry ass. BITCH

  • Mac Dre

    The original version of this song was HUGE in the Cleveland area last summer on hip-hop and pop stations. I assumed it went national since all radio stations are corporate puppets now. I guess not lol.

  • james Keys

    He's a new artist out of Cleveland signed to DefJam I caught is act out at sxsw

  • CuJ

    Ray Jr. did a song with MGK a while ago

  • Rapper from Cleveland. GOOGLE is your friend.

  • boozah

    damn thought it was Ray J wtf


  • Clayton Bigsby

    From the sound of this Ray Jr sucks just as bad as Gay sean and beat with 2 ugly sticks.

    I don't know how people listen to this type of BS.

    It has to make you dumber like Fox News.

  • Brit

    All Iget from thisis that you weak as fuck / a hater for even mentioning the fact that you don't know who Ray or Ducky is. There's a way of going about things and that comment was not needed.

  • fatass

    I just want to point out that 2 CHAINZ! is the best rapper a track with 4 dudes on it.

  • yasou

    Ray Jr & MGK - I Know....is a good song

  • I love how the "2 dope boyz" get all emotional when they never heard of someone... Ray Jr been out, has a mixtape out..at least one... but Ducky Smallz? never heard of him.. just because you never heard of someone you don't disprespect them... maybe Ray Jr sits back and says I don't know what the fuck a meka or shakes is lol...

  • T-Luv

    All he said was he never heard of him why yall mad


    I actually heard this song on the radio before, so I'm not gonna say I never heard of him

  • hong

    2 chainz, truee.

  • nick

    ray jr is dope. not sure what's with the hate towards him.


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