Kane Mayfield – Black Ni##a Music

blame it on Meka May 29, 2012

“Black N*gga Music” is meant to poke fun at the usual suspects, while still delivering DOPE lyrics, HARD drums, and everything you want from boom bap rap songs without being preachy or boring. It’s intelligent ignorance at its finest. The parody is there.. but you got to listen hard to find it. It’s BLACK N*GGA MUSIC!!!

“Intelligent ignorance,” Kane? I’m gonna need my 700%, please.

DOWNLOAD: Kane Mayfield – Black Ni##a Music | Alt

  • marcus

    This dude is CRAZY… he can rap tho

  • Shm This is nOt something we need we already got enuff off that we need some preaching in this music or reaching we dont need no ignorance pff nothing intelligent about that boring ass concept with all thats going on with black people we just need pure intelligent

  • $AV1

    You should listen to his last song “Fire Hydrant” dude has versitility

  • Druggid

    IN_SITE, you’re taking this song a little too serious. As he said, he’s poking fun at people with this one. Not all music needs to be intelligent or preachy, although I agree we do need more to balance the incredible amount of bullshit that’s out.

  • iN_SITE

    @Druggid i feel ya not all music needs to be preachy but there is no real balance now it would not be bad to have some 1 who can reach /preach …. its not that i take the song that serious but we already seen this concept over and over again

  • yuetyuj

    what’s wrong with “preachy” music?…most of the time is the truest form and one that causes the most dialogue

  • rated x

    i like it but i think the album artwork is od