• http://austinwnewton.wordpress.com figgy

    *sigh FINALLY.

  • theblackmamba

    Don't sleep on these niggas, they gone make it any second now, been bumpin there music since "Forever and a Day", this mixtape is hella good!!!

  • jess1022

    Sound Fx fit to blow up, good luck!!!

  • GeeZuP

    They keep getting better which each project they put out this is the shit right here! and my bitch will probably like this too!

  • bblockbitch

    been waiting for this. these guys are crazy

  • allo

    New fan! i was sold on Track 6- Her Interlude!

  • swerve

    Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hella dope!!!!!

  • Y-O

    Amazing. Simple Amazing

  • Peso

    they have shown a lot of growth since "Still Dreaming"

  • Syd

    wow! I wonder what the Sunset LP is gonna sound like.

  • medusa

    love this.

  • Rub The Sleep Out Your Eyes

    Artwork = Blu & Exile: Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them; hopefully the music speaks for itself.

  • James

    this is some really great music right here

  • wuntew

    Any mirror? It got taken down...

  • prolific

    Need a mirror or re-up... anyone?

  • http://scroogemcdope.tumblr.com schuyler

    anyone know where i can find some other music by these guys? and what projects are worth checking out?

  • http://scroogemcdope.tumblr.com schuyler

    is the new link moving super slow for anyone else?

  • Outlaw

    ^ try checking out "still dreaming" on google or filestube

  • Blitz

    Dopeness! Shout outs to Meka for putting me on!

  • JT


  • F U

    Finally a new project! Been waiting for this for a minute!

  • Young Lord


  • steven

    Beyond dope! Sound FX got next.

  • Truth

    well worth the DL

  • http://austinwnewton.wordpress.com figgy

    these remixes are really smooth, like LOUD and Let Go. Sound FX always puts out quality. I gave it a listen twice, and it was a joy twice.

  • Nasty

    What happened to Midnight in Paris?

  • Realla

    @Nasty its on the project but idk why they didnt include it in the stream. Thats one of he dopest tracks on there.