• Thank Me

    This is pretty dope. Loving the old school feel

  • http://twitter.com/TinyTalks2Much TinyTalks2Much

    Kill or Be Killed Hip Hop !

  • Real Hip-Hop

    Game recognize game, Real recognize real. Good shit

  • Shrooms & Cocaine

    Prodigy - Anita sample, beautiful tho the original is a underrated classic.

  • http://www.nwstateofmind.com nwstateofmind

    VLN State of Mind

  • Jetsfoo

    Yacht Music At It's Finest, Beyond Dope.

  • SYB

    dope dope dope

  • N-

    Anita Baker sample? Which song

  • $$$

    Tut-piece beat?

  • NessDendle

    Yeah this is Tut-Piece, lovin it!!

  • DJD

    Anita song is called Mystery