Big Boi & Theophilus London – She Said Ok f. Tre Luce

blame it on Meka May 30, 2012

Less than a week after dropping the title of his next solo outing, Sir Lucious Left Foot links up with Last Name London for its first offering. Thanks, Splash. Also, after the jump, Theo gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Lisa. A cut off his upcoming project, Lovers Holiday II: Rose Island

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  • sto

    ok so this song cant really be played in many situations

  • Yossarian

    I hate when people make these catch 22 songs, where it’s pretty good and you like the artists, but there’s literally no situation where it would be appropriate to play the song.

  • Yossarian

    ^^lmao well THAT’s how you know… apparently I’m not the only one

  • hip hop fan

    The only appropriate atmosphere for this track is obviously the skrip club (or just something to ride to). Act like you know. I dig.

  • kayo

    The hook is already stuck in my head, I just hope I don’t get caught singing it out loud

  • 0_0

    whatttttt! Is this song real? lol

  • Tiiz

    This song deserved a RAoF

  • ZemZ

    i’m saying, this song is fire. i’ll play this shit while i jerk off and bust a passionate ass nut

  • Moses

    This shit would be great on Entourage…

  • Outkast stan

    ^^^^^ lmao hahahhahahahahha

  • 3much4thesehoes

    Dope ass songs…..straight riding. this is for the g’s not the pussies.

  • NoWuff


  • raptor

    ^Well you’re definitely right about that… with a hook like that, pussy is gonna be straight up running away.

  • Jt

    sittin’ alone in this four cornered-room staring at candles and this song sounds fine to be played

  • christopher

    theophilus london voice sounds alot like kid cudi’s voice. alot of his music sounds like cudi’s also. why would i want to listen to a bootleg cudi when i could just listen to the real one?

  • christopher

    and did he just call himself a brooklyn bitch?

  • Don Kennedy

    Scumbag Scott on the remix

  • Ansem

    ^^ LOL!!!!!!

  • avoc

    since when you niggas cared about a bitches feeling? 2012 is changing you niggas.

  • imsoatlanta

    I grew up listening to Too-short/2 Live Crew so this song is some real OG freak nasty shit! But it’s still jamming! REAL SOUTHERN STYLE HIP-HOP COUNTRY RAP TUNES!!!!

  • What up doe

    This nigga said he about to bust a passionate nut to this lmao. Also shout out to the homie for the Mind Playing Tricks on Me reference. Random as hell, but much respect

  • JAyP

    Flatfuckingline @ ZemZ & @Don Kennedy AHAHAHAHA!