Chris Brown – Till I Die f. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa (Video)

blame it on hologram shake May 30, 2012

Following up a Rihanna post with some Chris Brown? You bet. Fortune drops July 3.

  • flipper


  • CecilRhodez

    I actually like this song, but what the fuck was that. Them niggas on some salvia or PCP, wack.

  • thakid

    this shit look like a comedy sketch…love it doe!

  • you know you know

    no shots and no homo but this dude chris brown always looks stupid… worst style and fit of all time next to 50… also should have done something better with meth and red big ups for that..

  • iblameyou

    stop posting shit by this clown.

  • TippyTowTippyTay

    More like Big Sean – Til’ I Die F. Chris Brown and Wiz

  • dave

    yeah big sean definitely stole the song

  • Santi

    Chris Brown looks ugly/creepy as HELL with that piercing and grill

  • 3much4thesehoes

    dope. wouldn’t mind hearing more from these 3.

  • keesh

    that video was ridiculous. haha lovin it.

  • A$AP

    “F**k swagger, you been jacking…”

  • quas

    cant even see how someone can hate this. These guys had more fun filming this than you ever wish you had that day

  • Big Sean murdered everyone else’s verses on this. I wonder who produced this though, the beat is dope as hell.

  • yesssir

    video would’ve been dope if Chris Brown wasn’t being so fuckin corny throughout it.

    ….and what was with the “I love this guy” arrow pointed at Sean……?

  • KIM

    Damn im surprised yall mothafuckas like this usually yall be hating on CB hard! but any way this dope

  • Heartlesx

    @MAUI Get the fuck outta here Wiz killed this track, he went the hardest but this some dope shit!

  • smokie

    video reminds me of some beastie boys type shit. the “I love this guy” is basically being said by snoop playing a cab driver. video is all about getting lit the fuck up leaving work for a house party.

  • brooks

    Wut is dis shit?

    This was my favorite CB song in a while and the video did it NO justice.

    Between Big Sean having his ass in that poor girls face the whole damn cab ride and all that weird animation (agree with salvia and PCP comment), I don’t know what the fuck that was about.

    They should have gave it “I can Transform You” video treatment, it would have been more fitting for the beat.

  • Shouts out to Red & Meth for that cameo. Love them niggas. Big Sean killed it.

  • Thinker

    yo that girl riding behind Sean seen nothing but ASS the whole ride (pun intended)

    but on some real shit, did the How Fly Boys just drop Curren$y for somebody with more star power? hahahaha damn spitta getting snuffed harder then Kanye’s MBDTF album from the VMA’s.
    and yes i see the irony in that statement. shoot me

  • RSX

    Fux wit it…

  • WTF

    lol. is that white dude in the beginning Jamie Kennedy?

  • DP

    this shit looks fun. tight record

  • someguy

    lol who was that guy next to andy milonakis and kreayshawn?

  • Will

    s/o to the girl at 0:40 taking photo copies of her coochie

  • musiclove

    Dayumm… Kreayshawn is still around? I thot her wackness would have been suppressed! GTFOH there’s way better talent out there Like Radio Base from The Cosby Hype! straight swaggin!

  • Not Kanye West

    Video is totally dumb, you can’t ride around not in your seats..<–sarcasm

    Better than No Church In The Wild video in my opinion.

  • Mike

    Till I Die, this song is good

  • How High

    IWEHVOEVNS no one noticed Red and Meth?!?! this video is dope

  • Bigga Dick

    Yall niggas just ready to bash on people shit… the video and the song is dope… stop hatin … Bitch!

  • that nigga chris is lame. just now your a biter x’s a million and la made you damn follower!

  • colb

    yeaaah i seen meth & red!! haha winn


    Bring the biting rule back and this shit never gets made.

    It’s time to bring back the NO BITING RULES.

    We can clear the game of 90% of these suckers.

  • Cudoe aka King Jafie

    Chris Brown Looks Like A.S.A.P. Rockie in his Goldie Video!?!?!?!!?
    Does anyone else agree??

  • 1/2 way thugs never survive

    CB with another hit. this nigga is unstoppable.

  • tru

    i swear some of you get no pussy. i swear all you dudes that say all the negative shit about mainstream music must look like napolean dynomite.

    wow shame on chris brown for making a fun video where people are enjoying their selves.

  • DAME

    I liked this video other than the fact Chris Brown looked like ASAP Rocky in the “Goldie” video.

  • dre

    dope shit this’ll be slapped through the summer


    This was a great collab. big sean really did steal the track tho

  • jundamane24

    solid commercial track right here, silly but fun video though. Big Sean killed it

  • BlueCoug

    This video is mad dope, it looks like mad fun. S/O to Method, Red, Kreay, Snoop, Andy Milonakis, Jamie Kennedy, etc etc… Big Sean basically took over the song tho lol. PS. Chris looks dumb as hell, sorry bro take out the nosething

  • lengg