Cocaine 80s – Motivation f. Common

blame it on Illy May 30, 2012

Common makes an appearance on the latest Cocaine 80’s leak.

DOWNLOAD: Cocaine 80’s – Motivation f. Common
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  • Turtle

    This is getting out of hand. All of these songs are so so good. You gotta love talented, creative people just getting together to make fantastic music.

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    Finally my nigga Common drops some lines on these songs. What the fuck took so long?

  • feh

    production style sounds cheeseball/tacky as fuck. and the oversouled-out vocals? killin me

  • LouieT

    i’ve been waiting on common’s verse and he didn’t disappoint. his verse is better than the production on this, to tell the truth.

  • Deuce Willis

    Isn’t Common a member of Cocaine 80’s?

  • ddave

    and this isn’t on the radio because?? More stuff like this should be promoted instead of that Chief Keef guy.

  • FakirWise

    ^ because it’s not watered down and degenerative.

  • BNF

    Anyone else catch that Eminem line at the very beginning of the song?

    “I’ve got a daughter to feed and 200 dollars ain’t enough to water the seed.”

  • smh

    Why is everyone praising this group? And don’t tell me go listen to Drake, Wiz, soulja Boy, etc. I just find everything Cocaine 80’s have released to be dull and boring. People only think it’s dope because Common is with ’em. Well maybe not anymore because it says “featuring Common”

  • “Isn’t Common a member of Cocaine 80′s?”

    he is, but doesnt appear on the majority of the songs they put out so we just made note of it, for people mainly looking for common.

  • Anon

    ^^ that would be me…this group is dope to me but I feel they need waay more Common on tracks. I liked Nas’ contribution this time too tho