Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe f. Dr. Dre (BTS Pics)

blame it on Shake May 30, 2012

Looks like Kendrick’s single is finally getting some visuals. Check some shots courtesy of ScHoolboy Q down below.

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  • xastey

    Yeah I can’t wait

  • KNAME.

    Pool, Girls, million dollar House, then rap in front of it.


    As if i havent seen that played out idea a thousand of times

  • MVO

    Somebody get Dre some new fuckin clothes…nigga had on the same shit since “forgot about dre”

  • coolCat

    ^hhahahahaahah what a peculiar thing to say
    but yeah dope song but it isn’t going far as a single

  • jul

    Lightest boy wit the biggest heart!

  • that truth

    lol this fool wearin a womens joggin suit around bikini models. kendricks game is nonexistent

  • superhater

    dre is probably the most overrated producer ever, why anyone would want to work with him is beyond me. he hasn’t made shit hot since elif4zaggin and the only reason why people call the chronic a classic is because mtv and the radio pumped it a trillion times a day brainwashing the lazy ass people who weren’t interested in digging up the 800 other better rap records that were out at the time. wtf, please die.

  • Cubano

    ^^^^ Ok angry white boy…I know u just discovered atmosphere and jedi mind tricks 2 days ago and think ur underground and cool meanwhile u were probably bumping the carter iv a few months ago…….but real underground fans, and all REAL hip hop fans consider the Chronic to be a classic. I bet you havent even heard it ….ignorant ass mothafucker go listen to chili peppers we dont need u ruining the culture of hip hop with ur bullshit comments.

  • Hot bitches & that instrumental… I think I’m straight.

  • Honestly, you all sound like some bitches. Underground rap is underground and mainstream is mainstream. If you like you like it and if you don’t you don’t so quit crying over a wardrobe, how relevant the Chronic is and the concept of the video…..

    Can’t wait to see some real comments in the C-Section!

  • shake destroyer

    shake dont act like that grey contraption is anything a self respecting heterosexual male would wear. nvm, you gotta nose ring. wrong person to ask lololololol

  • why do people insist on fucking “faking” my name.
    so dumb.

  • Cubano

    @ Shake (well fake shake) … Eat 12 dicks

  • dave

    fuck shake and anybody that loves him.
    my nigga ab-soul the only nigga in black hippy whos a real hippy.i never liked this song at first but after hearing it on the radio madd times it grew on me like a 2chainz record

  • BlackSwag

    judging their attire at a pool party im guessing niggas must not know how to swim

  • Cali760

    This is the house Vinny Chase had in Entourage lol I remember the pool

  • TrillaTrilla

    who could dislike this post with an ass that nice in the first pic

  • Brick Tamland

    lol kendrick been dating his chick for like 6 years, of course his goddamn game/dress code rusty as fuck. TDE needs to put an iron in their budget, and Dr. Dre wearing all black. it never goes out of style. so shut up before i throw a fuckin trident through your bedroom window

  • NoWuff

    People saying that Dre fell off. How? His last album was The Chronic.

  • NoWuff


  • thebarrio

    yall broke ass mahfuckas trippin off the cashmere. this is one of my favorite songs dre has EVER put out. stoked for the video and hopefully it creates enough buzz to convince dre and his interscope cronies to release detox. or at least a lost tapes vol 1-100

    @daves first line had me in tears.

    @shake you have a troll now? why dont you just ban the ip? doesnt seem very believable

  • What up doe

    On some shit if I was a millionaire I wouldn’t be flossing in all this designer shit either. Look at all these dudes out there that were trying to keep up with the big boys, rocking all this jewerely, buying the latest whips, and the newest clothes. They’re all either broke or insanely rich(Jay, Kanye). At the very least they lost a couple thousand on shit that is irrelevant regardless of their situation. That said, that same black shirt he has been wearing since the 90s probably smells like ass right now

  • ShaqSaysYakYak!

    Kendrick has zero swag. Dude is nervous.

  • Classics

    Dre is insanely rich and he wears cheap T-shirts without jewelry. He must no something we don’t.

  • I’d rather have a new song than this video but a video’ll be dope too I guess..

  • ahhhh wish jay rock would be int he video….lately he hasn’t been participating in any thing especially with black hippy, last time he was in the spot light was when follow me home was coming out…i feel like the rest of black hippy forgetting about jay and leaving him out of stuff like this

  • andosca

    Dat ass in the 1st pic… wow

  • trayday

    This the same place the dogg pound shot “Let’s play house” back in 1995 FYI…




  • JPM

    Best part is that Q and Soul are in it too

  • wat

    @Bryan: Check his tweets. He’s in the video.

  • @wat….is he really ,dope!

  • Just an FYI, Dre didnt produce this. Scoop DeVille did.

  • Dr. Kenneth Noise Water


  • RocSted

    Women Weed Weather #hiiipower i would say fuck all others but that would be very #hiiippower of me. Plus all these pics fit the these of the song. Kdot = genius on the same vein as bob marley and john lennon and bob dylan but now and for hip hop. All you bandwagon hoppers that are dissing him now just because he’s fucking with the mainsteam media dont get what HIIIPOWER stands for. DONE!

  • RocSted

    damn b4 yall start coming at my neck. i meant wouldnt be very hiiipower of me and that the pics fit the theme of the song.

  • Brownground

    Why yall hating on Kendrick’s dressing? He’s different. And whoever is talking about swag is stupid. That shit is for children.

  • Cpt

    Kendrick Lamar is dope. People wouldnt understand him unless they had a taste of his music. They so quick to judge about his dressing and shit, when they forget its all about doing you. In the rap game they expect you to wear rich shit in every video just to keep up with swag. Yall some gay mutherfuckers.