Rihanna’s Esquire UK Spread

blame it on hologram shake May 30, 2012

Rihanna ended out 2011 by being donned Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive. A couple months later, she strips down once again for the UK outing of the mag. Few more shots (and behind-the-scenes footage) down bottom.

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  • nigel

    yo, why’d the photoshop the pigment out of her skin? wheres that tan like shawty come from the bahamas? she looks like a blonde white girl

  • Thank Me

    ^^ Agreed. They definitely lightened her skin tone or she must be hiding from the sun

  • zachariah

    She has blonde hair, is against a white background and has a white light on her body, cut her body out and I’m guaranteeing she will look darker, but it’s a combination of the elements. Stop looking into it. You can’t recognise one thing and ignore the other. She is not representing her people’s real hair here anyway……why didn’t you bring that up?

  • Frost

    I’d eat that ass all day, son.

    All fukn day.

  • dave

    is she worth fucking raw? the age old question.

  • Average

    @dave faggot

  • thisfoolrightdoe


    lol. you right, b.
    that’s definitely a white girl in the first photo.

  • @nigel

    for the same reasons they make nicki minaj look white. and why did they erase her areolas tho?! no way could they be covered by that lil string vest, i seen them naked pictures! ayo fuck the media, b.

  • rwioj

    If i want to date a white girl ill date a white girl. not a black girl with blond hair.

  • comm

    @rwioj I’ll date a girl whos hot, whether shes black or white. doesnt matter if shes black but looks white, or white and looks black. IF SHES HOT SHES GETTIN IT. PERIOD.

  • teddy penderass

    im tryna shove my dick in dat shit

  • ans

    the fuck why did they make her white? gtfo with this racist shit ruining otherwise good photos…

  • rwioj

    @comm that’s the politically correct answer. but when anybody compromises what makes them unique its a turn off. not directed at rihanna but alot of blacks have self hatred issues. i actually think rihanna is one of the fewblack women in hollywood that represents herself well as a woman of color. alot of other women with black features go under the knife to erase those features and look more european. that’s what i meant. stop disgracing yourself..

  • AyeTajiddin

    So I guess we all forgot how very light skinned she actually is… They usually MAKE her look darker!