• Thrills

    Ehh Meka the best thing you posted all week was that Sound FX "Medusa" mixtape.

  • fatboy

    ^ one rack says that nigga is sound fx.

  • http://www.ilLESTMUZIK.COM IllestMUZIK

    lmao@ ^^^^

  • AlexMMG

    This Celeb guy might just be the next big thing. But is that really Drake?

  • ewfiopj

    this guy is the biggest try hard poser i've ever seen.

    that's not even drake. and that trey songz feature is years old from another girl's song! He's such a fucking fraud. didnt just blaze air him out years ago for misrepresenting him as a feature on a fake beat? this guy has pretty much black balled himself from the industry. Straight up poser.

  • http://mixtapeleak.com joey4100

    The kid is nice tho!