Curren$y - Chasin' Papers f. Pharrell

Spitta's on the rhymes while Skateboard P does his best rendition of the Five Stairsteps'"O-o-h Child." June 5th...

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  • chad

    My nigga Spitta straight wrecked that 1st verse.SMSB (shaking my snap back)

  • Austin

    seeing $pitta in philly tomorrow cant wait

  • casper wordsmith

    Album doesn't leak, huh?

  • IZM

    ^Nah, it's out there, but everybody that has it got high and forgot to post it online.

  • 2dope

    Complex premiering it @ midnite so it probaly wont leak until then

  • This track would've been way better if Pharrell wasn't on the hook. I told this nigga not to sing that shit and what he does? Sing the muhfucka. The words ain't even dope. Nigga fucked my track all up. But he kept begging me so shit. I had to let it stay. Nigga ain't getting no features on my next project.

  • lonnie

    pharrell was already on the hook when Spitta 1st heard it. pharrell not giving out no beats unless he singing & shit on them.


    one of the songs i was lookin forward to listenin too now i want to hear that dj toomp and justice league produced tracks

  • 2dope4nope

    It's dope but better hook woulda been better and "Album doesn’t leak, huh?" damn y'all support shit cheap bastards foreal like go buy I was thinking of DLn KRITs album cause ain't really feelin it but since he gave classic mixtapes gotta support been idk how long since I bought a CD but ima support come 6/5 y'all should do the same fastfoods and liquor runs hahaha cost just as much. And "pharrell was already on the hook when Spitta 1st heard it. pharrell not giving out no beats unless he singing & shit on them." wow I wouldn't get a beat from the nigga than theirs others that have tougher beats anyways!

  • casper wordsmith

    @2dope4nope: Chill. I'm going to buy that album, like I always do. But I wanna hear that shit now.

  • Stoned Boner

    Is it June fif yet?

  • Mjo

    His beats so far have very sub par.

  • It is good, I miss my love.Retro JordansCheap air jordan


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