Lil Wayne – My Homies Still f. Big Sean (Single Artwork)

blame it on Shake May 31, 2012

Well, well, well… what do we have here? Looks like Wayne is grabbing Sean for the first single (dropping tomorrow) off his upcoming album, I Am Not A Human Being 2. I’d like to think this was recorded before the whole Pusha T / Lil Wayne situation, but with a title like this? Who knows. Either way, it’s gonna be interesting to hear. Shouts to Rap-Up.

  • conratron

    i don’t think i can wait…

  • Just A Thought

    My Homies Still… maybe it IS new. Even though some members of GOOD Music are attacking YMCMB, him a Sean are still homies

  • brite

    Thumbs Up. Big Sean the Hottest Rapper in the Game Right Now and Wayne always been a God MC.

    Can’t wait.

    And fuck y’all who hate Wayne. Go gobble dicknuggets

  • Jay

    Lil Wayne greatest of all time

  • Real Talk

    I actually think Big Sean belongs on YMCMB. I think YMCMB should do some kinda trade. Big Sean on YMCMB & Drake on G.O.O.D Music. Big Sean obviously doesnt make “G.O.O.D Music” he makes music thats sounds as if its distributed from YMCMB. I think he would fit in great with Wayne and Nicki.

  • who cares

    What’s up with all the “dopes”?
    1) Wayne hasn’t made dope music since pre-C3
    2) Big Sean is ass

  • raymond

    Big Sean aint loyal.ole unloyal ass bitch nigga. Just spit in Pusha face smh.On top of that Wayne said fuck ya.

  • M!+€#

    @real talk I’ve kinda always thought the same thing but Drake is a pussy and I like Sean, wouldn’t want him on YMCMB.

  • smh

    fuck rap beef

  • Cam

    pusha t’s niggas aint dyin for him

  • YC

    I think pusha is the pussy, being subliminal and shit. I’m not a YM fan at all but people forget what drake can do. if he drops some comeback season shit or some so far gone shit, I promise you guys will hop right back on his dick and do the splits.

  • NYdreams

    so lemme get this straight….. lil wayne says fuck pusha t and anybody that love em on twitter… than he drops a diss track … now he gotta song with big sean called “my homies still” and pusha t is still speechless ??? lmao

    im not even a wayne fan anymore but so far this niggas winning…

  • Your Father

    This is a legit question. Did Wayne record this inside Pusha’s asshole?…you know, from when he headbutted him.

  • PushaGotBabyNuts

    Pusha still rocks braids though. only asap is pulling that shit off. You cant be mid 30’s and rocking braids, the fuck outta here

  • chris

    I’m hoping that song is old before the pusha and wayne beef cause if its not, kanye should punish smedium sean or pusha might just fuck him up.Its gonna be very interesting to see how smedium sean goes about promoting this track tomorrow.

  • fosho

    Drake should take a hiatus for a while. people are gonna hate on any comeback he drops he’s had to much exposure. this always happens in rap. ppl loved 50 in 02 then they got tired of him and hopped on games nuts and were screaming g unot.

  • Monkey Barz

    Lil Weasel x Medium Sean? I’ll pass.

    G.O.O.D. Music’s worst member and the biggest sellout in hip-hop sounds painful to my ears already. With the title “My Homies Still” I guess he’s trying to get at Pusha? Fuck outta here with that shit.

    Wayne may have the sales, and a bigger fanbase but the (real) hip-hop heads know what’s up. Pusha was in one the best rap duos to bless the mic this side of the millenium, and he’s always put out dope music, and will continue to do so. Let’s hope Pusha comes back with a vicious diss track and makes Wayne realise why there’s no contest between the two of them in 2012.

  • FakirWise

    What does your age have to do with what you do with it? In what timeframe throughout the history of civilization was it written in stone that by the time you hit 30 years old you can no longer get your hair braided?

    Out of reasons to dislike a man?

    Anyhow, looking forward to hearing it. Neither of these rappers ever can seem to impress me, but I’m a patient man.

  • DoubleClutch95

    I agree with Real Talk; Kayne trade Big Sean to YMCMB for Drake! I would like to hear a Drake x Pusha record (even tho it’s never unlikely to happen).

  • WACK

    @monkey Barz The clipse are dope, but Pusha going at some big names right before his shit drops sounds like a reach. He looks pathetic in all honesty he’s 35 going at drake and wayne to gain buzz, sad. I lost respect for one of my favorites, when common did it.

  • PhatZack

    If you think Lil Wayne is winning this beef you’re an idiot. Its like saying LL cool J beat Canibus. They are both on different levels. Wayne prolly didnt even write his diss track, cuz he writes nothing lol

  • PushaGotBabyNuts

    @Fakirwise sounds like you still rockin’ braids nigga.

  • eric

    85% of Drake haters only hate him because he signed with Young Money. Most of them hate him because he signed with Wayne.

  • Champagne


  • ?

    Yeah I really don’t get why Sean gets so much hate… Everyone loved him until last year, and his sound hasn’t changed so I dunno what’s gotten into everyone.


    big sean is so underrated he gets hated on cuz hes being excepted by the mainstream talkin about trade him for drake like you know wtf youre talking about lame ass niggas afraid to admit they like any kind of music ppl that arent blogs all day know about

  • Swerve

    Fuck Pusha this nigga pussy why cant he say a niggas name being all subliminal and shit

  • Markurs

    Stupid. After Goulish I’d wait atleast a month to release even artwork.

  • FakirWise

    I’ve never had braids at any point in my life, but I’ve always pointed out rhetorical comments.

  • Damn You New Niggas

    All you niggas talkin bout why is Pusha T speechless still are retards. You think Nas dropped ether the same damn week as Takeover?

  • FakirWise

    ^ It was a year before Nas responded with Ether wasn’t it?
    Been so long

  • C*

    @eric. Exactly right sir.


    fuck everyone who thinks big sean is worse than drake if you think that you obviously haven’t listened to sean’s flow or mixtape he has some dope punchlines too

  • cvillacis

    ok, so is it not obvious from the video that pusha’s song was written about A$AP rocky? then wayne thought (hoped) it was about it, went on twitter, wrote a horrible song, and now his only hope is a great song. He better lay down some BARS now

  • Real Speak

    What is this Nightmare Before Christmas ass font tho?

  • d

    This was made pre-PushaWayneGate, 99.5 percent sure of that.


  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    You pussy ass niggas do realize that it’s only a Pusha T vs Lil Wayne beef, right? GOOD Music as a whole aren’t beefing with YMCMB.

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    @Damn You New Niggas: you do realize that was 10 years ago, right? 10 years ago, right? In 2012, people respond to disses quickly. Drake dissed Commom & 2 days later Common responded. Pussy T dissed Wayne & 2 days later Wayne responded. See where I’m going with this?

  • KIM

    Can’t believe yall niggas hoping on Wayne dick like that smh Sean a disloyal nigga

  • Jasmine

    @First I Park My Car…. Yea he came back with a weak ass diss, and no i dont see were you going with this you idiot

  • MDA33

    Reason Y Niggaz Don’t Like Drake So Much Iz Cuz The Nigga Doesn’t Kno Who He Wants 2 B!, He Could’ve Stayed The Way He Was On His “Comeback Season ” Tip!!, But Guess What Wayne Doesn’t Want Anybody That Can Rap Better Then Him 2 Out Shine Hm!, So What Do U Do?….U Dumb It Down 2 Fit In!! Tha’s Not A Good Look… Wayne Lyrically Has Fallen Off Now He’s Jus Getting Worse With These Little 1 Word Lyrics That He Spits Up, Like My Man Said In Tha Last Post About About This Shit, Tha Majority The people who Are Ymcmb B Fans Are Gonna Side With Wayne & Drake Cuz They’re Popular!, & It Jus Goes 2 Show How Little They Know About Good Material & Bulshit…..

  • No Malice

    Lol @ niggas thinking the pusha/wayne beef is real that shut is just like the common va drake beef I bet that shit was all planned by Kanye and Wayne. This song was recorde before the beef obviously cause he talked about it when getting interviewed on the Breakfast Club. This Big Sean hate is funny though cause ppl loved the guy before he went all radio

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    I’m starting to think Wayne and Pusha just did that shit to help one another get some exposure to their upcoming projects.Wayne obviously doesn’t need it but any press is better than no press, as for Pusha, hopefully he gained a couple of fans to buy his shit. Sean should benefit off of this song though because Wayne, Drake and Nicki fanbase is crazy and they will by anything they put out. Hopefully shit works out for everybody involved.

  • SSM31

    Big Sean”s a bitch for this one

  • cccc




  • PushaGotBabyNuts

    Pusha is desperate for attention with all his subliminimal shit. if he’s as dope as people say he is why would he go after another wack nigga like wayne, it makes pusha look even worst.

    and if you dont think drake is lyrical listen to “so far gone” and “comeback season” again

  • detroit89

    ^ drake is not great rapper “just bought my homies dope it came with a boat” that was his line on the meek mill tape. drake is full of the corniest lame lines. he is talented and original, but the dude is straight up corny rapper. i mean “weren’t with me when i was playing in the gym”? All Drake talks about is materialistic, self-induldged bullshit. imean big sean is no better, but at least he does not act like he is god’s gift to women.

    and just cause pusha and drake/wayne don’t get along dont mean that big sean has to hate wayne too this aint gang shit it is business. g.o.o.d. music is no gang, it aint no war.

    its shit like this when i read people claiming that hip hop heads listen to this, real hip hop heads only like that, so and so collabed with this artist. shit, some of yall got to get a life. let me tell you real hip hop fans don’t care about bullshit beefs, cause they live for the music not for the bitch shit rappers do or say. like joe budden said,
    “It’s like they can’t like more than one rapper at a time
    Less about the product more about the digits
    Is it business we got less fans and more critics”

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    @Jasmine: I never said Wayne came back with a good diss, I just said he responded quick, which is what you’re suppose to do. If you don’t get that then you’re a dumbass.

    @detroit89: Actually, the line was “Bitch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym” and that line was talking about Vanessa Bryant possibly taking $150 Million from Kobe during the whole divorce thing. Not only was that a hot line, but I’d say that was the best line of 2012. Im not even a Drake fan, but who cares if he talks about material things? What rapper doesn’t talk about material shit? jay-Z & Kanye talk about material shit all the time but you probably think they’re the best alive.

  • 206FRE$H


  • blair

    @First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch best line of 2012? tell me this is a joke

  • tunechi

    Funny how all yall hate me but I’m the most commented post on this shitty blog ..

  • PushaGotBabyNuts

    @detroit89 You’re contradicting yourself, anyways I said go back and listen to his old shit, you just misquoted recent shit. go look up “Drake-The Presentation” and tell me he cant spit. and he’s 25 sitting on 25 mill of course he’s talking material shit. Name one rapper that doesnt, you sound like you listen to christian rap.
    “you a gucci groupie my nigga and im a prada G (PRODIGY)”

  • now THIS is how you handle beef! Divide and conquer