Meek Mill – Black Magic f. Rick Ross

blame it on Shake May 31, 2012

Track two off that Self Made 2 compilation, due out June 26th. Bombs by Flex for now. UPDATE: CDQ.

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  • AndOneill

    Same whack ass sounding shit as always.! Tell me y’all ain’t gettin sick off this shit.! Sounds like they recycle the same beat for every MMG song.! smh!

  • MMGay

    Sounds like the exact same thing i’ve heard 90 other times

  • isso douhp

    oh shit its kinda dope..burns the best track doe

  • yesssir

    @AndOneill beat me to the punch…i just don’t get it. like it’s cool at first, but there is absolutely zero progression in the music and sound whatsoever. Self Made 2 will sound identical to Self Made 1. I feel like Ross, Meek, etc. are stuck creatively right now.

  • Numba7

    I really just don’t understand how the fuck people are still supporting this whole MMG sound.. im not saying ross can’t rap.. im saying his beats are exactly the same.. everythings exactly the same.. this guy doesn’t believe in using any new concepts lol. I can’t wrap my head around why this is so popular.

  • what up

    all yall sound like the same person commented 5 times.^^^

  • kayo

    yeah this sounds like all their other tracks but you can’t deny meek murdered this, his flow at the end of verse 1 is dope

  • levi

    ^^^^ agreed

  • dmdpro

    the first 5 posters are the same person lmaooooooooooooooooooo

  • KNAME.

    Rick Ross Fans if there is any, are 100% Brain Washed.

  • Microwave Music group: Quick, Fast, no Value. Check me the Fuk out!

  • Ryan

    This the 1st time i have ever been impressed with meek mill.

  • Big Fan

    Goddamn. Meek killed this. Meek and Ross need to put together a WTT-style collab album

  • I got excited thinking it was the beat cool n dre played for ross in a youtube vid. then i was like fuck. still dope


  • MyFiddyPence

    Even the choruses sound all the same and have the exact same template. lawdhammercy..

    I’ll still support the bawse for the comedic novelty value he brings.

  • Canin


  • squaaaad

    yall jus hatin if u think meek didnt murk this shit

  • microwave popcorn

    meek mill is trash.

  • SSM31

    Meek Mill actually switched up his flow for a little bit though. Other than that its the same repetitive stuff


    o meek mill how you make the ears bleed

  • Irony

    The word “Meek” means quiet,gentle or soft but the irony is this dude always hollering when he raps…SMH

  • James

    another example of why william fans are stupid they are being fed the same songs over and over and dont get what his doing to them

  • ejiqw

    someone said meek mill raps like he cycling down a hill rofl

  • phagbrah

    Meek meel crew im in disss

    Negs on sight to the haters srs

  • hardy

    This Lex Luger Style beats are used too much like autotune was. I think (/hope) theyll disappear in the next few months. Was a big fan of them

  • chill

    Cover is ass

  • Ave Redd

    I dont know if it’s because I’ve been drinkin or what, but this song goes in. Poof!