• http://2wordsthetop.com Julian Michael Caldwell

    #Camp @JulianCaldwell

  • http://www.multiplehustle.com Allen Walker

    Who wants that nigga to put a pair of pants on?

  • Adam Lang

    #CAMP @truebluetwelve

  • Ryan

    #Camp @Rhymin_Oliver

  • http://Crayolakushh.tumblr.com Nathan Sykes

    #Camp @NateCrayola

  • Ryan Ruiz

    #Camp @E5CO_P

  • John Lucci

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  • Matt Burroughs

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  • http://www.allinmyheadmusic.com Daniel Harris

    #Camp @d7harris

  • scott murrah

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  • Sanjay Rao

    #Camp @JRao19

  • Tiffany Pershall

    #camp @TiffanyPershall

  • http://downloaditeasy.com Khan Malik

    #Camp @criseUG

  • Wonton Soup

    This show will be fire.

  • marquis

    no need to hash 'cause i got tickets already ..

  • Xavier Gaskin

    #CAMP @foxbehindawheel

  • Omar Saez

    #camp @fearcomplacency

  • http://thebrownpaperbag.tumblr.com Hasib Hossain

    #Camp @baggydizzle

  • Minerva Bazile

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  • Brenden Bekos

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  • Eduardo Lechuga

    #camp @greenlettuce12

  • http://www.areyouafreak.tumblr.com Cynthia F.

    #CAMP @_frenchalot


    you guys never do anything cool like this for the west coast smh

  • Rachel Hangad

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  • http://nigunitnation.blogspot.com Joshua Crafter

    #camp @NigUnitNation

  • Jared Johnson

    #camp @dubzillax

  • Ronnie Shaw

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  • Joshua

    #camp @the_orakel

  • dany tanner

    #call of duty camp. Danny tanner cowboy boots. X shorts

  • Gregory Wilson

    #CAMP @dollarz4me2010

  • Makaveli

    Im with Allen Walker, this nigga needs some pants on or something smh

  • John Reeves

    @Reevesy856 #Camp (Too stoked at this opportunity! Literally my 3 favorite rappers A.T.M.)

  • John Reeves

    #Camp @Reevesy856 (my bad, I did it backwards haha)


    #CAMP @SpatHH

  • Brandon Black

    #CAMP @BlackApathy

  • Aaron DePetris

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  • Justin Dandridge

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  • Daniel Brockwell

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  • Robert Newbill

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  • Tony Tsey

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  • moses mokuolu

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  • http://Metrojolt.com Forrest Durell

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  • Addie

    #Camp @nocdreams

  • http://None. 7

    Where is the mixtape? I saw Gambino and thought the shit dropped. Need that mixtape today, great way to kick off the weekend

  • Blizzard in the Summer

    How or Why does anyone, could anyone take childsih gambino serious? He's T R A S H, He's a "comedian", and not even a good one at that sooo how does a childish gambino get a vocal stage to actually have influence on this hip hop community? Who picks who is heard and who isnt? I know i have the option not to listen to him and i dont but this just took up space on one of my favorite sites. He sucks.

  • Blizzard in the Summer

    Maybe i havent heard the right track, idk... He sucks

  • http://illHype.com William McKinney

    #Camp @TheThoughtful1

  • Max Grossman

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  • http://@To_Young_2_Quit Joseph Rhoades

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  • Keshya Khon

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