Who Wants To See Childish Gambino, ScHoolboy Q & Danny Brown?

blame it on Meka May 31, 2012

New York denizens of the dopehouse: On June 26th Childish Gambino will bring ScHoolboy Q, Danny Brown, myself and his Camp Tour to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, and here’s your chance to win passes to catch the entire thing for the low price of $Free.99. How do you enter to win? Simple:

* Using your the Twitter account, hashtag #Camp and reply to myself (MekDot), ScHoolboy Q, Danny Brown and Donald Glover‘s accounts
* Enter your full, real name and legit email in the c-section down below where applicable (not in the comment itself, unless you want some random spam bot flooding your inbox for the next 50-11 years), and write “#Camp” and your the Twitter account name (not the entire link, just your “@Name”) as your comment

and I’ll pick one person out of the mix who has done both as the winner. It’s not that hard, right?

If you don’t win this contest, you’ll have another chance to score a pair with the second (and final) contest. Also, you can still grab tickets to the Brooklyn affair right now. New York residents/those who actually plan on being in Brooklyn the time of the event enter only. Good luck.

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  • #Camp @JulianCaldwell

  • Who wants that nigga to put a pair of pants on?

  • Adam Lang

    #CAMP @truebluetwelve

  • Ryan

    #Camp @Rhymin_Oliver

  • #Camp @NateCrayola

  • Ryan Ruiz

    #Camp @E5CO_P

  • John Lucci

    #Camp @lucci617

  • Matt Burroughs

    #Camp @DJMomoMB

  • #Camp @d7harris

  • scott murrah

    #camp @murdahmamurdah

  • Sanjay Rao

    #Camp @JRao19

  • Tiffany Pershall

    #camp @TiffanyPershall

  • #Camp @criseUG

  • Wonton Soup

    This show will be fire.

  • marquis

    no need to hash ’cause i got tickets already ..

  • Xavier Gaskin

    #CAMP @foxbehindawheel

  • Omar Saez

    #camp @fearcomplacency

  • #Camp @baggydizzle

  • Minerva Bazile

    #camp @inspired_hippy

  • Brenden Bekos

    #camp @bbekos

  • Eduardo Lechuga

    #camp @greenlettuce12

  • #CAMP @_frenchalot


    you guys never do anything cool like this for the west coast smh

  • Rachel Hangad

    #Camp @rachachaaa

  • #camp @NigUnitNation

  • Jared Johnson

    #camp @dubzillax

  • Ronnie Shaw

    #CAMP @pacmanadv

  • Joshua

    #camp @the_orakel

  • dany tanner

    #call of duty camp. Danny tanner cowboy boots. X shorts

  • Gregory Wilson

    #CAMP @dollarz4me2010

  • Makaveli

    Im with Allen Walker, this nigga needs some pants on or something smh

  • John Reeves

    @Reevesy856 #Camp (Too stoked at this opportunity! Literally my 3 favorite rappers A.T.M.)

  • John Reeves

    #Camp @Reevesy856 (my bad, I did it backwards haha)


    #CAMP @SpatHH

  • Brandon Black

    #CAMP @BlackApathy

  • Aaron DePetris

    #Camp @aaronfdepetris

  • Justin Dandridge

    #Camp @j_man329

  • Daniel Brockwell

    #camp @partybrockin

  • Robert Newbill

    #camp @ayobobu

  • Tony Tsey

    #Camp @iAmTonyEast

  • moses mokuolu

    #camp @stevieroeiro

  • #Camp @trees_rivers

  • Addie

    #Camp @nocdreams

  • 7

    Where is the mixtape? I saw Gambino and thought the shit dropped. Need that mixtape today, great way to kick off the weekend

  • Blizzard in the Summer

    How or Why does anyone, could anyone take childsih gambino serious? He’s T R A S H, He’s a “comedian”, and not even a good one at that sooo how does a childish gambino get a vocal stage to actually have influence on this hip hop community? Who picks who is heard and who isnt? I know i have the option not to listen to him and i dont but this just took up space on one of my favorite sites. He sucks.

  • Blizzard in the Summer

    Maybe i havent heard the right track, idk… He sucks

  • #Camp @TheThoughtful1

  • Max Grossman

    #Camp @Maxout_110

  • #Camp @To_Young_2_Quit

  • #Camp @spaceynyc

  • Keshya Khon

    #Camp @plex_simplicity