XV -Tappin’ Out

blame it on Meka May 31, 2012

Another day, another WWE/WWF-inspired freestyle from the Wichita emcee, this time over the 2012 “Racks” backdrop.

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  • A Reader!

    Average throwaway bars with few good line here n there !! But I guess these are just promo joints to get the buzz goin for his upcoming EP !! I’ll take it !!

  • Mike

    XV taking it back I respect his grind

  • Mike Tomlin

    I like XV but sometimes hes a little too concept in his songs. I dont want to hear an entire song dedicated to WWE let alone 2 of them.

  • It’s Cashin Out not Racks…

  • @Shake, I think he did that on purpose. ‘Racks’ was the “hot hit” of 2011, so he says that ‘Cashin Out’ is the ‘Racks’ of 2012, with almost the same melody.

    Nonetheless, god to have some new XV

  • jimmy

    why would he do this, literally no fan wants him remaking hot songs. not even any good punchlines in here, really corny. hes been weak since zero heroes, startin to lose faith

  • King Nick

    nobody here listened to the song did they? it’s “Cashin Out” not “Racks”, and he didnt say anything about wrestling on this song or the other one just a throwaway song if u ask me but i’m hype for the new tape. he always delivers

  • Mz

    Maybe its cause I’m from ATL but Cashin Out is old as fuck.

  • Sir Escobar

    @jimmy, i want him to hop on hot songs. Its a shame he doesn’t normally do it. However these are just throwaways and hype for the new project. Plus its also something for the fans who haven’t heard shit from him for pretty much a month and a half. All goods for me :D

  • sss

    XV is maybe the most uncreative, lame, rapper ever. Dude will try ANYTHING for a hit. Since when is this dude the blunt smokin’, got your girl in my hotel room, type?

    Pick a fucking identity and stick with it, you lame retard. Does XV have an ounce of artistic credibility in him? He’s a weed rapper now? WACK


    ^^^ been following dude for a while huh ??? its always funny when cats on 2dope always talk about rappers being wak and then know there entire bakground. if hes lame and uncreative how u know dude didnt already rap about smoking weed and fuking bitches? pik a identity either u a fan or u not. damn cats who comment on 2dope annoy the fuk out of me. probably kuz they all r mad rappers

  • tappinoutdoe

    lol he barely mentions wrestling in this. dudes didnt even listen to the song. swear. people needa quit hatin without even checking this shit out. clearly he just toyin on this beat anyway

  • gillystacks

    uncreative? go back and listen to 40 days 40 nights. cant even fuk with him even if he is just toyin around.

  • It is good, I miss my love.Retro Jordans