• milkmedia

    sign to rawkus? i'd rather get mouth fucked by nazis unconcious.

  • historian

    LMAO @ "the streets immediately embraced Rawkus".

    Come on, fam. You don't need to make up stories. Which streets?

    And any story on Rawkus should focus on Mos Def primarily, as he was by far the star of that label (and the only one to get a gold plaque during Rawkus' existence). The one million dollar advance they paid G Rap should also be mentioned. So should Shabaam Saadeeq, as one of the early players on the label (though he was never a favorite of mine).

  • nah

    naw not enough reasons to hate muthafukin RAWKUS yaknowwhatimsayin

  • madethics

    @milkmedia, you took the words right out of my mouth

  • marty mcfly

    The Rawkus era was dope as fuck if you just look at every lyricist that Rawkus was involved with and the level of talent from solo artists to group albums to compilations, that shit was incredible. These lil mafuckas dont know nothin about this shit Justice but good post though.

  • kps

    Best label ever.