Curren$y – The Stoned Immaculate (Album Stream)

blame it on Illy June 1, 2012

After closing out his “Jet Life” tour in New York City’s Webster Hall just moments ago, Spitta offers up a free stream of his entire The Stoned Immaculate album, courtesy of Complex, which arrives in stores and online June 5. Stream the entire LP which features guest spots from Pharrell, Wiz Khalifa, Wale, 2 Chainz, Marsha Ambroshius, and more after the jump.

  • -jones

    Jones jet life jetLife jetlifeeeee….

  • chrisL

    Audio Dope steady giving real people hope audio dope steady giving tese suckas rope

  • kitten paws

    Only songs im not feeling are the 2 Justice League joints. The female singers on the hook kind of throw me off. Great beat selection and a very good “mainstream” effort by Curren$y

  • simba

    ^so right on the good mainstream part, will give it a better listen later cant do that shit sober lol

  • zino

    Anyone else notice the Justice League produced beat (track 10) was originally supposed to be on Prodigy’s H.N.I.C. 3 mixtape? It apparently got pulled and ended up on Curren$y’s album. Anyone know how that went down?

  • yaowa

    still dont see why people like this dude.

  • Rick O Shea

    albums dope. wiz’zzz verse was wack but thats no suprise. he should actually try for the amount of $ he made off that vs

  • dirtdawg

    and just like that there are download links all over the soundcloud tags
    I hope ppl are still going to buy this album
    Two word critic: “My God!!!!”

  • that truth

    listened earlier. wack af, dude has no bars, no flow or sense of song structure. goes to show you what an image can do tho, currensy is king of this weed rap shit

  • Fredo Corleone

    Spitta went hard on the Showroom track

  • that truth

    i got no ceilin like a house with the roof blew off by a tornado

    wow thats fuckin genius. almost as good as

    im tired like i just ran a marathon

    i think ima try my hand at this rap shit, ima be a coke head tho. ill be loveable and wear snap backs. WHERE MY CHECK AT

  • Master Lee

    I’m only a few songs in but its dope so far. Dont hate on Spitta. He’s dope even if he’s not the most lyrical dude out there. His flow is what captivates people.

  • jets

    cursory listens will always highlight the most ridiculous one have to actually listen to Spitta to get his shit, stop being a fuck nigga and open your ears.

  • ty law

    I knew this album would be Immaculate! (no pun) Loving the production on this one:
    *Justice leauge

    2012 Classic

  • Snake eyes

    what a big effort he gave on this album. cant wait to cop this album 6 more days..

  • Your Average Jet

    No Squares sounds like some shit you listen to before going to war. Love it

  • that truth

    yea you have to really listen to it to get those deep, single syllable rhymes with terrible, terrible cadence (that’s flow for you simpletons, but you probly dont know that definition either) about how he smokes weed with bitches and doesnt care about them. dont only pay attention to that tho or youll miss the yeeeaaaa uhhh jet life, yeaaaa at the start and end of every “song”. saying you really have to listen to currensy to get him is like saying you really have to watch aqua teen hunger force to understand that frylock is a fucking metaphor genius self loathing. spitta warriors ftw

  • King G.

    This is going on repeat for a long time. Curren$y never disappoints. Jet Life!

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Pretty good so far. Would have greatly appreciated a Sir Michael feat.

  • marty mcfly

    @that truth, take a smoke break and then listen. Just sayin shits DOPE!!!

  • JAyP

    @that truth THAT NIGGA MAD most comments from this nigga whining AHAHAHAHAAHA!


    “His flow what captivates people” Lmao

  • oppie

    this shit kinda wack

  • ChineyLocks

    ChineyLocks saying it Jet Life To The Next Life, im so happy my nigga kept the Jet Life feeling on a major! This is huge ! (No Homo)

  • Jets

    @that truth Yea…youre prob a lame lol if youre bout your money, staying high and fucking bitches..and you like smooth shit, you’ll like Curren$y. I relate to most the shit he say, and when he’s locked in he’s descriptive in a way most rappers can’t be bc they’re fake..real recognizes real, simple as

  • RiwhyOh

    The same niggas that don’t fuck with Spitta get they bitches took and cry to Drake’s voice.



    “when he’s locked in he’s descriptive in a way most rappers can’t be bc they’re fake”

    Yea other rappers cant rap like curren$y because the way he structure is lyrics together no other rapper can because there
    over everyone’s head LMAO



  • TMunz34

    immaculate,4sure,@that truth,man,u,a,hater,

  • DEV1

    SO ‘STAINLESS’ ended up getting CUT? what happened? ONE OF MY FAV TRACKS….

  • DEV1

    Damn Sunrooffffff’d, ………original was a banger!!!.. I am rating this album release version @ over produced with a 5/10* rating. -DEV1

  • Mukysmalls

    Been waiting for this for a minute. One word, dopeness.

  • Classic

    whats with the whole “out here we a stoned,immaculate” tag in every track?? lol i hope its not like that on the actual album =\


    Smoke one fool! JET LIFE.

  • rom

    this shit is fire. i seriously NEED this on vinyl. one of the only rap releases in the last few years that has sound worthy of a record player.

    also, @Classic, that “out here we is stoned immaculate” is a sample from the Doors track from which this Curren$y joint takes its name.

  • GreyHippy

    Standout tracks IMO =
    Showroom, Chasin Paper & Chandelier
    The rest I ain’t feeling

  • Dolo808

    Im nearly 100% sure curren$y dissed the fuck out of Wale in What It Look Like. Tell me I’m wrong…

  • lol


    .. kill yourself

  • Unstoppable

    Yo guys, dont hate on Currensy…. I’m not a really big fan of him so I get all the critics, but I like some of his music (Pilot Talk 1 & 2 for example) mainly because of the vibe the music gives.

    Obviously he aint the GOAT or shit like that, and he actually has a lot of things that should be improved… but in some situations (smoking sum shit, vibing out, cruising in a sunny day) its really cool to listen

  • Real Nigga

    Why do people hate on this man so hard, he even said he raps in his lane. If you don’t like his music then don’t listen. Niggas just asking for attention with all this dissing lol. Spitta could careless hes out there making great quality music and living his dreams out. While yall hating niggas hating in the C section behind the computer haha get a life for real man. If you cant relate to what Spittas talking about then go listen to someone else simple as that. All that hating isn’t going to make a difference. Smh Niggas these days lol.

  • coolCat

    My biggest problem with this project is most of the hooks are horrible. I know this is a mainstream effort but still the features kinda destroy some of the songs

  • cockman

    omg this is a classic. Curren$y is the best rapper alive, better than that wack ass kendrick lamar.. always rapping about coke and fucking hoes and candy paint and vogues

  • PRalines

    I like how he kept it real and didn’t change up his style at all.

  • Astronaut

    Shit was all production. I usually like his shit, but this was as boring as it gets. It takes some balls to release something this simple next to K.R.I.T.

  • wow this shit disappointed really bad

  • chuck


    Yeak krit album shits on this but thats no diss to Spitta because Krit album gonna shit on alot of albums this year. Support June 5th.

  • Mr. Andre

    Is it the fif yet?

  • A. Smith

    Big fan but kind of disappointed, Would of loved to hear a couple uptempo beats with a wordplay flow, just to switch up the mood a little.

  • TMunz34


  • Rydah

    Spitta came thru with this one! Nice mainstream album it has that old Spitta flow.. Glad he actually had tracks wit hooks!

  • Cap

    the fact that you only know about wtt as a recent album thats came out proves the point that you dont know shit and this album is weak/average/boring/not good

  • Juicy J

    vagina monologues

  • Dolo808

    All ye who feel the need to hate on Curren$y. If your not sipping something while rolling something you have nothing to comment on. Thats no joke you lames don’t know the fucking half. I listened to this last night while drinking Sailor Jerry’s straight and smoking Jack Herer with zig zag papers. If you whining about the hooks your doing it wrong. Curren$y is the theme music I chase money and play women too. Fuck y’all.

    “Dropping record after record like them shit is slippery”
    Jet Life

  • jAyP

    @A. Smith pretty much I agree with you!

  • Random Guy

    spitta actually rappin about real shit again. reminds me of his old independence day dayz


    This that fresh garbage i been waiting for…

    These Garbage lyrics have to go down as classic bars for the
    last 20years for hip hop…

  • J.swaggle

    that no squares joint dude went in

  • Tmunz34


    @Cap get,,off,the,homie,spitta,page,

  • Kush

    Honestly? This is nowhere near as good as the Pilot Talks. Actually, I even like Covert Coup and Verde Terrace more than Stoned Immaculate.

  • Thanks for posting that stream tho! I Streamed that shit 4 times yesterday, Spitta never drops lame shit he just keeps dropping hotter shit every project. I’m glad to see he got Wiz and Kritt on there too and the one wit 2chains was impressive

  • Sean Sheldon

    Wasted effort. I just want Pilot Talk 3. Spitta sounds like he’s getting comfortable.

  • JaySole

    The song Sunroof sampled Luda’s song Do the Right Thing. Dope song

  • hong

    bink is a beat monster

  • 2ndera

    Yawn inducing.