• Nick Evans

    David Banner was wildin'!! S/O to Reb Bull for cutting the checks! And last but not least, FIRST!!

  • majook

    Where's the rest maaaaaan? Tryin to see some of that Mic Stew footage

  • william smothers

    Nice! I think redbull will post the rest of the footage on redbull.com.

  • 617beats

    My dude One Life would have roasted that corny geek in the first round. Did that dude beat Pat G? smh I can't believe Pat G lost to that dude and One Life lost to Pat G in the Boston finals.

  • chris138

    hey 617beats that corny geek just got out of the military and has some battles in grind time, he could take that guy verbally or physically

  • 617beats

    ^ I don't give a fuck if he just got out of Vietnam. He's a fucking geek. And he's not taking shit verbally. And unless he has his military issued AR-15 with him, he ain't doing shit else either.