• CrackedThatTrollWithMyHammer

    i like mr london but someone needs to tell him he cant sing.

  • Random Guy

    sounds alot like cudi

  • blake

    fuck no. i know alot of his music sounds like cudis but cudi can sing way better than theo.

  • damon

    Theophilus London heard that Kid Cudi "Day n Nite" Crookers remix and has spent his entire career trying to recreate that

  • eric

    Why does he always sound like he's tryna be Cudi -_- stop that, stop it NOW!!!!!!

  • b1s

    Sounds like someone trying to sing a twin shadow song terribly...shame i was seeing how a twin shadow produced hip hop song would be

  • http://www.airjordanxiii13.com Jordancarmelo

    It is good, I miss my love.