Maino – Welcome to the Mob f. PUSH!, Mouse, Lucky Don, Wink Loc & Twigg Martin

blame it on Illy June 2, 2012

Maino welcomes us to the mob introducing his new set, The Mafia, consisting of PUSH!, Mouse, Lucky Don, Wink Loc, and Twigg Martin.

DOWNLOAD: Maino – Welcome To The Mob f. PUSH!, Mouse, Lucky Don, Wink Loc & Twigg Martin

  • yeah

    who, who, who, who and who?


    why do all the hood niggas who make music for the niggas in the hood get so much hate on the net and all these soft punks get love the net must be full of geeks and nerds

  • Ahahaha did PUSH! change his name to finally separate himself from French Montana? I was getting those two confused for a long-ass time

  • JML-G

    nerds and white people only get on these white people owned blogs so no wonder hood niggas get only hate in blogs like 2dbz

  • MacDoober

    if you were getting push! montana confused with french montana then you’re probably not too smart. either by listening to the music or lookin at them directly, theres a clear difference. french is all hype, push! is slept on. but i really came on here to point out the lack of originality of some people from brooklyn callin themselves the mafia. sounds a lot like junior mafia, where were they from?

  • uneedmoreppl

    maino says that real shit i want to hear…fuck anybody who don’t love em