Confidence & Rashad – The City Remix Contest: Winner

We originally announced the top 6 contenders for The City remix contest a few weeks back. After some special consideration and a few emails regarding the voting process, both Confidence & Ill Adrenaline have come to a single winner: Max Capolaretti. Read the quote below.

Ill Adrenanline had received a couple of emails regarding the voting on 2DB. Since there appears to be some tampering with the voting, Ill Adrenaline, Rashad and Confidence took the top 3 voted tracks and picked a winner ourselves. The winning remix goes to Max Capolaretti for his great remix of "The City." Max will be awarded a copy of the Rashad/Confidence Vinyl, The Legion 7", a Golden-Era Hip Hop t-shirt from Madina along with an interview on The Conspiracy Worldwide Radio Show. Thank you to all the contestants. For the remaining top 5 picks, we will have something special planned for them. It was a dope turnout and we appreciate all the love and support shown on the remix contest and for the album.

Congrats, Max.

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  • MattC.

    Are they going to allow us to buy or download Max C.'s remix ?

  • John Bryant

    why didn't d.g. win this, he had the most votes!!!


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