The Chronicles of Viktor: The MF’in Doom Beat Tape Contest

blame it on JES7 June 3, 2012

Ok producers, it’s that time again. Send in your best Doom-inspired beat. To me Doom is all over the place with his production, so try your best. To submit, send tracks to thebeattapeproject[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send Viktor to kill you if I see comments asking to where to send the tracks. The beat tape will be released the 4th of July. You have a little more than a month to create something. If anyone has any Doom acapellas, please feel free to send a blend over your ORIGINAL production. Sharing is caring….Holla…BTW I don’t agree with Viktor. Just Blaze, top 5 dead or alive…

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  • Wait I posted “Dopeness” under the Oh No Doom joint how did my comment end up here? Lol

  • dan



    Just submitted a few jointz!! Holla!

  • Submited some tracks!!