Trae The Turth – I’m On 2.0 f. Big K.R.I.T., Jadakiss, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, B.o.B, Tyga, Gudda Gudda, Bun B & Mark Morrison (Video)

blame it on Illy June 3, 2012

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  • Can you say overkill?

  • Mr. Hip-Hop

    this that feel good stuff

  • Thinker

    Fuuuuuck. Still waiting on the day everybody starts using mobile alt. stuff. Now I gotta head back home to watch this.

  • wat

    Trae tha Truth*** not Trae the Turth.


    I was expecting SLASH from Guns & Roses to pop up in the video with a solo guitar feature. too many niggaz with too many lyrical directions for this shit. UNI-BROW-COLE unleashing weak basketball bars as usual. Jadakiss needs to chill and work on his shit with The Lox, because all these Jada cameos in other rappers records ain’t working. I remember when I couldn’t wait to hear jadakiss spit new shit, now he’s become the “I’ll suck your dick for $5 dollars” emcee. Kendrick got an alright flow but nothing to write home about. I always wonder if Kendrick can actually spell the words in the rhymes he spits. B.O.B., Tyga and Gudda Gudda…WTF was that? Bun B needs to chill also with cameo rappin’ on too many niggaz shit. I actually thought Bun B’s verse was the best out of all these niggaz, and that ain’t even sayin’ much. the only thing missing in this travesty is, a DJ Khaled bonus remix featuring Puff Daddy, French Montana, Wale and Lil Mama.


  • smh


    Yo!….Get a life and stop sitting at home behind a computer screen hating on niggas doing better than you to make yourself feel better about your pitiful life. And all these years later and you are still on J.cole’s dick! SMH…Nigga.

  • Seif

    ^ Chill, he’s just criticizing lol.

  • >

    couple things on this… wtf with the censor…. big krit had the best verse by far …. j cole and kendrick lamar also tight but the fucking video got cut like an epileptic when they came up…. tyga, gudda gudda the fuck outta here… there were like 10 better rappers just shown in the video …. im actually kinda surprised that b.o.b. now turns out to be an OK-rapper although hes mainstreamed as fuck already


    who remembers when rappers used to make classic hit songs on their own with no features ????????????????????

    this shit has gotten out of control

  • hardy

    ^ Dude, you dont get it do you? Rap changed with the years.

  • James R aka The Real Truth

    HIP HOP OG , this is the remix dumbass. you are no hip hop OG like me . anybody hates on this song is ignorant closeminded hating fag who knows nothing about hip hop at all

  • haas

    its a f’n REMIX!!! remember when remixes were always flooded with appearances?? anyways DOPE ass song with a lot of versatility!!

  • Some people…


    Hatin’ much? Get a life, dude.

  • Musick

    KRIT had the best verse!


    Big KRIT hands down had the best verse. I get goosebumps everytime i hear him say “I rather be a dead man than a nigga”

  • Philly

    I usually hate songs wit a million people featured…This is rare tho that nobody was wack(not even Gudda Gudda)…Dope track.

    But Rap got too many reviewers & not enough fans…calm down, enjoy good music when u hear it

  • Mike

    This was nice… Just needed Lupe on this. Kendrick though, that boy good.

  • thatrealshit

    @ rap OG this is a posse track u dumb shit. look at craig macks flava in ya ear remix, same concept. throwin a buncha highly acclaimed rappers on the same track and lettin them compete

  • uncle pimp

    mark morrison is the man. i play return of the mack whenever i can. im just happy to see hes still doin this thing

  • Grimey

    I will always thumbs up this many different rappers working together. Bringing different styles and crews together is good for the rap community.

  • Token

    Almost everybody came with it on this one. WI never would have thought I would hear Gudda Gudda spit a better verse than KRIT on a track. KRIT’s verse was disappointing. He is better than that. I am glad Trae gave Mark Morrison a look. The sample is nice…

  • rpj

    better than that beef shit the bitch niggas with a hard on for young money been instigating.

  • Lobo

    People are hating cuz this isn’t your typical format track, but every now and then hip hop needs a unification song and the original version and this remix do that well. Respect to Trae and his people for getting all these MCs together.

  • cody

    I love big krit but i didn’t like the echo effect he did with his voice other then that its banging

  • gavin

    this is like the bizzarro version of that Machine Gun Kelly Wild Boy Remix