• Lun

    I'm kinda mad that Cudi's name is up there next to Nas like that.

  • kill yourself


    I bet you'll be even madder if you knew Nas was opening up for Cudi at his previous shows.

  • Ryde or Die

    I feel you on that.
    This has to be THE best line up for Rock The Bells i've seen. Hope this comes to the UK. DMX & Nas with all the others. I can't wait.

  • lol

    Nas should be honored to have his name next to Kid Cudi & Wiz Khalifa. I got more money in my pocket right now than what Nas is worth.

  • d-bo

    @ lol

    lol. You dumb.

    P.S. Amber Rose look like shit now. Cottage cheese lookin ass bitch.

  • ZachT

    I grew up on 90's rap and the last thing I'd want to see in 2012 is Bone Thugs, DMX, and Eve.

    Promoters, please stop supporting crack addicts.

    -34 year old hip hop lover.

  • squaaaad

    @ZachT ur a boof. if u dont wanna see bone thugs performin u aint a fan of rap. bone thugs are timeless

  • Real Rap

    I will not go to this because asap rocky and wiz khalifa will be there

  • SomeGuy

    I feel like if i was future, i would have turned down the spot...this is dangerous territory for him in my oppinion.

  • JAyP

    bunch of whining bitches who prolly arent even going to the event STFU LMAO

  • Frost

    I missed Coachella...

    No way im missin' this...