Justin Bieber – All Around the World f. Ludacris

blame it on hologram shake June 4, 2012

Latest single (available on iTunes) off the Bieb’s upcoming Sophomore album, Believe, dropping June 19th.

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  • Dope! Justin is mature as a man and as his music sound. I can’t wait til his album drops

  • Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight


  • TheButterStore

    Why do all the song players pop up all white for me? It won’t let me play any songs…any one know how to fix?

  • marty mcfly

    His album is going to be great. This and Take Care are the best albums of 2012

  • nuff

    JB best rapper alive hands down

  • marty mcbiaach

    yeah marty i think Take Care was the album of the century and this justin shit would surpass it tho

  • Kim

    Is he talking about gay ppl?

  • pro-marty forces

    dope shit better than 90% songs on this site

  • team breezy

    I’m starting to like this site even more with all these breezy and Bieber posts.

  • ploveskicks

    This shit’s of the hook. Instant classic.

  • ploveskicks


  • naoshad

    this the anthem

  • KING

    Is 2DBZ dead ass posting this fool now?? I thought this site was one of the only real hip hop sites out there. Come on son.

  • who cares

    lmao damn Luda loves to see how far he can sell out.


    TOP 6 DOA

  • amazing

    boyfriend was good, this shit sounds typical though

  • Good job luda

    Boyfriend was way better. Luda’s gonna cake of this tho!

  • o[]o

    somebody please make a new hip hop site, this one is becoming weak. an unbiased site, with no bieber, no breaking bad( i love the show, but why is it on here?) no sports shit, we have espn for that. these guys put up shit they like, and praise it, then put up shit they don’t just to talk shit about it. i cant stand waka, or birdman, or whoever, but it’s annoying when there’s post about “fozzie bear” or “birdshit” or WHOEVER, if you guys don’t care for their music, don’t post it! i know you guys sold out a long time ago, but damn, i miss 2dope when it first started, someone please, make a new site.

  • will

    ^ why don’t you?

  • Ryuk

    Anything for a few hits, eh boyz?


    these comments are fucking hilarious

  • Li lZane

    THIS dat real shit right here nucca

  • lost me as a regular thats all i gatta say. onto the next dope blog. peace out “Dopeboyz” u just proved u guys gone soft. posting this lil faggots bullshit. and fuck what the fuck is luda doing on this garbage. SHAKE U ARE TURNING INTO A BITCH MADE BLOOGGER!

  • @o[]o

    soo… you basically agree with our opinions yet dont like it that we share them? riiiight.

  • Queen Kong

    I think I just shit my pants. No I dont want to be loved by you Justin Bieber…WTF

  • LADB

    I actually think this is really good. Really good production.

  • bstyles

    Shake ,please tell me you you post this shit for money and hits from outside the community??!!
    I’m a regular on this site but its becoming less and less hip hop and more of an mtv type page.the adds are everywhere and annoying as shit too..sorry man ,thats just my opinion.

  • Gravediggaz!

    What the fuck is this shit doin here! C’mon, listen to this bitch singin, this is half electro shit like guetta, and half stupid pop music with all the same lyrics!

    So please tell me what the fuck is this kid doing on 2dbz??

  • eatmyassbarf

    2db falling off harder and harder,

    seriously justin bieber shit???

    this site is becoming a joke

  • silly rabbit

    it isn’t 2db fault. well it is but it isn’t, they sold out to make $$$ and now they get told to put shit on here by record companies then they have to. the way the damn game works.

  • BettaWorldPeace

    sounds like a Britney Spears song

  • Nasty

    They don’t put it on here because they have to, or because they sold out; they put it on here because it has Ludacris in it

  • YMCMBmustdie

    Nice boots faggot, and Luda…you must really love that commercial dick huh?