Lil Wayne Cancels Nicki Minaj Summer Jam Performance (Video)

blame it on JES7 June 4, 2012

Earlier this evening, Nicki was expected to hit the stages for the 2012 Summer Jam, however word came down from Weezy that he was pulling her from performing due to a comment Peter Rosenberg made earlier. Weezy wasn’t having it and decided to “ban” his YMCMB crew from performing, although Tyga had already hit the stage.

“I see the real Hip-Hop heads sprinkled in here. I see them. I know there are some chicks here waiting to sing ‘Starships’ later, I’m not talking to y’all right now. Fuck that bullshit. I’m here to talk about real Hip-Hop shit. People here to see A$AP Rocky today. People here to see ScHoolboy Q on this stage. That’s the shit I represent.”

What are your thoughts on this? Was he out of line or do you think YMCMB is bugging over some petty shit?

  • Brother Man

    Not sure how upper management works but he’s out of line for going against his employers like that, especially if monies were/was exchanged for the YMCMB performance

  • Ev

    A pretty small, innocuous comment. Wayne is just super sensitive after getting dissed by Pusha and being kicked out from that Thunder game.

  • I applaud Rosenberg for sticking to his guns and saying how he felt. Maybe the timing is wrong to some, but backing out of a performance the day off looks worse. And good on Flex for sticking up with his co-worker.

    Regardless of how you feel about someone’s opinion, Wayne pulling her makes it look weak, like they can’t take any form a criticism. You’re scheduled to perform for paying fans, then perform. Simple as that. Maybe Young Money tracks will be removed temporarily or an apology will be said from one or both sides. But opinions are opinions. Deal with it.

  • I don’t give a fuck about Nicki Minaj and YMCMB! It’s about time we as the people start talking up about how we feel about this frail ass game and KEEP IT REAL! Fuck they feelings! I commend Peter Rosenberg for speaking up for the Real Hip Hop Headz! That “Starships” shit is mad bogus! A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q will annihiliate those clowns anyway! Peace to the whole A$AP Crew and Black Hippy! REAL HIP HOP!!!!

  • kamu

    The truth hurts. All I’m going to say.

  • Shy

    dudes need to say how they feel more often instead of taking the big sean bitch route and claiming they’re cool with everything. respect to Rosenberg. his past affiliations with wack rappers makes him a bit of a hypocrite. but respect for this nonetheless.
    and wayne look like a real bitch right now.

  • if a group has a subgroup then its order divides the number of elements in the group. Thus all the groups of prime order are cyclic with every element generating the rest.

    slow clap to this man for the fact that he calls out bullshit. Too much of this kiss ass shit and “oh we’re all big family we all gotta eat” shit. Diss the wack shit, kick the wack shit in the face, stomp the ovaries of the wack shit. just dont step into wack shit

  • mos def

    some tall israelis is runnin this rap shit

  • hanibalmc

    i hate wen they do shit like that,im not a weezy hater or big fan but if i was him i would of proved how real my music was by rockin that stage,pullin the performance just shows how unreal he is,
    actions speak louder than words

  • AC

    big ups to rosenburg and flex for doin this cant w8 to hear both of them tommorow

  • i’mwithyourGFeatingchips

    thank you peter rosenberg
    maybe hot97 will stop playing young money trash
    maybe lil wayne will keep piling on those L’s


  • justsaying

    Um..When did Peter Rosenberg become an authority of HIPHOP??..seriously..THIS GUY??..Old guy attempt’n to be cool and NOT being professional to the ppl who write his checks. Money was lost cause some OLD MAN wanna be hipster hiphop moron thought he’d earn some “Backpacker Cred” by saying that. Im NOT even a YMCMB fan, jus simple BUSINESS Practices..If anyone of you had a company, and someone you are doing business with starts talkn shit bout ur company, u immediately cut ties. Its CHESS NOT CHECKERS..Business 101!!..Fuck’n Peter Rosenberg??..Seriously??..This Guy is the HIPHOP authority?..Keep ur thoughts to urself, its business!

  • FLeXxX

    frail ass Lil Wayne cant take criticism the GTFO no one wanted to hear u or ur trash ass group anyway! give it up to Rosenberg for standing up for real hip hop

  • justsaying

    At the same time, if its business you do the performance as scheduled no matter what a DJ/host on the station says. Criticism needs to be taken and dealt with, at a later date. Pulling a booked performer the day of the show, is also bad business practices.

  • $$$

    Rosenberg’s aight, but he tends to piggyback onto anything that’s big. He’s obsessed with Odd Future and shit which nulls his whole “real hip-hop” opinion. Sorry, man. And believe it or not, but A$AP and Schoolboy is swag/drug rap. Not “real hip-hop” Feel free to argue.

  • EC

    Not really a big fan of Wayne either. But it was his call and apparently nicki aggreed with it. Rosenberg was out of line for blatantly criticizing someone who was on the roster for an event he’s working for. Couldve gone about it in a different way but either way it went wayne sent a mssg, i bet you ll hear an apology from hot 97 in the next week or so. A c section promise

  • EC

    co sign $$$ too

  • smartguy

    People who talk about “real hip hop” can eat shit, if you can listen to it, it’s real music, sorry fuckers. If a bunch of teenage girls wanna jam to starships that’s there prerogative, they still paid for the tickets just like the ASAP fans did. Nikki Minaj can have all the success in the world, and that’s fine, just because she’s popular doesn’t mean rappers who appeal to regular hip hop fans cant make decent music anymore. So much hate man, just listen to what you like, and let others to the same.

  • bkimbriel

    Both were right. If some dude clowned on someone from my set, fuck em we ain’t showin out (like money is a problem for nicki / wayne…be real).

    But from a hip hop head pov, fuck starships.

  • $$$

    ^ Thanks, Music’s Savior, I was here chilling with my ego named Ignorance thinking my music was the TRUTH until you posted this.

  • $$$

    Damn, that arrow was meant for “smartguy.” Now I look less clever…….

  • NoWuff

    Young Money does not need that money. Lil Wayne doesn’t give a fuck. Peter Rosenberg lost his job.

  • e-meka

    Man ah feel yuh on dah,still ($$$)

  • Thinker

    Rosenberg says he’s about that REAL hip hop shit, then mentions A$AP Rocky. smfh at this hypocritical dumbass

  • 3much4thesehoes

    Peter Rosenberg is an idiot, he just played himself. Such bad press for him and his company, and the video doesn’t help at all. Wayne made a boss move and fucked peter in the ass. Hes going to be hurting in the morning.

  • Master Lee

    Rosenburg is cool but I kind of agree with Wayne on this one. Rosenburg Hot 97 put together the Summer Jam lineup and show. Rosenburg works for Hot 97. So you pretty much have an employee of the company that put on the show and put together the performers dissing one of the performers thats supposed to be performing later in the show? I think at minimum thats unprofessional on Rosneburg’s part. I’m not a huge fan of Nicki Minaj, but she still deserves the same respect that any other artist had performing on the show.

    @Thinker I was thinking the same exact thing man. lol

  • lol fuck this

    how is ASAP not hip-hop? just cuz he uses southern flows doesnt mean he aint real

  • Dise

    Gotta agree with those approving of freedom of speech. Rosenberg has been incredibly outspoken about Minaj in the past year, in particular that bit about Starships being the ‘biggest sellout song in hip hop history’ which he said on his Hot97 show. That being said, I’m pretty sure everyone (Hot97 folks especially) knew his thoughts on bringing her to summer jam. To be honest, I applaud him on sticking to his original opinion on the joint. This is the blog/internet era, there always are people who hate or don’t like certain types of shit, and now its easier than ever to broadcast it – I would think Wayne and his camp would be used to that by now and not pull his act over one little jab.

  • clues

    A$ap rocky… real hip hop? *dead*

  • Professional

    Starships definitely isn’t genuine hip hop. Now that that’s out of the way, PR was way out of line. Professionally anyways. Never diss who you are doing business with. Wayne might be wack for this to most of you all, but I totally understand why he pulled out. At this point, Wayne doesn’t need Summerjam or PR.

  • 3much4thesehoes

    Why would you go perform for Hot97 when someone whos representing Hot97 is calling your art whack? Sometimes business isn’t always about your personal feelings, keep your mouth shut PR. Niki doesn’t have to perform at YOUR show, tell me her not performing didn’t fuck some shit up lol…Dudes going to get fired or going to have to end up apologizing making him look stupid as hell.

  • Blacka

    Na this nigga is buggin…its fucking summer jam, this anit no Rock The bells…promote that real hiphop shyt somewhere else.. this show is as “mainstream polo drawers,2chains on” as it gets…

  • LupeX

    I think every1 can respect any1 making an honest, hard-working living. Where ppl hv an issue with artists like Nicki Minaj is on 2 major fronts:

    1) She came up spitting hard bars and was on her HipHop shit. The approval from core HipHop fans is what vaulted her in2 stardom. Turning her back on the same community that gave her her start is seen as a betrayal. What makes it worse is that she did it all for the money.

    2) Selling out in this way (Starships/ Super Bass) is how a genre of music dies. Ppl like PR r just tryna protect HipHop as a genre. Trust me ppl, it seems big right now, but any genre will die if it doesnt eveolve in the right direction. The reason Y HipHop gained so much popularity is because it was rebellious, now it’s submissive. I used to love H.E.R.

  • krow132

    the whole concept of “real Hip Hop” is stupid anyway. When will we understand that, mainstream, marijuana, gangster,conscious, swag hip hop is all still fucking Hip Hop whether you like any of those sub categories or not. shit is quite simple if the simpletons had capacity to be logical but I digress.

    At the end of they day, they are both wrong, Peter Rosenberg for being unprofessional and looking like an idiot for being outspoken on an opinion that no one gives a fuck about and Lil Wayne/Young Money being so damn sensitive over a comment by a mostly irrelevant radio personality and letting your fans down in the process. Lose/Lose

  • dave

    yes!yes! thank you rosenberg.fuck young money and that bitch nicki! i hope wayne ban them from hot97 all toghether we dnt wanna hear that shit! this dude Rosenberg don’t care he got other hustles besides hot 97. he basically showin u its the love of music over money like yhat sellout bitch nicki.and hot97 aint gnna fire him they knw they need him.that morning show aint got no life without him.cipha be boring without cipha and kfoxx is sexy but shes boring as far as morning shows go.rep hiphop my dude!


    how is ASAP not hip-hop? just cuz he uses southern flows doesnt mean he aint real
    lol fuck

    If you grew up on Rakim, Pac, Nas. ASAP like a lot of the artists you listen to today become “unlistanable.”

    Talking over a beat is not rapping. It’s talking. Rapping over a beat means getting into the crevices of the beat. Very few rappers can do that today.

    90% of you cats don’t even realize rap is a talent.

    Which 90% of today’s rappers don’t have. It’s like thinking T Pain can actually sing.

  • smh at ur ignorance

    ^^^ except T-Pain CAN sing. you obviously never heard him without the auto-tune

  • krow132

    Nas, 2Pac, Rakim, are three of the couple names people throw at you when they want you to think they know “real Hip Hop” or know what the fuck they are talking about, but the rest of their message says otherwise. You just name some cliche names burh, woopty doo

  • marty mcfly

    Anything from Jamla, Action Bronson, Gangrene (ALC &OH NO), Saigon, SlaughterHouse, Evidence, Lupe, Skyzoo, Tanya Morgan, Scram Jones, Fashawn, Jay Elec, Murs, One Be Lo, Sean Price, Masta Ace, Torae, Elzhi, Blu, Consequence, Phonte, Big Pooh etc etc… REAL HIP HOP. Most of what you saw at Summer Jam = watered down rap just for the purpose of business.

  • Tone Riggz

    Honestly, fuck Nicki and fuck Rosenberg. Rosenberg is acting like he’s above Nicki Minaj’s music, meanwhile he works for Hot 97 and is paid for playing wack music every goddamn day. Nicki is an easy target, i’d respect him more if he went at other wack artists like Waka. You can’t be underground and commercial at the same time, if he really stuck to his guns, he wouldn’t be cutting that nice paycheck at Hot 97.

  • SforMusic

    Nikki Minaj sold out n dat is a fact ! with that being said ppl really needs to get of that “real hiphop shit” cos dats arrogant and self rightous. Hip Hop has been rebellious, ignorant and though provoking since day 1 and ppl on here like to preach the concisous rapper shit to feed their own self rightousness especially on here. Yes some hip hop songs are shit and YMCMB is #1 on that list but regardless dont hate when PR said ASAP ROCKY and Schoolboy Q were real hiphop cos they know they are about and kept to their lane and kept it hiphop

  • david

    lil wayne, nicki minaj, schoolboy q, asap rocky, rosenberg, they’re all cunts, no argument, none of them are hip-hop, it’s that simple, no one needs to make it any more complex than that

  • SforMusic

    and I rest my case on the self rightousness !!!!

  • vlado

    Rosenberg is a G

  • Stefan 136

    I’m pretty sure Rosenberg was only talking about the “Starships” chorus, but nonenetheless he dissed her recently and now again on the day she was going to perform. I’m a Rosenberg fan (as far as diggin’ him as a radio host) and not a Nicki fan, but that was definitely foul stuff and Weezy did the right thing to pull her off the schedule. That’s what a good general does.

    I’ll be interested to see how Rosenberg handles this.

  • if a group has a subgroup then its order divides the number of elements in the group. Thus all the groups of prime order are cyclic with every element generating the rest.

    I think Super Bass is MILES ahead of Starships. Super Bass is just a dope hip-hop song with a very catchy chorous. No problem with Super Bass from me. Starships is super wack though

  • @3much4thesehoes – so he kisses men on the lips, and fucks them in the ass? he wears tight, zebra print leggings too, so I guess he’s the gay rapper.

  • MeSonMe

    does anyone think wayne wanted to pull out bcuz of the whole pusha t mess ??

  • Ghost361

    Ymcmb is corny for this. Get off of ya high horse if u think every1 at every venue y’all are at likes all of your music! And at the end of the day it was more unprofessional of Wayne to back out cuz that’s part of entertainment, criticism is a normal thing. The fans paid they’re money to see her and she flaked. Financially it doesn’t hurt any1 but NM! Hot97 got paid already In the ticket sales so they good

  • Fuck Waynes oversensitive ass. What a dildo.



  • Thinker

    Co-fucking sign @Tone Riggz!!!! People! read that shit! We know Nicki is shit but Rosenberg doesn’t represent true hip hop at all. He hops on the dick of the next hottest act to come out. Wouldn’t be surprised if Nicki used to be on that list

  • yo bitches side nigga

    Its funny though cause most of ya’ll who are crucifying PR for speaking his mind would probably be there today crucifying him ANYWAYS if Nicki had performed and he sat there bobbing his head because that’s “good business” and you would all be yelling how he was a sellout for calling Nicki wack and than bobbing his head to her music….

    And another thing.. HOT97 surely has some contracts in place for their performers so I assume someone OR both will be going to court if this doesn’t get resolved soon..

  • Weeeeeeeeeezy

    Fuck PR and anybody who love’em.
    Mad unprofessional misrepresenting the Jews everywhere who are known for their business lolz

  • antdevaney

    rosenberg shouldnt have made the comments, and wayne dont need any publicity from the summer jam, him tyga drake and nicki more than better off, weezyremoved them over his pride after building the YMCMB franchise

  • MrWill

    @Professional @3much4thesehoes @Blacka << cosign.

    I'm not a fan of Nicki, but she's HUUUUGE in music right now. It was unprofessional and in really bad form to disrespect any artist like that. PR needs to rememeber that he's employed by the people that booked Nicki for the show. Wayne did what any smart business man should've done—he stood by his arist and showed real cojones in the process.

    And, yes, it's laughable that PR would even speak about "real" hip-hop. I'd argue that 90% of the performers aren't "real" hip-hop…same goes for most of the s#it that H97 plays daily.

  • Charles

    Starships obviously isnt meant to be a hip hop track, and if peter feels so strong about “Hip-Hop” he needs to call out hot 97 too because they 90% of the time theyre playing MMG or Young Money songs which “Real Hip Hop Heads” do not respect, i wanna see him call out wiz or kanye for constantly talking about money….i doubt the pussy will do it though because he rather attack the underground’s world most hated, which is easy

  • Tone Riggz

    I’d respect Rosenberg more if he applied that criticism to most of the horrible artists who get played on Hot 97. Singling out one artist, and a relatively easy target at that, meanwhile the show goes on with Waka and Tyga (among others), is hypocritical and bitch made. But, instead he chooses Nicki for his crusade while Hot 97, who promote the worst in rap, cuts his check.

    And YMCMB should be ashamed of themselves for playing their fans like that. Rosenberg is just an annoying commercial radio DJ, the show must go on for their fan’s sake.

  • This screams one thing to me:

    Curren$y dodged a bullet.

  • Flexin

    I think as a radio host, Rosenberg does a pretty good job of NOT just kicking any artist he doesn’t like out of “hip hop”. He has a specific gripe against one song, which he regards as a pop song masquerading as hip hop. That’s all. To all these fools bitching about him not calling out Hot 97, would you have liked it more if he just stood up on stage and pointed at individual artists like “fuck you… fuck you… you’re cool… fuck you”? Hell no, because chances are, his tastes don’t match yours perfectly, and they’re not supposed to. But one thing almost everybody can agree on is that “Starships” doesn’t belong at a hip hop show.


    all this niggas tryin to say is, he aint speaking to the lil girls out there that only came to hear starships, he ain’t even straight up diss weezy, if anything he came down on the actual fans tryin to question their knowledge…why cant someone appreciate niki or wayne just as much as Q and ab-soul and kendrick and all them? it’s music, just different minds.

  • SmokinAces

    People keep saying disrespect. I didn’t hear PR say anything he hasn’t said before. Everyone is not gonna like your music. So get over it and do your job. You don’t pull out a performance because you got you feelings hurt. as for it being a bad business move on PR’s part, they already sold the tickets. Plus, it’s not the Nicki Minaj show, it’s Summer Jam. There were PLENTY other artists who performed so people still got their money’s worth. Hell, Lauryn Hill made an appearance. all Nicki and Young Money did was upset and disappoint their own fans.

  • SB

    There’s no genre called “REAL” Hip Hop
    it’s all in your heads
    Wayne can do that he a Boss

  • stephenbasedsmith

    isn’t this the same that said rick ross is the best mc? lol smh so rick ross is real hip-hop?

  • attendee

    I was there
    Made the show a lot better

  • Malcyvelli

    Anything I could/wold possibly wanna say has been said at least 10 times, BUT I will y that anybody defending what rosenberg did doesn’t know shit about professionalism or good business

    PS I HATE manaj,but you don’t go dissing your own acts like that

  • the realest

    FINALLY! i mean the dsbate about whats “real hiphop” would and will go on forever, but what we know for sure is NOT real hiphop is nicki minaj and starships. and im glad someone finally stood up and said something. at some point niggaz gotta draw the line and say enough is enough. theres a place for nicki on stage, and its at commericasl-pop events. but keep that shit off the stage at summerjam.

    and to all the idiots saying how come he doesnt say something about the music played on the radio, thats bcuz thats music politics and he not tryna loose his job. dont be so stupid. shit he might even loose his job over this. but to get up on stage AT SUMMERJAM and say some real shit like “im tired of that wack shit. fuck that bullshit.” i salute that.

  • SmokinAces

    Malcyvelli, how was it bad business? Did they lose money or sponsorship? Did they have to refund tickets? Did any artists outside of Young Money not perform because of this? What is the thing that makes this a bad business move for PR? Please explain.

  • DoubleClutch95

    This is what happens when you are signed to another nigga



  • RSX

    A Jew just saved Hip-Hop. Y’all are welcome.

  • Cloud 9

    School Boy Q And A$AP are hiphop. whether we notice it, it isnt just just stoner music its freedom to express ourselves, they proove that you dont need money cars women jewelry and all that other shit to be noticed as a rapper. rap what you want do what you want. thats hiphop to me. dont get me wrong there’s some weak HIPHOP rappers. still hiphop tho. YM is just a group trying to get paid. when it should be a group trying to make music

  • DonEzzo

    Let’s just throw more hypotheticals….if every time a rapper said “Fuck the police” on stage, the police fucking stormed out the venue, who would be in the wrong? The cops are paid to do their job and tough through the bullshit. Everyone has their opinions. Everyone has their JOB. Point being, YMCMBitch move.

  • King G.

    A$AP and TDE are hip hop, Starships was a pop record. Simple as that. Maybe he should have said real rap instead of hip hop so the “real hip hop” heads don’t get their panties in a bunch. smh YMCMB = (Y)ou (M)aking (C)hildren’s (M)usic (B)ro!

  • the realest

    co-sign cloud 9

    and yeah wayne pretty much did do a bitch move. your performing for summerjam, not peter. wayne must have obviously felt that peter was right and wanted to prove a point and storm out of the room, bcuz we was just die’n to see YMCMB perform their high school hits. its been a bad couple of weeks for young money.

  • This dude soundin like a fukin homo

  • Jason

    @smartguy, that’s the realest thing I’ve ever read on any message board I think. Just cause you don’t like the music someone else listens to, that doesn’t make it any less of a legitimate music type. #nohate

  • RTVisions

    Some of you guys are idiots. By “real hip-hop” he’s not saying “lyrically insane”. He means “hip-hop” plain and simple. That can be A$AP, SchoolBoy Q, Big Sean, Pusha T, etc. Nicki Minaj “starships” track is NOT hip-hop. That’s some bullshit pop/techno type shit. Summer Jam is a hip-hop oriented concert (maybe some chill R&B) and Starships doesn’t fall under neither one of those categories. So he doesn’t care to hear that bullshit at Summer Jam. Period.

  • RSX

    @RTVisions wins this thread.

  • chronwell

    PMD is the homie from Murland and I support what he say. Starships is wack! Wayne and Niki , yall should stand for your fans no matter what anybody says.

  • Young work

    What niggas are crazy, whether you like Nicki or not they were still she was still the “Main event”, she was scehduled to have the prime spotlight, She also was a magor selling factor for tickets, so why would you get up on the mic and diss someone who is regardless bringing in money, How would you guys feel is you were suppose to perform somewhere and a whack ass white boy calls your song some bullshit, He’s entitled to his opinion no doubt but right before they perform? Come on now son..

  • AbsoluteProof

    I’d just feel better if we could stop referring to “Starships” as hip-hop. It’s pop; nothing more, nothing less.



  • Star

    I think many of you would’ve done the same thing. Im pretty sure she wasn’t going to perform starship on stage. Its pop, not hip hop, and its not played on hot 97. However, Rosenberg was wack for calling out Nicki and belittling her music before she’s set to perform. Not to mention they are all hypocrits for having her there when I’ve heard him, cypher, and Flex diss Nicki in the past.

  • JAyP

    REAL HIP HOP REAL RAP whatever is when you dont have to try hard to make a record whether its somewhat popish, catchy, straight rap, drug rap, whatever you know that shit is REAL when everything CONNECTS when it all flows together the BEAT, the RHYMES, the HOOK, the VIBE you know that shit is real whether its a message behind it or some club weekend get fucked up type shit.. but if we as listeners hear some shit that you know it was just for money its FAKE when you know it was forced and used to just get mainstreams attention thats whats not REAL muthafuckas in the studio doing shit for like 5 minutes and slapping a dubstep beat on that shit THAT AINT REAL HIP HOP!

    Back in the 90s/ early 2000’s niggas was vibing off that real HIP HOP RAP SHIT! Every artist just needs to keep that in mind give that shit a feel give it a reason

  • that truth

    only problem is he said “real hip hop” then he mentioned bitin ass asap and wack ass schoolboy. other than that hes 110% correct

  • Soul King

    Hypocrites!!!!!!! HOT 97 is the one that made em famous playing the bullshit then uses them as a headliner then diss em.. I am not a YCMB fan but real talk dont praise me then hang me two face fucks

  • Mike

    They were both hypocritical. Both of them in the wrong, even if I applaud Rosenberg.

  • Swag

    When you work for a radio station and you’re putting on a concert with YOUR station’s name on it, you’ve got to support them through-and-through.
    He may not like Nicki Minaj, but if someone asks, he’s gotta say he loves her music, he brushes his teeth to it!

  • nito

    I dont Get it, why go at nicki? when they could go at so many other rappers who went pop. its like they scared to call out other people. im looking at bigsean with “ASS” and the chris brown song. also looking at B.o.B; although, that guy may have never been hip-hop to begin with.


    FUCK LIL WAYNE, FUCK NICKI MINAJ and FUCK PETER ROSENBERG. HOT 97, excuse me…POP 97 was always wack and will continue to be wack. Rosenberg is a hip hop hypebeast hipster with his wannabe backpack persona. Rosenberg is a phoney jew nigga and will never get to that level of hip hop legendary like Stretch and Bobbito. Rosenberg got where he’s at by dickridin’ the industry. this jew nigga is POP 97 crack dealer, he may not use it, but he’s selling it. he’s been supporting all these wack rap niggaz for years, and now he’s trying to impress himself with his own BS opinions.

  • jimbo capone

    niggas cant speak they mind without bitches gettin hurt? the streets aint fuckin with wayne and that gremlin rap. wayne fuckin up drakes and nickins money. niggas get hurt asap now a days. nicki could have done the show and said some fly shit to put down the haters. instead bitch caught feelings and her poodle boss actin a fool

  • WR

    Yeah sure it was petty, and Rosenberg continually tries to ride the coattails of “real hip hop”, whatever the fuck that means. With that said, pulling the act strikes me as a very un-hip-hop thing to do. You would have thought that would have motivated them to come out, get the whole crowd to scream “Fuck Rosenberg”, and proceed to (attempt to) tear shit down. Not fucking give up like some bitch-ass pussies. Oh well, they DO suck so whatever. Wayne needs to stop pretending to be a skater. That is all.

  • Mya

    Who cares no big deal LOL……. thats the honest truth from Peter Rosenberg that…. even….. just made the whole Young Money look more like little bitches LOL….. after all Young Money thinking they the realest LOL…… yeah whatever right in there own minds. Peoples who say there the realest are fakes of them all LOL…. truth…. sorry truth hurts take it to the head bitches insult bitch you act like you have a di*k LLOOLL……

  • Im Not nad at Nikki for gettin money. you can call her a sell out all you want cause she sellin out arenas . She make cross over records shes a crossover artist thats what her and drake were meant to be for YMCMB from day one . Im not mad at PR for felling its not real Hip Hop although I do question his authority on what real Hip Hop is . Flex beeen sellin out real Hip Hop for mainstream sh!t for as long as I can remember so I dont respect either of there opinions on what is real. Wayne as much as you want to hate him for it he stood up for his team and I repect that . If somebody dis me I would tell um to take they money and go f!ck themselves and that is essentially what YMCMB did. There is nobody on either side of this situation to repect for being real Hip Hop YMCMB and Hot97 are as commercial as it gets.

  • JFRESH612

    Good with everything out in the open, Thanks to Peter for opening the door for the fans to call out all this WACK MUSIC,

    Machine Gun Kelly SUCKS MAJOR
    ASS !!!!!!!! Yealla Wolf or how ever he spells his name, all this Euro music
    IT’S ALL BAD !!!
    Erykah Badu called all this crap out a couple years ago now Peter got’em listening.
    Real Music or Should I say Real Hip Hop stills lives but we as fans gotta demand it !!!

    Nicki still got heat, but it’s get’n hard to see with all the nonsense… GET YA MONEY, BUT DROP MORE MUSIC FOR REAL HIP HOP HEADS WHICH GOT U HERE……..

  • ace boogie

    All press is good press both sides won from this point blank period