Nas – Life Is Good (Artwork)

blame it on hologram shake June 4, 2012

Fresh off hitting the Summer Jam stage last night, Nas unveils the official cover art to his next album. Hit the jump for a hi-res version.

Photo by Mathew Salacuse, art direction by Alex Haldi.

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  • K.I.N.G

    still don’t understand why the name of this album is life is good. couldn’t have came at a worse time. kelis got ths nigga workin’ with the wackest niggas in rap.

  • Ste-low Green

    So Kelis finally letting Nas put out an album so he try to pay his child support.

  • q

    art by shake?

  • nah

    bcuz life is good

  • Mike Tomlin

    I dont get it?

  • fuck yall niggas. wheres yall tenth album at? faggots

  • 1

    this site is starting to become like people just hatig for no reason and with no arguments at all.

    how can you hate on something as positive as this??

    artwork is dope, especially hearin the story behind…excited bout the album.

    oh yea..and even if the art was done by shake..he would have done a great ass job

  • that truth

    LOL worst nas cover BY FAR and hes had some pretty wack ones. even tho i like the 3 songs from it, my expectations just dropped. cmon nasir

  • Mike Tomlin

    Touche I guess I should have watched the video first haha

  • Ryan

    Nas mad boring he like tim duncan of rap… He great but nobody checking for him

  • oohla vegas

    the first 6 comment let me know that 2dbz commenters just dont get it… smh

  • Mike Tomlin

    Is Illmatic the most identifiable cover of all time?

  • who cares

    I hate the cover. After I watched the video I understood it, but I still hate it. But the cover doesn’t make the album. As long as the music’s dope then I’m good. On my moms though if he has some whack ass guests on this album I’ma flip. We know you in love with YM now, but none of your fans want to hear them fags on your album.

  • Leroy

    You got to eat a struggle meal while listening to Nas so you can really feel his lyrics

  • Nasty Nate

    Nobody is checkin for Nas? Get da fuk out of here with that bullsht. Anyone over the age of 25 gets hype as hell to hear a new Nas song. All the singles have been dope so far.



  • Amsterdam-Mike

    Life is Good is a great title for this album. This is going to be Nas his most personal and honost album where he is gonna speak on everything that has happened to him in the last couple of years. Through all the drama Nas had had in these last couple of years he never told his side of the story. He is gonna use this album to tell all from his side of the story.

    And even though Nas had a lot of problems these last couple of years (Kelis, IRS, etc)
    He is telling us that Life is (still) Good. Despite of everyhing.

    Don’t let the title fool you. It’s not gonna be some ‘happy’ album. We are gonna hear some very personal records on this album. Just watch….and listen. 1 month left.

  • Timothy

    Its going to be like every other album …

    BULLSHIT BEATS with good lyrics …

    How about you make a album with DJ PREMIER ?

    Oh wait you rather not do that..

  • Jason

    Man what story!! his girl left him?? fuk outta here wit the simp sh!t…Im a die hard NaS fan but enough is enough! SMHHH

  • eshtiak

    not bad not good just wanna hear the music

  • Rymega

    The trolling in here is strong…

  • The Delorean Driver

    If you not fucking with Nas its cool but no need to hate on shit you aint even heard yet. Good to see Nas get some good promo and for you youngins that mite have forgot what this nigga represents to the culture…

    [Verse 1: Nas]
    Word to mama, any lineup of rhymers
    Could bring any drama, anytime, the city’s mine
    Nas Is Like, Love Undying, Money’s My Bitch
    In Thugz Mansion, thugs dancin’ around the fly shit
    Pharaoh garment’s Prada, Egyptian camelback-riders
    Pyramid architects, Perignon bottles, money, jewelry want me then come
    Get me, hit me but don’t miss me, you history
    Lead flowin’ around like a Frisbee, Italian dons from Sicily kiss me
    This ain’t 50, this ain’t Jigga, this ain’t Diddy, this ain’t Pretty
    Pain, power, pussy and pistols, lyrically no one, hold none near me, hear me
    Kids cheer me like The Count of Monte-Cristo
    Steady poundin’ soundin’ like G without the lisp though
    My big bro told me plain and simple, “Nas do not look back”
    Watch where you took rap, no bookbags and trucker hats
    Just army jacks and diamonds that’s flashin’
    What the fuck is that, freestyle

    Disciple, Disciple (STREET’S!)
    Disciple (STREET’S!)
    Disciple (STREET’S!)
    Disciple (STREET’S!)
    Disciple (STREET’S!)
    Disciple (STREET’S!)
    Disciple (Esco!)

    [Verse 2: Nas]
    Like Paul, Michael and Matthew, Peter, James and Andrew
    Phillip, Simon and Judas — I’m disciple of music
    Street beats is the main thing minus the traitor
    And I’m not a dictator, I’m the righteous invitin’ you haters
    Inside the life of the greatest, it’ll take you through something real
    Get a smack in your face, cause I hurt up, trauma-tize, llama
    Bust shells, destroy yet try’ta prevent violence
    If I present iron somebody dyin’, don’t even worry ’bout it
    Then dress warm for the cemetery climate
    When I speak I need cemetery silence, terror
    See me, gold Hummers, Lamborghinis, man who stole the summer
    Hand straight gleamin’, if I don’t know you toe-tag you
    Drag you through the cement, fo-fo maggie
    Body parts in my man’s Maserati car, then party hard in Madagascar
    While rigor mortis’ll grab ya, him retarded, I’m pass that
    Gloves on, where the mask at? Too many love songs
    All the thugs gone, what happened? Where’s the passion?
    Rappers battlin’ non-rappers, carryin’ on backwards
    Laughin’ sayin’ Nas thinks he’s Farrakhan preachin’ blackness
    Hell yeah, awareness is my alias
    Word to the ‘Braveheart’ written on my bare chest
    The realest, HERE IT IS!

    LIFE IS GOOD, now you lil kids can get back to listening to your Chief Keef and let the real get excited about this album.

  • Mike

    Atleast this guy is talking bout his life and Life in general expected a better cover like the sky and Nas in the picture or something but this cover looks decent but not PERFECT Life isn’t perfect anyways.

  • J.T.

    The cover that he did for Complex Magazine should be the album cover. As long as the music is good then no one will care though.

  • LexiCon

    At first I was a little confused but then I watched the video and I smiled. Nas is truly the genius!

  • The cover is amazing to me. It may have totally took the approach this album was expected to go in and change it. At least to me.The cover art is like a jab at “life is good.” there he is in the club but his mind isn’t there. Haha at least that’s the way I read it. Maybe the album’s title is sarcastic. You have the stunting songs like “nasty” and “the don” but then there’s “daughters.” I thought Nas was running on E after untitled but I’m really excited for this album.

  • thatrealshit

    only way i won’t buy this is if YM has a feature, i cant support that garbage. otherwise all the music off it has been solid, and im lookin forward to the rebirth of that classic nas sound

  • haha

    Nas is a GENIUS…dope album cover! Way too many trolls in here LOL.

  • Da Beast

    Y’all so negative. No matter what the album cover looked like you same bums would be here hating. No matter what beat is chosen y’all would be screaming the same. Like it or not NAS is one of the greatest to do it and is proving it more and more with his longevity!

  • Zachariah

    Distant relatives had a YM feature and I’m sure he doesn’t need a favour returned from any of them chumps. Lil Wayne actually had a good verse on the track. It’s strange how everyone throws dude respect, he needs it and is blessed as hell in this game.

  • daveg

    The same people hatin on Nas is like Soulja Boy in that FUCKIN video. I can’t stand these lil kids who can’t appreciate super dope hip hop.
    They’d rather listen to ASAP Rocky, 2 Chainz, or Mac Miller. Nas is the GOAT. Respect to that real shit that’s comin back…

  • QBN

    The vid explains it.. You go through bullshit in life; haters love to talk about Nas’s martial & money problems, but he has the will of a champion. Life is good, because he won’t let any of the hardships & negativity stop him from living how he feels, and making the music he wants. Nas is certified, it doesn’t matter if he makes another classic or whatever. His body of work and his fan base will carry him forever..

  • Nasty

    How was he running on E after Untitled? That’s one his best albums ever

  • Illaiiller

    Nobody is checkin for Nas? Get da fuk out of here with that bullsht. Anyone over the age of 25 gets hype as hell to hear a new Nas song. All the singles have been dope so far.

    Nasty Nate said this on June 4th, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    U speak the Truth These little Niggas just Don’t Get it lol

  • bb

    been a nas fan this shit is gonna bang hard

  • RSWD

    This cover is hella dope it reflects the title,”life is good”(after his divorce)for those that were confused.Niggas know Nas is the greatest emcee of ALL fuckin time stop frontin.I just wish i could get that album with Rza/Primo before i die!

  • Your Average Jet

    Good shit. Now we just need that tracklist. Glad he got Odd Future on here

  • I Get the Cover,

    After All He Been Threw…. “Life Is Good”

    If Your A Nas Fan, You Will Know He Wont Disappoint HipHop

  • david

    Yeah like some people here said, the title shows Nas has had problems but he’s got past them and when he weighs the negative against positive “Life Is Good”, his fans can relate to that, nice art direction too, the colours reflect the title

  • FakirWise

    I don’t know why after listening to Nas’ lyrics – that anyone would think he’s done. Jim Jones, Cam’ron and 50 might speak against him…but who’s cosigning that? How many people still work with them?

    Guy wins an emmy for a documentary and you question his ability to make good music…something seriously wrong here – and it’s not the artist.

  • CoolNikkyJay

    yeeeooo i Seen them hating on the cover on a number of other sites. Ayo, fuck that noise. This is beauty. Its beautiful to take struggle, ingest it, and make it ur own. That’s an incredible album cover and the symbolism of Kelis’ green dress is strengthening and heartbreaking at the same time. Big ups, big big ups.