Crooked I – F*ck You Pay Me f. Twista & K-Young

blame it on hologram shake June 5, 2012

The LA Leakers got the green light to liberate the first leak off Crook’s upcoming project, Psalm 82:V6, due out June 19th. Hit the jump for the tracklist.

DOWNLOAD: Crooked I – Fuck You Pay Me f. Twista & K-Young [Tags]

01. 82v6 Intro (Prod. by Quest)
02. G’s us – ft. Roc Marciano (Prod. by Komplex)
03. G.A.N.G Up (Grind And Never Give Up) – Feat. Medi (Prod. by G Rocka)
04. Monsters- ft. Slaughterhouse & Colin Monroe (Prod. by Boi-1da)
05. Nikki (Prod. by Tito Ali)
06. Niggaz Winnin’- ft. Trae The Truth & Melody Angel (Prod. by G Rocka & Medi)
07. Fuck U Pay Me – ft. Twista & K-Young (Prod. by Tight Mike)
08. And She Don’t Even Know – ft. Soopafly & Kobe (Prod. by Pitchshifters)
09. Let the Beat – ft. KeAna (Prod. by The Renaissance)
10. Ratchet Heauxs (Prod. by I-Nine)
11. Roll call 2 – ft. Bad Lucc, Coniyac, Locksmith & Mykestro (Prod. by Aktive)
12. 3 the hard way – ft. Kurupt & Ras Kass (Prod. by Aktive)
13. Team COB – ft. Horseshoe Gang & Iceman (Prod. by G Rocka & Medi)
14. Real Niggaz – ft. Freeway Rick Ross (Prod. by Komplex)
15. Never forget – ft. Eddie Fontaine (Prod. by Snaz)
16. It feels good as a MF (Prod. by Komplex)
17. Praise GOD (Prod. by Tabu)
18. BBBB – ft. Tena Jones (Prod. by Tabu)

  • grtg

    This is that real shit!!!!!!!!!!!

    C.O.B !!!!!!

  • trufisbak

    i hope this comes w/o any annoying d.j. tags tho

  • Kadio

    My dawg Crooked I is so fuckin’ tight! Whether it’s some hardcore lyrical shit or a more laid back easy listening hit, he fucking bodies it! COB!!!

  • wow

    This is weak as fuck for a Crooked I track smh

  • H-20NE

    i wanna hear track 2!!!

  • Just for clarification, there will be 2 versions of this mixtape. The free version will have tags and the iTunes one will not. Both drop on June 19th.

  • buckets

    the biggest underdog is rap history.

  • markaveli

    the most underrated underdog in rap history indeed.

  • Real Hiphop

    damn crook sold out. Real niggaz feat freeway and RICK ROSS really?

    i lost all hope in every other slaughterhouse member crook was my boy but all hes recent shits been wack ass fuck.

    damn anyone rember this >>>>>
    crooked i- djs and mcs

  • pigface

    westcoast king

  • rwok

    he’s not underrated he’s stoop rapper that cant make a song to save his life. that’s not underrated. everyone knows how dope he is but he doesnt deserve any accolades as far as music goes because the majority of his songs a sub fucking par. that’s not an underdog. dude has had crazy opportunities and never managed reap the fruits. he was with deathrow at their peak ffs. what more can you ask for.

  • The king

    ^ what?

  • h34h43

    underrated is an artist that has great work that is overlooked. im a fan of crooked but he doesnt have any great work.

  • ai215

    ^ you are a fan of him but he doesn’t have any great work? thats like saying its my favorite restaurant but the food and service aren’t that good. what the fuuck?

  • ewn

    ^ai215 let me clarify — i respect him as a rapper. i dont even percieve him as an artist though. dude got more freestyles than original music. that’s the first red flag that something is wrong.

  • R3dsox

    I wish the people that posted on these sites actually knew a thing about hip hop. Every member of Slaughterhouse will murder your favorite rappers favorite rapper. Haters!

  • ewripj

    @R3dox congratulations on the most generic comment ever posted.

  • pharaoh


    You know what I call an artist? Somebody who composes intricate rhyme schemes through syllabic complexity and creates visions with cleverly applied vocabulary beyond the knowledge and mind capacity of your favorite so-called “artist” rappers. Yeah, Crooked I is a lyrical artist.

    Accolades for consuming commercial production mean nothing past mainstream glory. Fuck your glory.