Don’t Point A Laser At Kanye West While He’s On Stage…

blame it on Meka June 5, 2012

… or he’ll stop his show in the middle of it to put your whole life on a Summer Jam screen in front of thousands of people. What’s the point of doing something as dumb as that from the crowd anyways?

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  • $$$


  • Shawn

    Kanye is a dick, we already know that anyway.. what’s new there?

  • Shawn

    But i would still suck his dick tho!

  • $$$

    There was honestly nothing dickish about that. I doubt anyone would want a laser on them when they are in the middle of doing their job? I would be mad if my art/presentation was ruined by something childish. Maybe I’m wrong for putting myself in someone else’s perspective though before replying, right? ;]

  • qpo

    nothing wrong about what kanye did. 90% of nigga who buy lasers do so to use it as a trolling device anyway.

  • Yeah bitch ass niggas

    If you’re on stage in front of 40,000 people trying to perform and one asshole keeps shining a laser pointer in your eyes so u can’t see, making it difficult to perform at your best for the people who paid a shit load of money to see that show.. You’d have the same reaction.

  • MDA33

    Kanye Put My Man In Check!, Don’t If He Would’ve Gotten His Ass Beat But He Still Got Put In Check By Mr West!…LOL!

  • david

    he needs to invest in a pair of those shutter shades he put out with a shit load of holes in

  • jamie

    nigga gonna get shot up like tyga

  • ewf

    the things that pass for news. then you wonder why the media feeds you so much bullshit


    I’d knock his ass out nowadays for bieng such a pompous ass…fuck him , yea I hate BUT THATS cuz Kanye could pop a squat and shit on all his fans nowadays…
    # punch a nigga in the mouth and break his jaw again

  • C-los

    La Prima Donna.

    You think other professionals would stop because of that? People have performed blind because they got hit with fireworks in their face and didn’t stop the song. FDR got shot and still gave his speech. Shit Justin Beiber hot hit with a bottle and didn’t sweat it. Kanye is a fussy bitch

  • DFK

    Kanye being a douchebag. I could see if he got hit by glowsticks or some shit but lasers are pretty standard at shows and I’m pretty sure the one used wasn’t powerful enough to burn through his shit. If I were there I woulda went outta my way to find more lasers and me n a few friends would all fucked with him

  • icardi

    ^ ?

  • @ C-los
    So you heard Roosevelt was shot and gave a speech? IT WAS TEDDY YOU IDIOT, not FDR. Shit, people straight talkin outta their ass thinking their smart and shit. Callin somebody out without fact checking your own damn points <<<<

  • Drezain

    Kanye the tough guy, with throngs of security around, please!!!



  • Maga D

    I wish they’d put the guy with the lazer on the screen so errybody could fuck em up after the show, lol.

  • East Coast

    At least he addressed it professionally (or as professionally as possible.) Told the dude to stop fucking around, continued the show, no prob. Don’t see what the hate’s for. Kanye circa MTV Awards incident woulda took like 10 minutes to complain about it lmao.


    I love it.

  • Dude Thought It Was A Lupe Concert Smh

  • Chris

    it was in paris and that shit definitely is not funny. its pretty dumb actually. So whoever cosigns this is pretty dumb himself.