• white mike


  • Bizbeagle

    aright, its just a fact now: Alchemist is the best producer out.

  • nyc22

    This beat is unfuckwitable.

  • ddave

    This song is motivational. I was vibing with it. Definitely better than this Chief Keef and A$AP Rocky bullshit out currently.

  • fyhjwtyj

    its a great song but yo alchemist need to stop selling tracks to artist that have been used before. i heard beat in a youtube video like an interview or some shit

  • Not taken

    No one used this before. Rick Ross didn't take it in that video

  • The Listener

    This is the best Alchemist beat in years. Amazing!

  • fdgljr’

    @nottaken thx i knew i heard just didnt remember where. still would have loved to hear it for the first time in a well written track and not a rick ross promo vid

  • DjChriscool

    This track is Tuff!!..Big shouts to the homie Awar!

  • Jeckslive

    ridiculous....Alc and Awar killing this ish...Laws of Nature can't wait...great job

  • Maj

    This track is hard! Solid lyrics and one of the best beats I've heard from ALC in a minute. Definitely gonna check The Laws of Nature LP