Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz – Mercy (Video)

blame it on Illy June 6, 2012

G.O.O.D. Music come through with the lead visual to the lead single from their upcoming Cruel Summer LP out, hopefully, by this summer.

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  • topher

    weezy over his head if he thinks he can go toe to toe with pusha

  • Wow, i can’t believe I have never heard this song before. I must have slept those few days on the net. smh.

  • Kill the person that says this isn’t dope.

    G.O.O.D. just outshined, MMG, YMCMB, We The Best, or whatever the fuck team forgot with ONE muthafuckin video.

    That is all.

  • give me a boner

    this video was wickety wickety wickety wickety wack. put some hot bitches half naked shaking their titties and asses. not this gay shit.

  • Me

    And there goes Kanye’s flawless catalogue of extremely dope videos. This is horrible.

  • mcd

    whats up with all the turbans and shit?

  • meh


  • yesssir

    super regular. kanye rushed this shit to get back home to kim lol

  • Short-T

    This needs to be watched on Fullscreen/Widescreen. I can’t believe Cudi was the one with the most energy in the video.

  • Black/White

    Well that was awkward. Rent a garage, put the camera on a swivel and have everybody stand around it making those “middle schooler listening to rap in the mirror” hand motions? Then add a couple bad dancers and dress Kanye up in both a skirt AND skinny jeans at the same time, and here we have it. Another completely average “work of genius” from GOOD music.

  • Midwestbeast

    Y’all trippn, this video goes hard.

  • Elder


  • smh

    There are no dancers you retard. Thats just them wildin out.

  • Whocares

    Im just going to hope that everybody notices the lens being low as if you are in a Lambo watching them….

  • ihatehipsterfags

    “And niggas still hatin…”

  • Black/White

    ^In that case, it’s much more embarrassing to watch.

  • T-Dot

    OOOD Music just admitted they got defeated…



  • unclesam

    The joint is hard, no doubt, but the video is pretty fucking average.

  • JaySpaceE

    Watch this on a big ass screen. Its simple but creative as heck

  • facepalm


    Is there a way YMCMB and GOOD Music could BOTH lose this beef? Because after that mess, I just want them all to go away. It’s Wack Vs Worse at this point.

  • adrian

    Kid Cudi is so cocky,Should change his name to Kid Cocky.

  • linkz

    What the FUCK did i just watch are these niggas are terrorist no ol Bangladesh sand nigga shit WHAT !

  • sev

    “Im just going to hope that everybody notices the lens being low as if you are in a Lambo watching them….”

    lmao! get the FUCK outta here you herb. finish your art school education that you begged your parents for

  • HeadHoncho

    Was anyone able to pick out all the (obscure) cameos in the background? I saw CyHi for sure, Teyana Taylor (I believe that’s her name), but I don’t know about a few of the others. I think I saw Future, and possibly both Travi$ Scott and Hit-Boy (these are assumptions since it’s hard to get a good look with the camera constantly panning). Pretty cool that other G.O.O.D. artists were included even though they didn’t have verses; makes the group seem tight-knit.

  • IslandKid

    got boring to watch after the first 2 mins

  • ew

    “Im just going to hope that everybody notices the lens being low as if you are in a Lambo watching them….”

    wow nigga ure talking out of your ass. typical pseudo-analytical wannabe artsy fartsy cornball. keep that wack shit to yourself next time.

  • cRASH

    this was the best rap video ive seen in a while but like @islandkid said it still boring. This video would have been better for a shorter song. Im not trying to see niggas aimlessly stumble around a garage for 6 minutes. It was a good video though but you have to find something to hate on.

  • LezBfknHonest

    Song slaps……….but this vid just wasn’t it. To the G.O.O.D. music stans, I’m sorry, but WTF WAS SO CREATIVE AND DOPE ABOUT THIS SHIT!? LOL ..Let’s be real here. *Shrugs*

  • YallNiggasHatinJustToBeHatin

    Im convinced half of yall hatin aint even watch the video. Pointin out shit that wasnt even there tho?? Niggas hatin like they get paid to do it. :( smh. Video is dope.

  • rjb

    i thought the song was wack. but this video is dope.

  • the realest

    lol what are ppl looking for in a hiphop video these days? seems like theres not ONE video to drop that ppl dont fold their arms up and say ” :( that aint dope.” lmao. ppl just love to hate. its funny.

  • Yeezus

    What the fuck? This could have been a hit, but Kanye fucked up the song and now he made a wack ass video! That ego is starting to sabotage his own work!

  • YeahISaidiT

    So yal just ‘gon co-sign this like its the dopest shit ever? lol. Fasho.

  • Don’t worry about it

    The should have pulled the vertical part of the widescreen up some cause it kept cutting off people’s heads. It was Ok. Not all that amazing though.

  • SforMusic

    Video is good but not good enough to be the best this year soo far (There is the OF tape vol 2 videos), A$AP Rocky Goldie, MIA Bad girls and more (name me more cos i cant remember) and as a creative , the person who said the video is from a view point of a Lambo, tried too hard … Regardless Video and Song bangs, Haters gonna hate and all that good stuff !!!!!

  • RealLifeKaz

    Cudi’s dance > 2 Chainz dance lol

  • pros2ill

    i wonder what cyhi thinks of them getting 2chainz and not putting him on this song…

  • marty mcfly

    People gonna say its hate but, this video is just aiight. Shit looks like they all went in Asap Rockys closet and picked out some clothes and then went to empty parking garage and shot the video. The songs on some UGK recycled H town shit with just lil bit of some other type shit during Kanye verse and as for the lyrics, id say its ok but you know something is different when 2Chains got the best verse on a song with these MCs. You can call it hate but were all huge fans of Kanye so its not really hate but a video for Theraflu would have been dope. Good Music can do sooooo much better imo. Your entitled to your own opinion.

  • Pauly D

    Dope video

  • blair

    did anyone expect an artsy fartsy video w/ an ignant song about a lamborghini? cmon. let it be what it is. don’t act like that shit they did w/ the camera for “swerve” wasn’t dope. i thought the video was thugged out as fuck. loved the dress + the setting. cmon dudes. let it be what it is

  • vlado




  • Thank Me

    The video was decent at best. I’m not one to judge another man’s dress code, but Kanye kills me with the skirts and all that. I want to hear a release with Cudder on the track.

  • @GITEM

    ^All the “eezy’s” came from like 6-7 years ago when the hottest new rappers were JEEZY, WEEZY, and Kanye, who natually became YEEZY. He didn’t make that name for himself, the fans did.

    And “weird” is interpretive, but Kanye definitely dresses differently than Lil Wayne. Kanye’s into high fashion, Lil Wayne rocks high school skate shit.

  • randy

    i liked the video. i wasnt expecting anything groundbreaking but i can see why some people may not like it im not as picky. reminds me of the 2pac 360 camera “made niggas” video. youtube it.

  • This is why Kanye should do his research on directing videos. Great concept, horrible execution…

  • Mez

    It would’ve been doper if they were just speeeing in a Mercy.
    And then Ye pulls up to Def Jam at his verse and they start haulin 50 mill in a bunch of mercys and 2 Chainz start shootin at niggas and shit
    I should’ve directed this. lol

  • 3much4thesehoes

    mos def at the end.

  • @ @GITEM


  • Swag

    2Dope. This is the beginning of the new movie called Cruel Summer. Just like how the first movie was basically a music video for the album thats what this is. I thought it was dope especially how their were doubles of each person, how the camera moved from side to side, and that a bunch of the good music family was there but it probably looks way different on seven different screens. the reason all of them had turbans on and middle eastern gear on is cuz the movie was shot in qatar, and i guess kanye wanted to go with outfits that suited the scenery. I can’t wait till he brings the seven screen experience to New York, I’m gonna be in there

  • sukamuddasucka

    Whoever is hatin’ on the video is obviously sucking on Wayne’s dick or getting Rick Ross from behind! I’m tired of see bitches and money in every FN’ video. KW has been giving us some dope videos lately.

  • jamie

    2 chainz suited the beat the best and you gotta wait til last for him to come in

  • huh

    who was it flapping like a bird at the end, looked like either mos def or pusha t but I wasn’t sure it was either of them

  • Quasimodo Jones

    “This is why Kanye should do his research on directing videos. Great concept, horrible execution…”
    i agree, all of them looked like they hadn’t rehearsed or blocked out the video, seemed like they were aimlessly prancing about. and if your going to pose and pout to try and give off a pretentious sophistication at least keep the act up throughout , don’t get distracted and laugh or stare at something off camera.

    Besides that i liked the video, just being overly critical because i can’t believe Kanye made what seems to be amateurish mistakes.

  • Thinker

    is this NOT working for anybody right now? I CANT SEE THE FUCKING VIDEO!!! FUCK!!!!!

  • gee

    man jay called kanye kanyeezy on blueprint 2 on “the bounce” in 2002

  • the realest

    “i agree, all of them looked like they hadn’t rehearsed or blocked out the video, seemed like they were aimlessly prancing about.”

    ^ rehearsed? are you serious? its a damn music video, about nothing lol. whats there to rehearse? ppl are looking way too deep into this just bcuz its ye. this is MERCY. a song about stuntin’. just bcuz its kanye doesnt mean there has to be all kinds of special effects and lights and explosions. just a standard video with a lil something extra. all you critics are just full of yourselves.

    and @ swag

    if so, then that makes this video even doper.

  • midwestbeast

    cudi and mos def had the best cameos tho. lol

  • Yo who the fuck are the dudes at 1:45 and the dude swinging around at 5:05 to 5:10? I think 1:45 in is french but it could be Mr. Hudson to I can’t tell.

  • *NothingToDoHere*

    Bunch of ignorant people giving opinions about art. What do you know about art? Closest thing you have to it was coloring picture books in elementary school. #hipster #elitist

  • the realest

    ^ preach

  • gaaaashSOscuba

    terrible video. but i still like the song

  • Youknow

    I like Yeezy but wasnt really feeling the video, it was ok but I was expecting more, especially from a lead single, cant hate tho song is still dope

  • SwizZ

    Decent video I like the concept tho its different, only thing that annoyed me tho is they had a Gallardo in the background and not a Murcielago. They couldve had a bright orange or lime green LP670-4sv in the background to counter the black & white that wouldve been dope. Sorry if that car talk went over yall heads

  • DoubleClutch95

    This is why GOOD Music is 7 steps ahead of any record label out right now.

  • really

    @Quasimodo Jones
    Nigga are you fucking retarded? If it was meant to be rehearsed they would have done that. Obviously it wasn’t meant the be that way. You think they would put out a video without doing it the way they wanted. If they wanted shit to be all perfect and rehearsed then ye would have cut them looking of camera out of the video. What you see is the way it was supposed to be.

  • marty mcfly

    Is this the first official video meant to showcase Good Music as a whole? That may be why SOME people would be expecting a Wutang Triumph type video, especially from Kanye. The video aint wack but no need to pretend like you weren’t expecting a movie from Kanye. This may be just a small part of a bigger picture but still, people can only judge what they are shown with this video and it was just ok. If you talking about some grand type of art and this is what your referencing then you should prolly watch Kanyes other videos.

  • ICouldBeAnybody

    It’s original…is it g.o.o.d.? No..very underwhelming. Less ain’t more here; where’s the fuckin production??


    that fucking kid cudi cameo fucking made my day lol

  • at *NothingToDoHere* I’m a graphic artist… I have to learn about shit like this daily…

  • And also in order for there to be multiples of each of them they had to take several, shots its not rocket science guys. Its just my opinion, I totally felt Kanye should have just got someone else other than who he got to direct the video. The guy who directed it, Nabil Elderkin, also did Paranoid, Welcome to Heartbreak, & Coldest Winter. Which were concepts he was obviously good at. With a video like this you want to get someone like Hype Williams to set off the mood. If it were me I’d have a Murcielago for each rapper driving with close ups on it at night through L.A. and have the rappers appear in the reflections from the lights on the car like when you stare at a window shield and have them rap their verse in the reflection on their car. At the end you find out they’re all driving to the same place to meet up like the end of the video where they’re all standing together.

  • Idiots

    I don’t understand why everybody is blaming/giving props to kanye for the creativity in his videos. Yall ever heard of something called directors? This video was directed by NABIL (Bon Iver-Holocene, Kanye West-Welcome to the heartbreak, Frank Ocean-Swim Good, Novacane-Which this video seems similar to with the whole one take mobile camera style, )

  • ^ Finally someone on 2dopeboyz that does some fucking research. *claps*

  • LTP…check us out…

  • RSX

    2chainz looked drunk and high at the same time.

  • zookeeper

    “what do you know about art?”

    ask yourself the same question. some moron will pay millions of dollars for a piece of shit with paint splotches on it… isn’t that “art” stfu moron.

    video is trash and the annoying ass sample or whatever the fuck that continuously plays throughout the song is shitty too. not to mention having 2Chainz remedial ass on the track.

  • hong

    2 chaaaaiiinnnz!

  • amma

    yawn. expected a greater artistic vision from ye.

  • HipHop

    Seriously…a Gallardo? Get your Lambo knowledge up son!



  • Mike

    Stealing A$AP swag!

  • Keebo

    Damn these are some dope ass visuals, tons of haters per usual.

  • SwizZ

    @HipHop thats not a Gallardo in the video? What is it then a Pontiac Fiero? Its not a Murci or an Aventador

  • TONY

    Why does anyone like kanye?

  • factormax

    idk man… kinda just looks like shitty camera work on a green screen of a first year art student’s perspective study. but i hated the song at first and now i think it’s tight, so well see.

  • Hole



  • (l,k)

    lmao i love this song but that shit was awful haha. the concept had some promise but it definitely came out wack lol

  • (l,k)

    “It would’ve been doper if they were just speeeing in a Mercy.
    And then Ye pulls up to Def Jam at his verse and they start haulin 50 mill in a bunch of mercys and 2 Chainz start shootin at niggas and shit
    I should’ve directed this. lol”


  • adam_dz

    I said it once and I will say it again–Big Sean fuckin sucks. Dude is straight from the factory.

  • John Creasy

    Monotonous, lazy-ass visual… poor…

  • datboijon

    just noticed thanks to autoblog that the car in the video is not a mercielago but a gallardo instead. i still like the video but the producer should of whipped someones ass for putting the wrong car in the video

  • Stephanie

    Song’s still dope, video is boring as HAIL.

  • mdiesel

    everybody shut the F**k up!!!!! even when kanye and his team hav a bad day, they still got WAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MORE MONEY than all u wack reviewers who dont think this is one of the hottest videos of the year!!!!, all u guys want is some typical stereotype ish!!! it is THE KANYE WEST we are talkiing about here!!! since when has being different been bad u bandwagon a**wipes!!

  • Nasty

    Why the fuck are 2Chainz and Big Sean in GOOD Music again?

  • TeamDooly

    Ignore every fuck boy, hating comment and you’ll see that this video was creative. It’s like a live performance with a touch of illusion. For the record. Most cats leaving negative critcism are broke and insecure. Get some money and some confidence lame.

  • 2chainzsux

    anal sex hurts but I like the pain, balls the color of mayonnaise, I’m gay and bi at the same time, sippin champaign then runnin trains. smoke cocks like a gun range, beat my meat like rampage, hundred boys, fucc yo girl, now my ass need a bandaid. grade a, buttplug, like dicks the color of akon.