Soul Khan - Soulstice 4

Soul drops the final installment of his "Soulstice" series with this Network-inspired lyrical assault.

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  • Vharney


  • richie

    this is dope!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jumberto

    fucking amazing

  • J9


  • Marco!

    Khan is un-fuck-wit-able. One MC in a growing number of NY based MC's that are building a great atmosphere of good, quality hip hop. Oh, and f*ck the 3 cats that gave this cris-ness thumbs down.

  • BluntedInThe206

    "i just need one bar like alluh ak-" fuckin dope

  • Ronald

    Brown Bag always wins

  • josey

    This is sick!

  • Oli


  • rex

    This is the future.

  • missie

    so crazy! i <3 BBAS

  • dick rause

    youd have to be a fucking idiot to not feel this shit

  • Pensive

    soul is the fucking truth. people need to stop sleeping

  • flava

    wow this dude stays on point!

  • Ridiculousness

    "We don't stope when the odds are against us, so these suckers are getting dropped from the census"

  • Rich Malone

    Bravo Khan....good fucking atmosphere to this track, in addition to the spittin'...

  • Ciro

    Brown Bag!!!!!!!!!!

    The truth

  • Terse

    I swear this dude is a beast. Khan went in on this and you can feel his honesty in this shit man, dude is the truth !!!

  • saint kdogg

    bbas got this shit on lock


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