Terrace Martin – S.S.L. f. Kendrick Lamar, Problem & A Dabu$iness

blame it on Meka June 6, 2012

3ChordFold drops August 21st.

DOWNLOAD: Terrace Martin – Solid Sound Logic f. Kendrick Lamar, Problem & A Dabu$iness | Alt
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  • AndOneill

    TERRACE MARTIN.! Best producer in the game .! Song is dope , killed this shits.

  • someguy

    oh my lawd.

  • realtalk©


  • Thinker

    wow. I think Problem bodied that. Consider this the first record i EVER heard man spit like that kind of heat

  • Thinker

    disregard the extra *like

    @realtalk© save that for when they start posting the album. usuallly when all the haters come out in full force and the weak fans start turning on their favorite rapper/pop star

  • JaySole

    Song is mad FIRE! How the hell did it get 2 Nopes already…….

  • Cubano

    Kendrick really bodied this….he really did…realllly reallllly fuckin did…the rest were dope too

  • Just Sayin

    Terrace Martin should just stick to producing and stop rappin…he can’t other than that dope track

  • JR

    why did kendrick’s voice sound like absolute shit? sounds like it was recorded with a damn iphone or something

  • Raiders4Life

    ^He’s currently on the road, he probably recorded this in a wack booth and e-mailed it over.

  • m

    who’s A Dabu$iness?

  • R

    A Dabusness kinda reminds me of maussberg

  • Obi Juan

    Kendrick Lamar snapped on this one!!!!

  • Richhhh

    yo but Kendrick ripped this fkin beat! Beat went on though.

  • Thestreetziswatchin

    Terrance stay in the background and stick to producing you wack spitter, Problem is a hood hoe, everyone done invested in him, bend over sucka.
    Kendrick don’t surround yourself with these wack dudes, you hold your own, no need to be featured.

  • goodadviceman

    yea take career advice from this guy ^

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