Heat vs Celtics (Game 6)

blame it on hologram shake June 7, 2012

Two teams I love to hate just started their battle for Game 6. Celtics win, they take on the Thunder in the Finals. Heat win, they’re off to Miami for Game 7. Should be a great game. C-section is free for all. UPDATE: Game 7 it is.

  • method

    before anything goes down here,
    wanna let everyone marinate for a minute that peter rosenberg is a fucking sike.
    FUCK peter rosenberg, you fucking hipster following faggot.

  • ^ what does that have to do with the NBA or this game? Nothing what so ever… the only people who care about that shyt..are people who work at 2 radio stations in NY… no one listens to the radio anymore..lol… I think there all douchebags!!!

    With that being said..this bytch is going 7..OKC is going to get a little break before they win a title.

  • eatshit

    All Celtics haters can suck a fat aids dick til it cums down ur throat. Die slow bitches. And I’m out – eatshit

  • Heat are up 10 right now lol… ^ don’t be so bitter about it. Even if the Celts win this series, they will be dismantled in the off season… back to lottery status.

  • Mayor of Boston

    “KJ” and “HONDO” need to step it up

  • Just because I think the Heat will win the game and take it to 7…does not mean I am a Heat fan.. I am a basketball fan… I am actually a Raptors fan, any one who wasn’t one..wouldn’t admit it lol… we haven’t seen the playoffs since the VC days..lol

  • Chris

    ^^A raptors fan Lmao. Get a life!^^

  • So I should go hop on a band wagon just because my team hasn’t done good? Your ^ probably the type of dude who cheers for a new team every month… your the ultimate clown.

  • chill

    I see a bandwagon fan^

    Lmao the Heat hate is hilarious, don’t worry, they’ll put Celtic out of their misery, then they’ll take OKC out 4-2.

  • chill

    intended @ Notorious

  • Bandwagon fans are the ones who should all die

  • Stating facts.

    I don’t even know why you guys posted this. There’s a reason why you guys always post WC games and not EC. This is a west-coast based website, so of course all we’re going to see is LeBron hate but believe it or not, he’s the best in the NBA. Give the man his credit. If you say Kobe is, please take this sit seat right here -> \__

  • RickReilly

    LBJ balllliiiinnnnnn! Fuck that haters!

  • DK

    Hate the Heat but I hate the Celtics even more plus I’m tired of hearing Lebron jokes.

  • $$$

    97% of NBA fans are bandwagon fans. We’re over it.

  • Don Kennedy

    ^ True, honestly I use to be a lakers fan because they were hot when I was growing up. But once the Seattle Sonics moved to Oklahoma, I became a Thunder fan. I was with them when they went 23-59 and now it’s messed up to see all of these “fans” popping up now but it is inevitable.

  • Like i said, bandwagon fans should die… one day my Raptors will be good,and compete…and the rough years will make the good years all that much better.. your “97%” stat is a joke, there is no facts to back it up…

    @ stating facts, people Love / Hate Lebron on every coast, all over the world..lol

    Told ya’ll it was going 7.. this is only the 2nd time Miami has won in Boston since LBJ signed there..BIG WIN…

  • Dave Chappelle

    I love when people try to justify themselves being fans, throwing in how they were “with them when they went 23-59” lmao. No one on the internet cares DON KENNEDY. Go brag to your real life friends or sumptinn ahaha. Anyways, Lebrons performance tonight was UNREAL.

    45-15-5. Haters can suck his black dick!!!!!! AHAHAHA. Fucking love the NBA playoffs. Durant James showdown. Cant wait!

  • Dave Chappelle

    $$$ said it best.

    NBA is all about being fans of individual players anyways.

  • Dave Chappelle

    Notes……you may not be alive for that raptors reign my friend hahah. Maybe one day though…..just maybe.

  • Dave Chappelle

    I will say Bostons fans are UNREAL. Chanting like that til the very end. My hat is off to them. WIth that, I am done.

  • clutch

    45-15-5…enough said

  • Spit Jones

    Just had to share this as a Bostonian and Celts fan from the Reggie Lewis days (real fan). Too many missed opportunites and turnovers cost us that game. My hats off to LeBron, he went in but, we still could have won that.
    It was like we hit NO shots.

    Bandwagon Heat fans should hurl themselves down a flight of winding steps. I saw none of you on my timeline Tuesday.

  • Don Kennedy

    I don’t remember bragging David. Quadruple posting and talking shit on the internet… If you didn’t care then why’d you say anything? Contradicting yourself son.

  • the realest

    bulls fan since 4yrs old. lebron hater since pre-decision. but lebron WENT THE FUCK OFF and CARRIED lil robin-ass wade. i can not hate on lebron no more after that game. ring or no ring, lebron EARNED respect after this one. i hope every lebron hater feels the same.

  • LOUD

    Kings fan since the mitch richmond days (top 5 best pure shooters ever btw) Boston couldn’t knock down a 3 to save their life tonight. A couple of those fall during one of their several runs and this outcome might have been different. LBJ did what he’s capable of doing every time he steps on the court tonight. Game 7 is gonna be great. Even at home miami has the weight of the world on they shoulders saturday night

    Evans x Thornton x Barnes x Thompson x Cousins

  • iblameyou

    how bout them Lakers.

  • @LOUD I’m a Kings fan too. I feel your pain. Wouldn’t mind Thomas Robinson either.

  • But that game…#6.

  • lol @ dave, can’t hate on your comment G, it is very, very true.. I won’t go into a big ass raptors rant, but they will be better this year…Celtics will be dismantled,especially if they lose..Celtics are DONE..Nets, who knows? They may lose Williams…Philly will be good..and you never know what to think of those bum ass Knicks, they change there whole roster every 6 months.

    Scouts say Raps pick from last season who didn’t play this year in the NBA may just be the best rookie coming into the league,above Anthony Davis..DeRozan is that dude…Bargani can score at will, Ed Davis is good.. on top of that they have #8 pick. They are trying to trade for Rudy Gay or Iguodala.. I am optimistic… Are they gonna win a title anytime soon? naw, but they will compete.

    Nothing wrong with being a Kings fan, they have some really,really good young talent..

  • $$$

    Boston fans aren’t too great if Lebron gets a drink on him on his way into the locker room. Mature.

  • Boston fans are good fans, but mature they are not..lol