Wale and J. Cole In The Studio

blame it on Illy June 7, 2012

Wale and Cole snap a photo in the lab which the MMG rapper tweeted “#albumtime” hinting he’s already begun recording for the follow-up to last year’s Ambition.

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  • nito

    hopefully we get another smash hit like bad girls club was.

  • Shaun

    Audio Nyquil in its purest form.


    who’s the white guy with Wale in that pic?

  • real shit

    wale stop swipin son son we not like that around here

  • jcoletoopedlow

    leave my j. cole alone fuck nigga

  • lol

    Two gay guys in the studio making shitty music. Just what the world needs.

  • hong

    thats 2 chaaaaaiiiiiinz swag

  • gasface

    shake lives vicariously through mediocre at best rappers pictures in the studio togethet

  • Thinker

    you know you can never enter a 2dopeboyz c-section without more then half of the comments hating.

  • randy

    @gasface alot of people hate on shake for no reason but that was funny.

  • randy

    lol arent yall the same hipsters that were dickriding j.cole a year ago? what the matter? he got too popular and no one cares that you liked him before they did? aawww

  • Maga D

    Yo Wale! where’s that Seinfeld mixtape dog? That’s the Wale I like, pause.

  • mickey

    yaw niggas just hate everything. smh


    coles verse on beautiful bliss >>>>> ya bastids!

  • fuckwhatyouheard

    only high school girls listens to cole and wale.

  • troof


  • troof

    its not that we only liked j.cole cause no one knew him, its that we liked him until he released that shit ass album. j.cole’s catalog is relatively whack with like 8 good songs sprinkled in. TROOF

  • ewqoij

    @troof nah youre lying fam. you cole fans were calling that shit a classic when it leaked. saying wild dickrider shit about it. then it sold 220k in the first week and suddenly it sucked.

  • KillaCameron

    I’m getting a serious predator vibe from Wale right now

  • cRASH

    you niggas is definately haters because its just a picture. There’s no song to have disliked. Whats to dislike, some friends at the studio making music for the same niggas thats going to be the first ones to listen to it, for FREE?

  • Mike

    Bad Girls club was wack but um this is gonna be good to see what they bring out, Drake & J. Cole should do an album together when they get the chance.

  • fuckwhatyouheard

    ^^^ I rather see drake and cole fuck each other than have them do an album together. no homo.

  • AP

    drake can do a album with niki minaj! fuck outta here with cole and drake more like drake and trey songz or chris brown drake’s softer than baby thighs son he cant come out with well rounded hip hop album! his shit is R&B without a doubt

  • AP

    Hate Hate Hate just cuz these niggas are well known now ya’ll just got to hate anything that has anything to do with em. All I know is that these niggas can spit and make solid tracks even tho i was dissappointed with cole’s album its still way better than most of the shit out there! Kill the wackness and bring back real hip hop death to YMCMB!